Luna Nueva, Aries 2016

The New Moon in Aries perfects at 4:23am PST on April 7th 2016

This Super Moon heralds a Rebirth of Self.

The best way for me to summarize this New Moon is by weaving in my own personal story.

For the past few weeks, I have been in a sort of darkness. The Eclipse portal of March was heavy. Tragedy struck close to home and reintroduced me to ghosts. Traveling through Mexico took a toll on me physically, emotionally, and philosophically. I have been sitting with the severity of life. Reckoning with challenge and turmoil. Walking in the sweltering heat of my own mind, overcome with questions and considerations around privilege, disparity, politics, failed relationships, how to be of service, and the meaning of it all.

So many things have been coming through during this Mutable T-Square currently presiding in the heavens; many of them feeling counter to one another and impossible to justify.

As inner and outer temperatures rise, I have realized my anger. I have so much of it. And I’m going to make it known. I am angry that so many people in this world are starving. That people are without water. I am angry that so many do not have access to education and opportunities to better their lives. I am angry that so many are left behind, and their stories are never told, yet they still live within all of us operating beneath the surface. I am angry at the ways this world has been and continues to be pillaged and colonized - at how much suffering is perpetuated - and how incredibly unnecessary so much of the suffering is and always has been. I am angry at governments who fail to protect and serve, but instead contribute to sickness and oppression. I am angry that so many people are being brainwashed and eating false foods. I am angry that obviously, there are people in this world who are heartless and inhuman in their behaviors. I am angry that we can’t get it together! I am angry that so many are spoiled and sheltered. That so many hide behind their privilege, or even dare to deny it. That so many turn blind eyes and deaf ears to tragedy and suffering, preferring to maintain illusion and live in weakness. I am angry at tourist children who complain that the internet sucks and yoga moms who bitch and moan to restaurant employees. I am angry at foreign investors who have only their idea of “progress and development” in mind. I am angry that it’s so difficult to grasp wider implications. I am angry that spiritual practice in the “Western world” has so quickly and often become yet another mode to perpetuate corporate values, and that many of those who teach it unknowingly share with conceit. I am angry that people in “New Age” circles think they are changing the world, yet continue to profit from the status quo. I am angry at the modern addiction to “ease.” I am angry that so many try to sell perfection, when all they are really doing is slapping a shiny title onto privilege and propagate a message that privilege is “Right” and “Good” and “To be Desired.” I am angry that this good Earth has been negated and taken for granted. I am angry that Mother Nature was kicked to the curb.

Yeah. I’ve been freakin’ pissed. It’s been simultaneously motivating and immobilizing. Stalemate. Most of all, I’ve felt powerless against it all. And the knowledge that I am all of this.. it’s uncomfortable to say the least (I’ve been saying more, but I’ll keep those poems of death and destruction to myself).

Severity is in the air. Polarization. So many seem to concur that we’re in a tipping point. Even that, perhaps, we have already tipped. And whatever will be, So Be It.

Trust in the process, and ultimate perfection, is the only way through.

A man said to me the other day: “This world needs a miracle.”


each one of us is a Miracle.

Literally. A miracle is defined as a “highly improbable or extraordinary event” and the fact that any of us are here at all IS that. Does life ever feel like too much to bear? Think of all of the survival that happened prior to you being here right now. Everything that managed to converge to make it possible that you are living, breathing, in a body that operates in endlessly incredible and supremely intelligent ways.

It’s fucking Magic.

So, what are we going to Do about it??

In the past 24 hours, this New Moon has gifted me with a profound shift.

The New Moon at 18 degrees Aries is conjunct Uranus, Planet of Revolution

Aries is the sign of the Self: Bold, Colorful, Unadulterated, Strong with the Courage to bring forth New Life. Aries is the Leader, the Warrior, the Trailblazer, the Magical Pony of Raw Assertion.

Uranus rules the Collective. As Uranus transits Aries (from 2011 to 2018), each of us is assigned to Fight on behalf of the Whole of Humanity. Come together, come together, come together if you want to move forward. Innovate. Cooperate. Re-invigorate the communal mind sphere.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb

This New Moon delineates that there is no separation between you as an individual and the greater whole. You ARE the collective. You are a morsel of that beautiful smorgasbord, the casserole of life. So stand up! Stand up for yourself and all the rest. Let your stand be egalitarian from the widest perspective. Get up offa that thing. Make moves. The time is NOW to embrace the spark of life within yourself and own your courage. Why are you here if not to strive forward in betterment of humanity? Take willful action on behalf of the greater good.

