May 2016 Forecast: Steady Growth

March was a month of Letting Go.

April begot New Life, potentially in an atmosphere of turmoil.

In the past 2 months, we’ve seen many shifts. Many layers and landscapes of change, inner and outer. An old version of self and life has washed away. The very soil we stand on has been tilled.The spark of life within each creative individual has been stoked. Now let’s harness our strength, expose our truest desires, and sow seeds to see them to fruition.

May 2016: Steady Growth

Considering all the changes that have recently taken place, May offers enough stability to root a new reality. May begins with Sun, Mercury and Venus plodding through the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus. The three of the remain together in Taurus until May 20th. A Grand Trine in Earth throughout the month encourages us to focus, gather our resources, use patience, industry, and pragmatism to grow proverbial corn in our lives.

We are all gardeners. Our flesh is made of Earth. Everything we have sprang from the Earth. Everything we lose returns to Earth. The Earth is changing. Where we invest our energy and resources, we foster creation.

As a human race, we have a unique opportunity to change the face of this planet. To align more deeply our actions and investments with our ideal vision for the world; greater peace, greater harmony, greater love.

It’s time for good Earth Lovin’. Upon what foundation are you building? Amidst all of the changes, what remains stable? What is worth your devoted attentions? Simplify your interests. Identify your core values. Make solid investments in what matters most. Settle in.

To energize your natural powers of manifestation, begin with appreciation.

Come into the present moment. Inhabit your body. Honor the material realm. Awaken to your senses. Imbibe of what you see, taste, hear, smell, and feel. Like the bees who fly from flower to flower in the burgeoning spring, drunk off the fragrance of prosperity, attune yourself to the riches that surround. The earth is your mother. Here you are, suckling at her breast. How fertile your world is. How much beauty has grown here. Be lavish in your receptivity of these earthly gifts. May pleasure be your food.

May is an excellent month for a Despacho Ceremony. Giving gratitude makes you aware of what riches you already have, and primes you to receive even more. Make yourself loyal to what you love. Take ownership over your life. Show up for what you love, and allow a natural ripening to bring your reward.

Retrograde Parade: Transforming the Masculine

As May dawns, 5 planets are in retrograde motion: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This many planets retrograde at once is uncommon, and hasn’t happened in over a decade.

Retrograde periods activate the nonlinear, multidimensional, time-bending reality. I feel that this many-planet retrograde period is a vortex portal into deepening subtle developments in human consciousness. There is nothing to “do” in regards to this period, except perhaps create space to allow nonlinear subtle reality to permeate your awareness. System upgrade, record reintegration. Watch for people, stories, and events from the past circle back into awareness. There is creative purpose here, and it is beyond what we can logically grasp.

Mars stationed retrograde on April 17th. Pluto stationed retrograde the following day. Mars represents the masculine. Sex, assertion, drive, will, passion, strength, courage, desire, doing. Pluto represents transformation through alchemical elimination of shadow unconscious, ancestral, or shadow material. Mars will remain retrograde until June 29. These two events paired together speak clearly: Masculine Transformation.

Everything manifest contains dual energy: masculine and feminine. Yin and yang. These energies are relative. They exist in a continuous magnetic dance. As one accumulates, the other wanes and vice versa. The seed of one is contained within the other. They support each other. One cannot exist without the other.

For the past several years, the Divine Feminine has been rising, gaining in power and influence. Astrologically speaking, I am seeing evidence that the Divine Masculine is ready to rise as well.

The recent Mars-Pluto stationing retrograde harkened a new age of development. The Masculine force within everything is transforming for the sake of empowerment. Unconscious, ancestral, and shadow material stored in the masculine (such as violence, aggression, brute force, unhealthy sexuality, unnecessary struggle, inefficacy, competition, war) are rising to the surface as dross to be burned away. Collectively, we are in the cauldron. Unnecessary fears, restrictions, social or governmental regulations, and past events will reveal their influence on our behavior. We will choose to allow those false restrictions to fall away like wheat from the chaff. We will all emerge with greater authenticity and freedom in our ability to assert ourselves, move towards what we really want, own our desires, and heal our passions, our commitments, and our sexuality.

