June 2016 Forecast: Curiosity

The Astrological Theme for May was Steady Growth. The first 3 weeks of May featured a Grand Earth Trine, supporting abundance and the materialization of choices in the interest of long-term goals. Because it is the Year of the Fire Monkey, and because we are working with a Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-Square, Steady Growth for many included Quantum Leap shifts internally and externally. May Astrology was so rich that I ended up writing a separate forecast solely focused on the final week of May!

The Astrological Theme for June 2016 is: Curiosity.

This month, I encourage Curiosity as the default method with which we all approach life.

We are Here to Learn

Astrologically speaking, June looks like a bumpy ride. Or a wind storm. It is characterized by swirling, static-y energies that really require us to stay in our center. If you do fall off center, observe. It’s all good. Being centered and being off center are both invitations to learn.

This month is pivotal.


As in, think of a pivot.

A pivot is a central point around which oscillation, swiveling, and rotation occurs.

June features a Grand Mutable Cross in the sky. Mutable signs are spiraling energies of change.

  • Gemini: wind.
  • Virgo: gears in a mechanism.
  • Sagittarius: restless flames.
  • Pisces: oceanic tides.

These are the most refined, subtle energies available. Incredibly dexterous, sensitive, and adaptable. Everything moving. Like fine grains of sand painting a devotional mosaic, soon to be changed, lost, or scattered for re-assimilation into the unseen ultimate whole.

What does this mean?

As above, so below.

As without, so within.

Everything manifest in your outer world is a direct mirror reflection of what exists in your inner world. That’s the truth. Get used to it. Own it. Learn about it. Accept it. Observe it. Allow it. Engage it. It’s information. Use it to keep evolving.

This month, there are countless moving parts. It won’t be possible to keep track of it all, so why try? Better to allow yourself to be in motion. Better to feel your way through. Better to listen and really hear the messages coming your way. The conversations you share with your friends, siblings, and neighbors are memos to and from Spirit.

Don’t rest upon anything. I advise against attaching to specific ideas. That would be like focusing on one color in the rainbow. Zoom in, out, and all around. Look to see it all. The more room you make to allow for change, the better.

Your intuition is important. Notice the smallest senses, the thoughts and images in the back of your mind. The things that don’t make linear sense. Whatever’s there between the lines: these are the imprints to take seriously.

You may feel at a crossroads. Or in transition. Or between decisions. The landscape is unusually complex. You may make and remake choices two or three or more times.

Consider this your education.

Expect restlessness. Expect confusion. Expect nervous energy, static and fog, general bewilderment. Expect a ride of keen awareness. As best you can, soothe yourself. Take the pressure off “knowing.” Forgive yourself any disorientation. Proceed slowly and carefully.

What is the way to go? It’s not readily available right now. A destination is unclear. It’s an ongoing cliffhanger ending.

We’ve heard this quote so much it’s tired: “It’s about the journey, not the destination.”

Let’s take it deeper.


This is it. We are here.

This month, there is only movement. Seeking. Adaptation. Evolution. Subtler and subtler awareness of Self.

So Get Curious.

About consciousness. About the nature of the mind. This thing called Self. This thing called Life. The bells are ringing. Time to show up, again and again, to Earth School.

Let yourself be Educated.

If you breathe deep, relax your body and mind, and return a gentle focus within, you just might find yourself: a billowing eddy of twisting stars, simply hanging in space and twinkling immeasurable light through eternity.

And, to calm your spirit, by late summer/early fall, a clearer path will be unfolding before us.

Love Upgrade

It is important to note that much of our turmoil this month will involve our significant relationships. From what I have observed of my clients and friends in the past couple of years, the nature of relationships is going through significant change and transformation. The current transits further this transition.

Isn't it interesting that the word "transit," which denotes astrological movements as they relate to planet Earth, is embedded in the word "transition?"

If you are having difficulty in your current partnership, join the club of humanity. Relationships are the primary alchemical container for transmutation of some of the densest energies that prevent us from being in a state of union. Interestingly enough, what I've observed is that the key to healthy relationships now lies in how much the relationship allows for each participant to be in the truth of their fullest natural essence. The stronger each individual in themselves is, and the more willing and available each individual can be in interdependence, the healthier and more colorful the outcome of partnership.

Mars and Venus are dancing in the spotlight, prominent players in this change of ages. Mars, the Masculine. Venus, the Feminine.