The New Moon conjunct Uranus provides awakenings, shakeups, unexpected events, invention, and possibly a turning of the tide. Remember this is the Year of the Fire Monkey: things are not what they seem. We think things are one way, then suddenly new information can blindside us and change the whole picture. Flexibility is key. In the name of Uranus, which rules all things weird, I venture to guess there are some good aliens on our side offering downloads through the portal of this supermoon. (Yeah,’crazy talk,’ take it or leave it ;) )

Wake up! The way things are isn’t working. It should be crystal clear now what, exactly, you cannot tolerate any longer. It is obvious that old methods are dead. The changes will be abrupt. It is not about readiness. It’s about Radical Action: Now. Look for Liberation. Be an Agent of Freedom.

Creation and Destruction: The Next Level of Freedom

The Sun, Moon, and Uranus in Aries are in Square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto represents Power. Sex. Death. Taxes. The unconscious. The subterranean. Innermost resources: emotional, spiritual, mysterious. Pluto is a magnetic, unequivocal force of fate. Clean sweep.

Capricorn is the sign of Control. Corporation. Business. Structures. Material manifestation. Achievement. Recognition. Authority. Integrity. Fear. Government. Fatherhood and patriarchy. Tradition and time.

Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2023) is a time of death, transformation, and regeneration to the structures that formulate our lives.

There seems a perpetual tension between the future and the past. Progressive reform and traditional value. What we know from experience is operable versus what is the potential for innovation.

Death to the Old Standard: Invest Your Belief in Building the World Anew

Every New Moon offers a chance to plant seeds. Astrologically speaking, the seeds we plant today must favor the Future over the past, Change over tradition. We’ve got to take a leap in order to grow. One of my favorite seasoned astrologers, Anne Ortelee, often calls times like these “Aha! moments.”

The planets are living archetypes. They symbolically illustrate the energies contained in each of us as we live on Earth, relationally pinging amidst the gravitational and energetic influences of the heavenly bodies. Each and everyone of us embodies Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. Somewhere inside us, an old outworn fear is being shed, and we are birthed into the light of new consciousness.

Right now, shaking off the shackles and reaching towards evolution is the cosmic directive.

This morning, I woke up in a shroud of shame and grief over my own addictive behaviors and the patterns I can’t seem to break. I judged and condemned myself. I feared powerlessness.

By the evening, I had experienced a profound revelation. Simple and obvious, but direct in its influence of untethering me from inner limits.

When I condemn myself (Pluto in Capricorn), I nullify my ability to make reformative change (Uranus in Aries). I subconsciously place inner pressure on myself to exhibit perfect adult behavior in the name of integrity (Pluto in Cap). Rather than achieve the desired result, in fact this inner stress produces chaotic, rebellious, reckless impulsive behavior that counteracts my goals (Uranus in Aries).


In what ways are you embodying a restrictive, authoritarian establishment? How is your unconscious secretly controlling your behavior and what ways do you tend to rebel?

Shove off, old standard. James Brown keeps chiming in my mind as I write this:

“Get up offa that thing! Dance til you feel better. Get up offa that thing! Try to relieve the pressure.”

It’s time to clean up and clear out. The “powers that be” must transform into forces of individual and collective empowerment.

As we clean up and clear out, we fill the empty space with something vital. Fresh flowers, perhaps? Enlivening music? In your new landscape of freedom, what do you choose to create?

The Medicine is LOVE


Right NOW!

Stop whatever else you are doing

and LOVE.

This world has no room, and the Earth has no tolerance left for anything other than Love.

We can no longer use condemnation or punishment (Pluto in Capricorn) to make gains. Rather than constrict upon yourself with rules and determination, which serve to disempower you and remove a sense of establishment in your own authority, Love yourself. Exactly as you are. Right here, right now. Despite if you’ve made mistakes. Despite if you’ve realized you want to take a different tack and you’re not quite aligned with that yet. When you love yourself, you give yourself the energy, the availability, and the power to choose and take a different tack as you move forward. The truth is ironic. When you stop holding yourself to some unconscious standard, you actually come more into alignment with natural integrity. Claim whatever parts of yourself have been disowned. Reconcile the inner forces that struggle against each other inside a refiner’s fire.

