February 2017 Forecast: Shine Your Light

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For all of 2017, this blog will feature an artist or entrepreneur resonant with the monthly theme.

"The Creator" copyright Anna Fox Ryan 2015

"The Creator" copyright Anna Fox Ryan 2015

February Artist Feature:

Anna Fox is a Visionary Artist and a certified practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine. Transmitting her medicine through her art, Anna channels specific healing energy and messages into each image. The ceremony in Anna's artistic process was initiated by her travels to Peru and her Shamanic training with the Four Winds Society. Anna was formally trained as an artist at Savannah College of Art and Design and by numerous private mentors. She was recently awarded the opportunity to study Visionary Art with Alex Grey and Allyson Grey. In addition to her healing arts, she also creates children's picture books, spreading messages of love, healing and peace. Her work is available through direct sales and commissions. She currently paints in Media, PA. You can see more of Anna's work and contact her directly at www.FoxRyan.com. Anna is also on Instagram as AnnaFoxRyan.

The Astrological Theme for January 2017 was Slow Down to Feel.

Stay with it. Befriend your feelings, no matter what level of comfort they offer. As things accelerate rapidly in the world around us, we must counterbalance with enough inner quiet to hear beneath the noise.

Slowing down to feel is about priming your instincts. Honing your intuition. Cultivating your ability to remain present. Trusting emotion, and allowing emotion to flow. Trust the subtle to guide. Why? Because the subtle is enduring and pervasive. Because there aren’t roadmaps for where we are. When the lights go out, we need to feel our way through. Relying on inner senses and our connection to spirit will take us where we must go.

Slowing down to feel is a method to perfecting our relationship with the Ultimate.

After 2 months of the world holding a collective in-breath, we began to realize the reality of our situation in the United States of America, and on the globe. On personal levels, we reckoned with painful patterns that seemed to restrict us from fully embodying our mature integration.

Six major celestial bodies transited Pisces; the sign of self-undoing.

The downside of so many planets in Pisces?

Lies and deceptions. Smoke and mirrors. Delusions of grandeur. Victimhood and martyrdom. Toxicity, illness, and vapors. Weakness that degrades vitality. Distraction. Evasion. Avoidance. Hiding. Escape. Spinelessness. Denial. Inability to be present to reality. Continued downpression of the oppressed.

Pisces is fog. Ocean. Mirage. Torrential currents of emotion and unconscious.

Deeply sensitive, Pisces asks us to experience and allow for flow.

When energy is allowed to flow rather than stagnate, Pisces is the realization that we are all connected. That our emotional experience is a drop in the ocean of the collective emotional experience.

Ungraspable by the intellect, we need to feel with the center of our Hearts. Navigate by the intelligence of our Soul.

Pisces informs us through realms of trance, meditation, prayer, altered states, and artistic inspiration.

We experience states of suffering, disillusionment, and disappointment as guide-posts leading to a higher dream. We navigate states of loss in order to connect with hope. Our vulnerabilities deepen our capacity to love unconditionally and experience compassion. Our mistakes and transgressions make us able to forgive ourselves and each other. Our fallibilities teach us to heal. As we acknowledge where we hide from ourselves and each other, we can see that these are places where we hide from God. Through this humble acknowledgement, we become increasingly honest.

Even if we can’t look directly at what is hidden, we can hold a space of awareness. We don’t need to know the way to become better. We don't need to know the answers or "how to fix" what is wrong.

We simply need to have pure intent, and offer ourselves up to be healed. This is baptismal. This is how God dissolves what no longer serves the One Soul. This is how we access Divinity. We humble ourselves, and allow the cleansing to ensue.

Those of you who follow my work may observe that I avoid speaking on politics. This past year has encouraged me to change. I believe in using the power of word and thought to help shape our future. It isn't enough to consider politics as politics. It's not politics anymore. It is humanity. It is life itself. Spirituality and earthly reality are bridged. Things that used to be considered dual or separate are braiding together in syzygy. 