It is obvious the world needs to change. It is time for us to do the work to bring our most desired world into reality. Mars Retrograde will clear the way, that we can access inner strength and aim our actions to align with needed change.

Meanwhile, Mercury Retrograde in Taurus asks us to reconsider what is most valuable in life. We put thought into the investments that matter most; the ones that serve as our foundation. What is most essential to your happiness? Your sense of stability and peace? Identify core values and commitments.

Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo reminds us that we are not here for ourselves. Indeed, we are here to serve and help alleviate suffering. There is a directive from beyond. Ants march for days in formation, carrying leaves and other implements, working on some orchestrated project. Where do they get their orders? Zooming out, we are also ants on Earth. Choose to build your daily life around service to something greater. What are your special skills of expertise? Where can you be a guide or assistant to others? How can you practically make a positive impact? If we are truly here to be of service, then our work, our role, and the way we show up in the world sometimes changes according to what is most needed. Now is one of those times of change. Make the adjustment. Taking care of your physical health through exercise, nourishing diet and purification is also indicated while Jupiter is Retrograde in Virgo. Jupiter moves Direct on May 9th, but remains in shadow area until August 6th. Opportunity to clean sweep.

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius is removing and restructuring belief systems. The importance of nature is coming to the forefront. Movement, freedom, and growth through travel, education, and authentic self-expression are emphasized. Use this time to embark on adventure, be it physical or mental. Seeing things from a wider perspective allows a stronger sense of meaning to emerge.

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn transforms business, government, corporation, authority, and systems of control through death and rebirth. Recognize that patriarchy and now-outworn structures have imprinted every individual with unconscious conditioning that perpetuates fear. Pluto Retrograde is like plumbing the pipes. Allow shadows and memories to surface so fears and conditioning can become a sense of purpose.

Practical Magic

May features a Grand Trine in Earth that is part of a Kite Aspect Pattern. The apex of the Kite is Neptune, Chiron, and the South Node in Pisces. We are in a healing, cleansing time of surrender to ultimate oneness. We are releasing the past in order to make room for the future. Intuition, dreaming, and imagination are of utmost importance now. Our aims and goals must be compassionate and aligned with Spirit. Rather than focusing on solutions, simply follow what inspires your heart. Make music of your life. Forgiveness washes all things clean.

Have you looked into nature lately? Have you seen it is Magic? That seashells are spirals, earth produces crystals, the whole jungle sings when at last the rains come. You are nature. We are nature. The more we let go of the past and allow human conditioning and unneeded fears to fall away, the more we naturally fruit and flower in right relationship with one another, this world, and worlds far beyond. Everything is made to nourish something else with its being. Come deeper into the medicine of your authentic self-expression. And open to receive the medicine that each unique piece of the puzzle has to offer. It surrounds you. It is within you. It is coming your way right now, in the air that you breathe. In the sounds that you hear. In the people you meet. Surrender into this perfection. The medicine you meet is the medicine you are. You get to be all of it.


Is the beauty of existence.

The Grand Earth Trine is about honoring and co-creating favorably with nature, earth, and material. If you have some dreams you are ready to bring into reality, trust their formation. What you want is wanting you. Make way, and do the work. Take steps. And please! Bless the soil you stand on. Ask that your work benefit this Earth. This Earth is so gracious in holding us through all times. I strongly encourage people to embrace the opportunity of May, which astrologically supports creative manifestation. We need more love, more harmony, more peace, more fruit. Make commitments that will honor these needs and bring them into the world. Give thanks and appreciation. Drop into your senses.

Feel your body; an instinct and intuition goldmine.

What matters to you the most? Make a list! Post it where you often see it. Do things that make sense in light of that list.

How can you honor those things you value today? This week? This month? This year? Make a conscious commitment. Put it in your planner. Feed it to the planet. Anchor yourself to what feels most worthy.

The first 3 weeks of May is steadying and solidifying. The last week we feel a change in energy. Something spurs us into action.