Restriction and condemnation do not work anymore. The only solution is Love. Love is Freedom! Stand for Love. As my friend Rochelle Schieck says: GO TEAM LOVE!

Venus now in Aries is about an Active Love. Sometimes love is quiet and passive, allowing things to flow by unconditionally. Venus just moved from that kind of love (in Pisces) to Aries earlier this week. We take what we learned from the waters of Pisces, and move it into action. Right now, love is more impassioned. It needs to be shown, and bravely demonstrated. Love needs to walk its talk. Give it some legzz.

The Stronger the Wave: Forgiveness and Imaginings

My mystical surfer friend Francisco told me: When a strong wave comes, you need to dive deep. The disturbance from the wave can pass above you on the surface of the water. The stronger the wave, the deeper the dive.

I took my shame to the beach this morning. And my grief, too. My neuroticism. I just took myself there, really, without thinking about it.

I went into the water, and I swear the sea laughed as she splashed against me. At all the tiny things. All of my concerns and worries. My foibled humanity. Laughed at everything that wasn’t surrender, and Total Return. That’s the sea for you,

a Force of Forgiveness.

She forgave me. She forgave all of the people who have ignored my stated boundaries. She forgave selfishness. She forgave the times I forgot or took for granted. She forgave my weakness. She forgave the crazy state of everything. Wordlessly, she took it all away. In the end and in the beginning, all is forgiven.

Forgive Yourself. The greater powers that be already have. Get on board. Let it Go.

Aren’t you tired? Of holding onto the stresses and the stories that burden your mind? Aren’t you tired of meeting resistance and red tape? Of trying in your small way to fix things that are broken?

Instead, align with the dream. The inspiration. Make your new vision known, and gather the allies who share your vision. Your allies are much closer than you may believe. Let us quicken the process with shared imaginings, and real-life actions. Let’s cut ties with whatever keeps us in bondage and pour our life force into an uprising of truth, a re-emergence of beauty and harmonious embrace.

I began this with letters of anger.

I complete it with letters of faith.

Here is my Aries New Moon Seed Vision. Comment below with yours.

I imagine a pristine, gorgeous Earth, constantly ripe with gifts for all of her creatures. So many different landscapes are housed on this Earth. The land is wise and honored by all who inhabit. Those who inhabit know how to listen. They intrinsically understand how to live in right relationship and harmony with the Earth, all of her creatures, and the bodies beyond in space. The wisdom available is vast and endless. There is so much abundance on Earth that fears of scarcity and insecurity are nonexistent. All resources are renewable. I imagine a world where, not only are everyone’s basic needs met and fulfilled, but each individual brings a unique offering of enrichment and creativity to the planet. Life on Earth is a creative, loving experiment! People are fed nourishing foods directly from the soil and are deeply connected with the intrinsic sublime intelligence of Nature. I imagine a world where people celebrate the gifts of humanity. Where kindness is prized. Music abounds. Skills are shared freely with those who wish to learn. Each person does exactly what they are most passionate about and are best suited for. Souls come to fulfill their purpose, and everything conspires in favor of supporting that task. People live in groups and communities that thrive off of connection. There is a great sense of brotherhood, sisterhood, mutual adoration between beings. We mark major rites of passage in each human life. Flora, Fauna, and Land are greatly respected, and their medicines are carefully observed and assimilated. Emotions and instincts are honored and allowed to inform behavior, then pass through. Medicine is everywhere. Children explore freely, and adults look to children as messengers from spirit. Unseen worlds and beings are welcomed and harmonized with. Singing is abundant. Dancing is abundant. Drumming is abundant. We remember who we are. We know who we came here to be. We play. We laugh. We cry. We live with open arms, vast hearts, and clear sight. We vibrate into the fullest range of possibility we can access, and continually further through the barriers into a nurturing expanse of prismatic light. Most of all, we deepen Love. We are always present. We don’t want to miss a thing. Everything that ever is, was, or potentially will be, delights in the awe of miraculous existence.

Gracias por Vida!

The beautiful spontaneous healing and infinitude is taking place within your being at this very moment.