The idea of division was a magic trick. It was a trapping of the mind.

This is a chance to see and be the deeper truth: there was never any separation. 

It is time to re-unite anything that has come to falsely appear or operate as separate. Braid together counter polarities to produce a creative third. When the division seems to deepen between two halves; a magnetic pull emerges that creates the context for healing into the experience of higher existence.

We are the ones who contain the essence of union. We are the ones who can allow the work of nature, which is unifying and symbiotic, to be done. 

Astrologically Speaking, 2017 is a Mass Karmic Cleansing and Leaps Forward Through Impossible-to-Predict Changes

Delusions of grandeur, falsehood, and hubris have resulted in wounded authority and vulnerability of the masses. Saturn square Neptune in the sky (until January/February 2018) is delivering consequence.

This is a Great Rebalancing; an eventual opportunity for reconciliation and restoration.

There are many reasons why people attempt to avoid or escape looking at potential danger. It is stressful, painful, uncomfortable, and challenging to a sense of personal security. But avoidance and denial belong to the past. They are no longer viable or healthy options for us as individuals or participants in society.

"Blissful" ignorance will only create more suffering. We cannot ignore what is taking place on the global stage. We cannot attempt to maintain an illusion of security through practicing complacency or avoidance. Complacency and avoidance are what got us into this mess in the first place. There will be entirely real effects resulting from the government takeover that rapidly ensues.

The culture has created a cancer. What is emerging now is the festering result of longterm socio-cultural and economic illness.

The only way we can adequately prepare for the changes ahead is by looking squarely at reality, uniting with others, and using our lives to respond.

The Astrological Theme for February 2017 is Shine Your Light

When darkness remains dark, it has the power to act upon us without our consent or knowing.

Shine the light of awareness into realms that are dark. According to natural law, this is what creates alchemy; the transforming of dense or base substance into something more refined and pure.

When we shine our divine light in the mystery, darkness no longer holds power over us. The power is then given to Divine; consciousness itself. Consciousness is what we are. Nothing can truly hold power over consciousness.

As Anna Fox Ryan's painting communicates, each of us is a Creator.

We have all had a hand in creating what now exists. We have chosen to be active or be passive. We have chosen to be complicit or combative. We are being asked to deepen our knowledge of Self and rise to the occasion of creating more reciprocity, more right relationship in our world.

Medicine For These Times

  • Stay Present, Awake, and Aware

Prick your senses. Become like an animal in your willingness to perceive. Feel with all parts of your being in unison. Resist the temptation to tune out. Choose instead to Tune In. Sometimes this means gathering information from trusted sources. Sometimes this means going for a walk and really noticing what is moving through your body. Notice where you feel foggy, asleep, or devoid of sensation. Bring extra breath and compassionate attention to those spaces. Allow them to fill with the light of consciousness.

  • Let it Flow

There is so much content pouring in right now from all angles and regions. Rather than get stuck in mental analysis, worry, or disorientation, let it flow. Allow information to come in and inform you, and continuously release what you don't need to hold in your body or mind. When you sense something that stirs you and you aren't sure what to do with it, give it to God or something greater than you. See a therapist. Move your body. Commune with water. Continuously cleanse yourself to come back to center.

  • Honor Nature

We got here because we have divorced ourselves from nature. As the world seems to burn and crumble around us, birds are still chirping. Trees are still creating air for us to breathe. In the Western hemisphere, the return of spring is nigh. Honor nature every single day. Get outside. Link your awareness with nature. In this way we can soothe ourselves and nourish what remains true and pervasive despite illusions perpetuated by human activity.

  • Use Balance and Take Care

We got here due to perpetual historical imbalance. Within ourselves, and within society, government, and economics. It is up to us to rediscover balance. This starts with our daily lives. It starts with how we think, perceive, and communicate. Do so from a neutral or nonjudgemental place. This way you come from your steady center. This will allow you to be open enough to learn well.