Both planets rule attraction. If you pay close attention this month, you might gain valuable insights about your inherent magnetic ability to attract life.

Mars is what ignites, stimulates, and excites us. What peaks our interest and passion. Our motivation and instinct. What we crave in bed.

Mars Retrograde is transforming us on a deep subconscious level through the whole of June. Read a full article on Mars Retrograde and how to best align with it HERE.

Venus is what we love, adore, appreciate, and have affection for. All things beautiful, charming, and lovely.

This month, Venus begins a new cycle to last 8 years!

Plant seeds of love in your life. Speak words, think thoughts, and spin stories that affirm and encourage Love.  May the evolutions occurring this month upgrade your sense of worth, beauty, value, connectedness, communion, and balance.

Dream Mastery

As a globe, we continue to release and let go of the past to move into a more spiritually evolved and connected future. We are being cleansed. Shedding illusion. Moving into realms beyond conscious control. Learning how to navigate the intangible, that we may more masterfully dream the material world into creation. Transformations occurring now encourage a future world based on compassion and the lived recognition of oneness.

Things are backwards. “Ordinary reality” as we (in predominant globalized culture) currently know it is perverse. What is the real reality? It is magic! It is extraordinary! It is beyond explanation, BEAUTY, and PERFECTION! It is so radically, unconditionally supportive of who we all really are!

We have the power to bring our highest ideals, our sweetest wishes, our wildest dreams home to roost here on Earth. Not only do we have this power but indeed, it’s one of our loveliest reasons for being here at all. It is an intention from source.

Each one of us is a miraculous embodiment of Divine Intention.

We are living prayer.

Creative energy that wants to be birthed through you is vast and kaleidoscopic. This is your service and birthright. Commit to living the truth of who you are. Together, we are in the throes of-creating a new world that is reciprocal, loving, and benefic to all.

Let this month be your rewrite. Presence yourself in the center of all these spirals. Hold your partner or your friend’s hand and pronounce: WE ARE HERE! We are shiny! We are neutral! We are spicy! We are versatile! We are sexy! We are glorious!

Or whatever other pertinent and playful word you’d like to substitute

for LOVE.


June 1 Sun Square Neptune

Low energy? Discouraged? Disappointed? Foggy? Befuddled? Leaky? Sapped? Drifting? Lacking boundaries? Waves of grief? Awesome! The path is circuitous at the mo. We want to be sure our creative energies are directed in ways that support our highest ideals, and help each other. Today inspires purging of unnecessary illusion and self-deception. Beware of victim/martyrdom syndrome. Who is the man behind the curtain? Is it the Wizard of Oz or just some dude wearing glasses, yanking a pulley? Wait this one out. And if you can, take a nap. The truth will someday be revealed.

June 2 Venus Square Neptune. Sun Opposite Saturn.

The fog continues and seeps into Venus territory. Friendships, relationships, finances, and what you value most are awash in formlessness. At best, this promotes unconditional love. At worst, we are seeing through rose-colored glasses. Remember we are all human. Our dreams about others can soften our hearts and/or lead us astray. Sun opposite Saturn can feel like pressure and restriction. If something opposes you, see it as an obstacle to overcome. A directive to deeper self-mastery.

June 3 Saturn Perigee. Venus Opposite Saturn.

Not only is Saturn closest to the Earth as he gets, but he's opposing Venus at a pertinent time in her cycle! This gives an incredible opportunity for crystallizing love with intention. Venus opposite Saturn can make love, money, and self-worth feel hard to come by. Did you ever consider those 3 things are relatively the same? The more we value ourselves, the more access we might have to supportive finance and relationships. Sometimes we don't know what we truly need until we feel its absence. Maybe affections and finances are more cautious or restricted than you'd like. Tough love. If you are feeling deprived, it's an indication that you can own yourself more completely. Use this time to make real commitments. Make pleasure your discipline. Commit to building a deeper relationship with your Self, embracing your beauty, and realizing how much you are inherently worth. If something in your life doesn't reflect what you're worth, draw the line.

June 4 Sun Square Jupiter. Venus Square Jupiter. New Moon in Gemini 11:00pmEST.

When I look at the chart for this New Moon, this song plays in my head.