May 1 Sun Sextile Neptune

May 3 Sun Trine Jupiter

The higher dream and bigger vision are well-illuminated.

May 4 Sun inconjunct Saturn

May 5 Venus inconjunct Mars

Potentially challenging days that illuminate fears, failures, or the ways our relationships and/or desires are lacking or limited.

May 6 New Moon in Taurus


New Moon in Taurus on May 6, 2016 (1:29pm EST) is fertile soil. New Moons are planting times. Consciously aligning with New Moon energy is potent magic to guide and enhance your life. Every New Moon, the Sun and Moon join together in the sky; a cosmic marriage we can use to support creative manifestation. If ever there were a Moon to plant seeds of intention on, this is it! Under this Taurus New Moon, seeds that are planted are destined to take root. Gather your intentions. Sow seeds of richness and love, for today the sky tells a story of abundance. Begin with gratitude. Listen to the Earth. Heed the sensations of your body. Drop into your senses. What do you touch, taste, smell, see, and feel? What is touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, and feeling you? Notice what is, and offer yourself to that. Drink the nectar; indulge in the beauty of this moment. Give it to yourself like a gift. Speak words of affirmation to this moment. Say “Yes, I feel you. Thank you.” Make it so simple. Lay down and luxuriate in the devotion of appreciation. Today, make a prayer to survive and prosper. That as you steadily grow, other plants and creatures find home within your sturdy shade. That wherever you step foot, flowers and bees and butterflies rise to meet you and sweeten the air you effortlessly breathe. That beauty continue to support, surround, and delight you. Consolidate your values. Affirm the most beneficial investments for yourself, your loved ones, and life itself. Most of all, Love Yourself. You are worthy. You are your loved ones. You are Earth.

Dance your thanks. Dance patience and persistence. Dance how it feels to be fed. Dance the ripening, and dance the reward. And shake your booty. After all, abundance is A-Bun-Dance!

May 9 Jupiter stations Direct, Venus sextile Neptune, Sun conjunct Mercury

Today and a few days surrounding, pay attention to who you meet, what you hear, the messages you receive.

May 10 Venus trine Jupiter

Flowing relationships, friendships, finances and fortune. Big love.

May 11 Venus inconjunct Saturn

Where is love or balance lacking?

May 12 Mercury trine Pluto

Deep, penetrating insights into root causes. Easeful mental transformation.

May 13 Mercury conjunct Venus, Venus trine Pluto

Power to love and relating. Conversations, sex, and physical experiences support harmonious transformations.

May 19 Venus sextile Chiron

Healing love.

May 21 Full Moon in Sagittarius (2:14pmPST)

New curiosities are inspired. Feeling desire to take action that facilitates learning and growth. An emotional or mental challenge or struggle is indicated. Highlighting the expanse of the masculine. Do some movement today. Release heat. A more thorough description will be posted on the Qoya Blog as the date occurs.

May 22 Sun opposite Mars, Mercury stations Direct, Moon conjunct Saturn

Them’s fightin’ words! Energy, restlessness, and agitation run high. Motivation. Necessary conflict or assertion. Strong personalities. Vigor. Impulse. We can feel a lack of comfort or security today.

May 24 Venus ingress Gemini, Venus opposite Mars

Curiosity is peaked. Time to take desires into the social sphere. Pleasure and desire tango.

May 26 Jupiter square Saturn

Steady growth. Expansion, contraction.

May 27 Mars Rx ingress Scorpio

Reconsiderations and healing of our masculine, drive, desire, and behavior, now fall into the realm of sexuality and intimacy. Commitments, entanglements, and mutual investments are reconsidered. Let’s heal our creative center. Have the courage to go into the dark. This is where the jewels are.

May 30 Mars Rx in Scorpio at Perigee, Mercury trine Pluto

Penetrating insight into depth and inner-workings. Remember those jewels I mentioned? Your mind gets a moment to grasp them. Poison and medicine are interchangeable. It depends upon the dose. Today, the elixir is alchemical. Imbibe.


To Life