The road ahead is long. Astrologically speaking, this entire year is turbulent. We need to remain balanced so we can endure. REGULATE. Take care of yourself, your loved ones, your community, and your participation in change in measures that work FOR YOU.

  • Release Complacency and Outworn Ways of Being

I'll be frank. Now that this is happening in the U.S. government, I can see how Nazis rose to power in Germany. While people are discussing what is happening, much of the conversation is superficial. Many are attempting business-as-usual as a measure of self-protection. I'm walking through the world witnessing familiar patterns of social silence and distancing emotional distancing/disassociation. It's like a strange dream; feeling that something is wrong when all around me, is an image reflecting that everything is fine.

It is far too easy and attractive to remain cloistered in familiar mundane life in order to protect ourselves from the fear that arises when considering that everything could change.

We have reached a cultural crossroads, and it is time to let go. Letting go of complacency, compliance, and images of superficial peace, is required if we are to move forward. We are required to develop more honesty in the face of illusion. Fear or conflict will likely arise as we move beyond our comfort zone. But here, outside the lines of the familiar and the known, is the fertile soil for new life. Prioritize healthy participation.

  • Develop Conscious Buying Power and Lifestyle Habits

Government and corporate interests have always been linked in the U.S. That relationship has only been deepening in recent times. What is taking place now is a total, unchecked transference of power into the hands of privatized corporate financial interests. Our money, and what we choose to consume, is inherent to what we allow to survive. Money is a tool for creation.

Choose to finance what matters to you. Divest from what you want to see less of. It's that simple. And it is incredibly important. We can become more maker-oriented. More artist-and-innovator oriented. More homegrown. We can live in such a way that we consume only what we need.

If you have not divested from a corporate bank yet, please take that move into strong consideration.

  • Build Strength and Resist Hopelessness

It is going to take courage to face what lies ahead. It requires fortitude and endurance in spite of fear. We must each be warriors for what we know is Real.

It is normal to feel helpless and hopeless. Allow those feelings to flow through. Let them wash you clean, then buckle up and buckle down. We cannot afford to remain stuck in a quagmire of illusory powerlessness. Do whatever it takes to consistently return to faith and a sense of self-sovereignty. Maybe that means pumping iron or taking classes in martial arts. Maybe it means gathering with like-minded souls who are taking inspired action. Ask yourself the question: I feel strong and vital when... and fill in the blank. Make it a priority to strengthen yourself consistently.

  • Do Your Work

Each of us is like a natural employee or servant of Divine. We have inherent gifts, skills, talents, and abilities. We have natural inclinations to develop what brings us more life, more passion, and more mastery. When we capitalize on our gifts and weave together with others who are capitalizing on their unique gifts, we can create sustainability and fulfillment as an interconnected whole.

It's time to step more into ourselves and be more of ourselves than ever before. We must own what we have been learning and practicing. If we haven't yet stepped into cultivating our potential, we must do so now. The call is loud and clear. Teachers, it is time to teach. Guides, guide us through. Researchers, share with us what you gather. Healers, heal us. Builders, build the structures that can support who we want to become. Organizers, bring us together. Artists and inspirers, keep our morale alive. Business-people and investors, change our economic climate from the inside-out.

  • Integrate Missing Pieces of Self

Part of doing our work is external; it's the actions we take in our lives and world. But an equally important part of doing our work is internal. This means getting to know yourself more deeply. This means looking back through the timeline of your life and noticing the parts that feel sensitive, painful, challenged, or lifeless. This means strengthening the elements that are weak. This means becoming more whole, through embracing all parts of our being with the loving light of awareness.

This means integrating anything that feels dis-ordered, separate, or unharmonious.

We cannot over-personalize disorder. Destruction isn't happening because it's "our fault" or because "we are wrong." Relating to things with a judgmental emotional charge (whether that judgement is towards ourselves or something seemingly outside of us) indicates that there is work to be done. Sense the disorder or disease, and listen to it. Learn from it. Keep training the light of awareness towards it, and allow it to naturally heal.