New Moon in Gemini June 4 (11:00pmEST) invokes appreciation. Gemini is the sign of learning. We are all learning so many different lessons in life. But really, we are all here to learn one thing: Love. What is Love? True Love? Real Love? If everything at its essence is Love, what stands between you the experience of Love? Today, we may be at a crossroads, or feeling in transition. We may feel blocked or restricted in money or relationships. Perhaps there is some stubborn fear or resistance holding on within. We may see and feel the ways the current material reality does not support Love. View these as obstacles we are all primed to overcome. If you are in a quagmire of questioning, there is an escape route: Let Go. Imagine you are not designed to hold any tension. A river continues to flow despite stones and pebbles in its path. Eventually, the flow of water itself polishes those stones into smooth, shiny, glittering crystals. Relax your mind, soften your heart, and feel your body melt into the pleasure of pure presence.

When you do use words today, speak in affirmations. Say “Hello, Love.” Tell tales of all the beauty you are choosing to create with your life. Proclaim your gratitudes. Write letters of appreciation. Let the equation be so simple: You + Life = Love. Make Love. Make Love more Real every day. With every word, and in every way. Enjoy!

This is a great day to do a despacho. Visit the Qoya Blog for a free movement ritual to help you align with current astro-energies.

June 6 Sun Conjunct Venus. Venus Apogee: New 8-Year Cycle. Venus Inconjunct Pluto. Sun Inconjunct Pluto.

My goodness! What exciting times for relationships, finances, and all things beautiful and worthwhile. Exciting times are not necessarily comfortable. They may force us to attend to details we would rather ignore, especially things rooted in subconscious outworn shadow-type material. Things like scarcity, and deeply-ingrained ancestral trauma might be included. Be patient. Be rigorously honest, especially about your fears and desires. If you are in the depths, take refuge there. Emergence into a more pure form of Self-Love awaits on the other side.

June 8 Mercury Sextile Chiron

YES, a hit of healing messages! Like a nice toke for the mind and soul. Medial (between-the-worlds) communications are readily available. Write down your dreams! The access-point to healing today lies in forgiveness and acceptance.

June 9 Mercury Opposite Mars

Dem's fightin' words. Quick thinking. Actions and words must align. Be decisive, assertive, and honest, but avoid violence. Your mind is extra-stimulated today, beware of restlessness, anxiety, frustration, or discomfort. Deeply buried anger may be at the root. Focus your mind on something productive, like doing research or healing ancestral trauma. Deep, penetrating conversations about secrets, taboo, and sex are supported. This is an excellent day for taking action to heal your survival and sexual centers to support your ability to be secure and comfortable in life. Burn off some excess energy through physical activity. Do some tantra practice with a trusted partner or take a pole dancing class if that's your thing.

June 12 Mars Trine Chiron. Venus Sextile Uranus. Mercury Enters Gemini.

We're getting somewhere. The stars support healing action and progress towards inventing the new landscape for love. Mercury entering Gemini will allow for dextrous, clear thinking and communications, as well as put people in the mood to talk things out from an open-minded view. Avoid gossip, though.

June 13 Venus Inconjunct Mars. Neptune Stations Retrograde. Venus Square Chiron.

Another uncomfortable transition aspect between the masculine and feminine nature, and the two halves of your desire. Learn to please yourself. Study the ins and outs of your own pleasure. Especially the things that may have been deemed "wrong" or "shameful" in the past. Approach sex with curiosity and open communication. Neptune stations today. This is an event we feel for about 5 days on either side (June 8 to 18). Everyone is extra sensitive and vulnerable. Employ compassion, rest, meditation, and tenderness. Especially towards the feminine principle. Connect with the spirit realm. Let yourself float, flow, and surrender. Permissive and poetic times. Mark your calendar and keep a journal. What happens now will echo again in March of 2017.

June 14 Sun Sextile Uranus. Sun Inconjunct Mars.

There are some things about ourselves we can never see, but yet somehow we unconsciously defend them and guard them like hidden treasure. We may even create conflict with others to keep our hurts protected. Is it possible that our wounds repeat themselves despite our best efforts? Perhaps there is still something to be tried. Keep plunging your deepest mind within. We are all peeling layer after layer of the onion. Or pulling petals off a flower: he loves me, he loves me not. He loves me..

June 15 Sun Square Chiron.

Illuminating the path to healing. The tale of being human. It's rather like putting puzzle pieces back together at times. Imagine you are on a bridge. Behind you is everything you know. Before you is a foggy, mysterious unclear place that is home to spirit. The past is healed and sealed as you cross into the land of fog and longing.

