End of May 2016 In-Depth Astrological View

As I sat down to write the forecast for June 2016, I thought to myself: "Honestly, there could be an entire article on the Astrology of the end of MAY 2016."

The astrological theme of May 2016 was Steady Growth. But for some, the growth was exponential. The Jupiter-Saturn square mixed with the year of the Fire Monkey offered interesting results. Jupiter is the principle of growth and expansion. Saturn is the principle of contraction and limitation. Square to one another, it typically feels like growth and contraction go hand-in-hand.. or struggle against one another. As soon as an opportunity levies your faith, an obstacle presents itself. Alternately, when a roadblock appears, it has strong potential to convert into a windfall.  

Several clients and friends experienced unexpected letting-gos (particularly around home) that facilitated quantum life-upgrades. For example: one friend has reluctantly held onto his home for the last 3 years, even though it wasn’t satisfying his needs. He chose to keep the lifestyle he had going rather than make a change. Moving seemed like too much of a hassle, especially because he ran a business from his current home – although he no longer wanted to run the business, either. His landlord is now selling his house, prompting him to purchase a property nearby; something he’s been longing to do for years. Simultaneously, he was offered a new job, allowing him to quit a business he’d been looking to get out of. Quantum Leap!

May began with a luscious Grand Earth Trine that dominated the first 3 weeks of the month. I venture to guess that the inherent abundance in this aspect pattern supported positive manifestation opportunities in a big (Jupiter), permanent (Saturn) way. Grand, Practical Magic ensues. Major events and choices paving the way for our individual and collective future. Lots of support for people living their soul work, soul purpose here on Earth.

By May 21st, the Full Moon in Sagittarius begins some major shifting in the astrological themes above. We are moving into a new astrological climate!

The Full Moon in Sagittarius illuminated Mars in the night sky, a fiery red-orange glow provoking movement, motivation, and action.

May 22, Mercury went Direct in Taurus. Mind in forward motion. Messages and signs received. Contracts signed. Green light for choices and commitments that last longterm in favor of your core values and pleasures in life.

May 24 Venus enters Gemini. The Goddess of Love is in the sign of people, language, communication, learning, and intellect, until June 17. Talk it out. Write it down. Network. Weave a web of love.

Venus opposes Mars. Relationships are challenged. Feminine and masculine oppose. The feminine is in the sign of the mind, whereas the masculine is in the sign of the body. Love your logic AND act on your intuition and the knowledge of your lived experience. Balance passions.

Both Gemini and Sagittarius are dualistic signs. Gemini is often thought of as the sign of the twins or The Lovers. Why do we love another? Because they complement us, and perhaps fill in our opposites or spaces of lack. Why do we desire experiences? Because they lead us to exploring states that allow us to heal, synthesize, and become more whole as humans. Watch the dualities dance and weave them together. It might be a law of the universe that if we really want something, it will remain separate from us. When we gain enough experience to honestly release all attachment to acquiring whatever it is we desire, what we’ve sought seeks us; and the marriage is made.

Both Venus and Mars are currently answering to Earth signs. Once again, the Earth is the Answer! If you aren’t sure how to resolve a conflict within, or with your friends/lovers, refer to Mercury in Taurus: Make a Choice that Supports your Core Values. What gives you the most pleasure? Jupiter in Virgo: Understand it doesn’t need to be Perfect. Au contraire, it’s a Process. Show up in Service. Every day, do something that supports your investment in making Love Manifest.


May 26 Jupiter Square Saturn. See above for more details. Expansion, contraction. Serious freedom. Joyful discipline. This is the FINAL Jupiter-Saturn Square. We began to feel the influence of this aspect in July 2015. These two planets do not communicate in a strong aspect again until December 2020, when they join in a conjunction! When Jupiter and Saturn aspect one another, they influence cultural, political, and economic eras that last 20 years, beginning and ending at respective “Grand Conjunctions” (the last one being May 2000).

This final Jupiter-Saturn square marks the end of an energy we’ve experienced for the past 10 months, and also ushers us into the final 5 years of socio-economic political era. WHOA.

May 27 Mars Retrograde Enters Scorpio. FULL ARTICLE HERE!

Mars has been Retrograde since April 17, 2016. He remains retrograde until June 29, 2016. During his retrograde cycle, he travels from 8 degrees Sagittarius to 23 degrees Scorpio. What catches my eye about this is Saturn’s recent cycle through Scorpio and early Sagittarius. Mars is retracing the steps that Saturn took from October 2014 to December 2015. Retrograde periods commonly bring back people and themes from the past. Check how what arrives relates with those dates.

Mars represents the Masculine, inner and outer. Our energy, will, drive, action, desire, passion, fight, gall, behavior, sexuality, and warrior-nature gets quite the tune-up.

Mars in Sagittarius wants to be free to adventure, grow, explore, seek new or global horizons, and act upon authentic meaning and mission. In order to act in alignment with our beliefs, our authentic self, and our spiritual directive, we are charged to eliminate psychological debris that obstructs our path. Time to reckon with, root out, and transform deep ancestral patterns and trauma that influences our sexual and creative power.

At its essence, Mars in Scorpio is all about Power. Where have you lost your power? Your innocence? What is standing in the way of you embodying empowerment? Mars guarantees to bring some kind of heat, activity, or struggle into your life to activate your essential power. Expect deep elimination and transformation regarding men, sexuality, reproduction, intimacy, projection, ghosts, entities, shared resources, inherited patterns and resources, secrets, desire, the unconscious, shadow, entrapment, entanglement, and IRS/government/tax issues.

This is a major opportunity to heal. Therapy, medicine work, and physical cleansing (Liver cleansing in particular) are highly recommended. IF YOU INVEST IN THERAPY, ENERGY WORK, SHAMANIC WORK, etc. from May 27 through August 2nd, IT WILL BE WORK EVERY PENNY. Especially tend to the health of your colon, prostate, genitals, and reproductive systems. Purging the old to make room for the new. Prayer is highly recommended during this time. Call in your angels, higher-ups, and personal healing team. Ask them to help guide and support you during this healing process. Scorpio is the realm of darkness. Stepping into it can feel like entering chaos. Release your will and surrender to the Will of the Unknown. The ultimate mystery. Focus your will on death of all that no longer serves. Remember you have the power to break patterns that have stood for generations. You stand on the shoulders of your ancestors. If there is some niggling pattern or addiction you have not been able to clear or shake, use prayer to ask that it is healed and transformed. When Mars goes direct June 29th, permanent DNA repatterning will begin to take place. Allow it to support your most authentic expansion as Mars re-enters Sagittarius August 3, 2016.

May 30 Mars Rx in Scorpio at Perigee. Mars is so bright in the sky right now, because it is closest to the Earth as it has been in the past 10 years! The Mars influence is very strong. An incredible time to reinvigorate our passion, lifeforce, and desire nature.

Mercury Trine Pluto. Penetrating insights. Clear thought. Powerful words. Direct, simple, and clear communication. A glimpse into the underlying power structures we are working with, within and without.

June 2016 Forecast Coming Soon...