  • Discern and Simplify

In the Tao Te Ching, there is a phrase: "Do your work, then step back." The work that we do does not ultimately belong to us. It is not ultimately us who performs the work. Rather, it is Divine operating through us. In current times, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the call-to-action, and by the potential of what lies ahead.

You don't have to do it all, and it's not advised to try.

Each of us has a unique role in this movement of resistance. Gain insight from external sources to remain informed about plans of action we can take, but only our inner compass can communicate our specific needs and callings. Use discernment. Take what truly resonates, and leave the rest.

When we simplify our participation, we streamline our energy. This provides more focus and strength in what we contribute.

  • Discover True Authority and Stability

What is happening on the exterior give clues to what is being asked of us on the interior. The dogmatic wounded patriarchal authority is presenting itself clearly. How to combat this?

Develop an alternative authority. True authority is standing strong upon our own inner foundation. It is acknowledging and upholding leadership that does represent us. It is time to take personal responsibility as citizens of the Earth. We are being asked to embody the authority within. This means owning our beliefs and aligning with them thoroughly. This means making commitments. This means using discipline and willingness to remain, even when conditions are rigorous. We are being asked to show up.

  • Lead with Heart

As we step more into ourselves and our sense of ownership/authority, we all become Leaders.

Lead with heart. Lead with compassion. Lead with empathy and the instinct to protect what matters most. Lead with equanimity. Lead with vitality. By all means,


Abandoning old clothes of victimhood, we join together in a climate of collective Sovereignty. We join together to nourish and uphold the Truth.

That we are all connected. We are all one. We are all Creators. We are all born of nature. The personal is the collective. And nature is Supreme.

The only true power is the one that exists deep within. The only true force is Divine force.

Nothing can remove us from that.

I will leave you with a statement from my heart:

It's a weird thing seeing so much chaos playing out on the world stage, while at the same time feeling incredibly satisfied with my personal life.

I cherish the incredible integration and growth has occurred for me in the past year.

I feel clear, steady, and grounded in myself in a new way as I awaken from the dreams of youth and cross the gate into adulthood.

I feel held by my man, my family, my friends, my clients, my community, and my work.

I am so grateful for every part of this journey. For all parts of self I have had the liberty and pleasure to encounter.

I LOVE this life.
I am whelmed with gratitude for Life itself
for the opportunity to take these breaths
to know these hearts and souls
to heal again and again and again

no one can remove the gifts I have tasted so far

this breath belongs to me as it belongs to God

and I
only I
have the sovereign power to continue to experience life
in just the way I'm meant to.
Despite all external appearances
I will live to what comes.

Eternally experiencing "Thank You"
whenever we remember


To Life!

Stone Medicine for the Month

from POUND Jewelry:

"Goldstone is a man-made stone with natural copper inside of it, which give the stone it's beautiful shimmering gold-flecked beauty. Like stars in a night sky, gold-stone reminds us of our light, even when we find ourselves in our darkest moments. Even when we find our selves in the most intense of times. Everything filled with light originated from a place of darkness and it is important to love and embrace ALL sides of ourselves. This stone reminds us of the beauty found in all aspects of our being and to trust our inner light as North on our compass, which we will always inevitably come back to. Time and time again.

Use Goldstone as a talisman; a reminder of your inner light, especially when it feels difficult to locate. It is there!!! You can also use your goldstone pendulum as an oracle and ask it questions!!! Guide to using your Pendulum as an Oracle here."

Link to Blue Goldstone Pendulum here.

In-Depth Transit Forecast

All Times Listed in EST

Feb 1 Mercury sextile Chiron (9:30pm)

Communications can be healing today. Be sensitive to what is seen, heard, written, and said. Words may be a bridge to greater understanding and compassion. Practicing mantra, verbal affirmation, and journaling is particularly recommended. Siblings and contacts can benefit from healing words. Listen for and support the needs of children and educators. Bridge-building and new education formats are paramount to our survival and ability to thrive as a species.