June 17 Venus Enters Cancer. Saturn Square Neptune.

Our affections become more familial and sentimental. Love is now responsive to the transits of the Moon, so pay attention to Luna's movements. Saturn Square Neptune is a longterm transit we've been experiencing since November 2015 (and part of the Mutable T-Square pattern being so highly activated this month). This is the second out of 3 exact hits, the third one occurring September 2016. Spirit and Matter collide. For more information on this transit, read this post from the first hit in November 2015. Here is an excerpt: 

You must imagine,
then surrender.

You must create,
and ultimately lose.

Things come into form
and then they dissolve.

June 18 Mars Inconjunct Uranus.

Strong urge and impulse. Letting go. Be innovative but not reckless. Release whatever binds you, become more autonomous, and guide your steed forth with steady reins. May the force be with you.

June 20 Summer Solstice. Full Blue Moon in Sagittarius. Mercury Opposite Saturn. Mercury Square Neptune. Sun Enters Cancer.

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 20, 2016 (7:02amEST) marks the Solstice: the official Solar transition from Spring into Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Fullest light is at its peak. This is also a Blue Moon, meaning the second full moon in the same sign (Sagittarius) within a month. Traditionally, the solstice is a time for celebration. Sagittarius loves to party and gather around a campfire. This moon, wild in its way, mingles with a serious tone. Much like the new moon on June 4, Love, money, and relationships are highlighted and potentially questioned. Life is a duality dance between probability and possibility. Despair and faith. Falsehood and truth. Feel these opposites in your body. Let your body compass be your true north. Authentic discussion can help us get where we need to go. Real talk takes us to a higher level of growth and interdependence. Speak your truth. Underneath and within it all, who are you really? What still holds a spark for you? What do you honestly believe in? What is it the world truly needs? You have the skills necessary. Make a firm choice. Commit to your contribution. Attend to the pertinent details step-by-step. In the spirit of humility, those of us who care are doing the work day in and day out, to make the world of our imaginings a reality. Each one of us a working component of a complete organism just like organs in the body. All of it, a beautiful miracle. You are loved and needed here. Dance that feeling.

As always, visit the Qoya Blog for a free movement ritual to accompany this lunation.

June 22 Mercury Square Jupiter. Mercury Inconjunct Pluto.

Temperance. Big ideas. Great time for learning. Mental compulsions. This could be a very, very busy time. Attempt not to overplay, overextend, or say too much. Beware of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It's probably better to calm your nervous system for a minute.

June 26 Jupiter Trine Pluto. Mercury Inconjunct Mars. Mercury Sextile Uranus. Venus Inconjunct Saturn.

Power and push. Creative concepts. Experimental insights. There may be a lack of forethought at play, or difficulty seeing what is yours to be responsible for and what isn't. The Jupiter Pluto trine is powerful, fateful manifestation that has an air of permanence. A mystic rectangle in the heavens infuses everything with an extra dose of magic. Let it happen. Let go of the past to let the present, and your destined future, find you now.

June 27 Chiron Stations Retrograde. Venus Trine Neptune. Mercury Square Chiron.

Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid, appears to pause in the sky. We feel this for approximately 5 days on either side, from June 22 to July 1. Tender, extra sensitive, and soppy. Old wounds can be stimulated and possibly move into a new level of reconciliation. Sometimes, life is messy. It's all about unconditional love, which is the eternal force within everything. But words can fail us or cause more harm than good. Better to whisper, speak softy, and listen carefully with respect.

June 29 Mercury Enters Cancer. Mars Stations Direct.

Whether or not you have been consciously aware of it, for the past month plus, we've been working on reprogramming our deepest unconscious and ancestral DNA. We have been excavating our psychic (or physical) basement. What got uncovered? As Mars stations to move forward, we have the chance to change ingrained behaviors and reclaim Power. When we heal wounds, addictions, and entrapments our whole family and kin feel the effects. There is deep transformation happening now. Mercury in Cancer is nurturing and intuitive. Listen deeply. Pamper yourself. This month (if not this year!) has been a wild ride.

June 30 Venus Opposite Pluto

Love transforms. It can be intense and passionate. When we don't feel ownership of our own power, it is easy to feel threatened. Power struggles, covert manipulations, or obsession can ensue. Note the potency of your biological urges. Account the instinct to survive into your inquiry around relationships, sex, and Love at the most basic level. There is a longing to feel safe. Attend to that need.