Forgotten None

I will not

hide my fatigue

I will not

Crave more lustrous energy

That the media campaigns

Can sell to my

Mislaid imaginings


I will not prize light over dark.


I will not

Portend that protection

Or youth

Are solutions

I will not

Fall victim to thinking

This is paradise


And, it is!

But not in the likeness

some wish for


It is a heaven of heat,



And brokenness


A paradise

Of washing away.


I will lick to taste

All of the pain

That lives here

In fallen flowers

And unfinished houses

Rotting fruit,

Fettered hearts. 


I will want

For so much

And the hunger

Will hurt sometimes

Like stones In the back

Of a sleeping child


I will resist

I will stay silent

I will cry out

I will collapse


My bones will shrink

Beneath my shirts in time


And whether I stay

Inside libraries

With dark skinned scholars


Or on beaches

Snuggling with shells

That once were skin


I am content

Or however I am

To be with

Exactly what is

And kiss the feet

Of those who have met the worst In this world



On the winds

Of an inevitable rising