Headband Sand: Ode A Venus Neptune Conjunction

Sand made from stones
Shell and bones
Heartbreak sevral million years old

Timid waste
Angelic haste
An impotence of human form

All the pieces catching
Imperfect fragments of some whole

Stick to the skin

All of us clamring
To be more the one

Re turn

Sit round a circle of branches,
Bend deep over lack
Wish again for lightness
Gulp heady reference blank.

beads on a string

Whittling, link
All confusion hear
Gazing next in

An enigmatic grace

There is no lasting goodness.
Only a blinding light
Impending ocean of imperception
False in her brandy
Bears down relentless
Makes shadow shore into stone

Giddy throne

All the little pieces
Of sand and such

Gels on a gempool of what