Feb 2 Solar Imbolc. Moon runs the gamut. Mercury square Jupiter (10:15am)

Imbolc means “in the belly,” an old Irish word referring to baby lambs growing in the bellies of their mothers, indicating the return of spring. It represents a cleansing. The quickening time, the time of the sacred flame, when we begin to sense what the year ahead is truly about. The Great Goddess completes Cronehood and re-enters existence again as Maiden, giving birth to the strengthening sun that will soon preside again in the sky. A festival of arising light. Set your torch aflame.

Moon today touches Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Vesta, Saturn, and Ceres today. Pay attention. The emotional climate will be volatile, angsty, inspired, and rich with pertinent information about our collective journey of awakening and revolution over the course of the next 6 months.

Mercury square Jupiter is over-the-top. This transit will likely be exhibited in political, bureaucratic, corporate, legal, and socio-cultural spheres. Relationships and businesses can also be influenced. Negative manifestations include: grandstanding, exaggerated claims, soap-boxing, dogmatic speech, lack of focus, lack of realism, mental attachment to fearful tradition, arrogance, bigotry, logical fallacy, over-estimations, bullying, poor judgment calls, and gaslighting. What is the medicine of this transit? Hopefulness. Increased optimism. Positive outlook and verbal affirmations of possibility. Listen, respond, and offer your opinion from a place of centeredness. We need the faith available today. An abundance of people using words and mental power to focus on positive outcomes will be helpful. Lots of plans can be made now; but beware not to over-extend or over-estimate your capabilities. Align with your truest beliefs; the ones residing in the mind of your heart.

Feb 3 Venus enters Aries (10:51am)

Venus, planet of the Goddess and the feminine principle, has a presiding influence in 2017. This month, Venus prepares to make her transition from evening star into morning star. She will be at her greatest brilliance presiding in the heavens February 18th. Today, Venus moves from the watery, diffuse, emotional territory of Pisces and leaps into direct, decisive action. Forward, march! Set your love ablaze. It can feel like a rebirth. Harness outrage and turn it into action. Venus in Aries means Arise. Venus traveling alongside Mars makes it time to fight for what you love and what you want. Fight for peace. Fight for balance. Activate harmony. Stand up, make moves, and ignite. Assert yourself. We need your participation.

Feb 6 Jupiter in Libra stations Retrograde (1:52am)

We are in an enormous collective growth spurt. Developments must facilitate true personal, relational, and societal balance. As Jupiter stations Retrograde in Libra, we must deal with influences that are stifling our growth. Are we truly ready to receive what we seek? If not, what are the obstacles? Arrogance and self-aggrandizing must be replaced with authentic connection. Time to calibrate and reconcile our hubris. In doing so, we will unlock the codes to true abundance. This transit, which lasts until June 9, is a chance to intervene with complacency, laziness, indecision, and false portrayal. The potential is societal reformation. We need brilliant collective action to provoke liberation. Sudden events and major changes are ahead. Chaos is creative. In the year of the Fire Rooster, the cock crow wakes us to a New Dawn. Each of us contain the potential as soul pioneer to move humanity forward into the next awareness. The call is clear: leadership from moral, ethical, integrated, cosmically-attuned individuals. Take your lead. Herald the destined renewal of time.

Feb 7 Mercury enters Aquarius (4:35am)

Collective mindsphere, activate. The mental emphasis now (and until Feb 25) is on the revolutionary collective. Humanity. Future-oriented progress. Gather, and put your heads together. Rebel. Recreate. Break with tradition. Position yourself in groups with staying power and a similar set of ideals. What’s most important is you can show up authentically. What’s most important is pooling resources a people. What’s most important is aligning with allies and offering your unique gifts. It’s electric. We are the future. See that clearly, and act together now.

Feb 9 Sun sextile Uranus (4:16pm)

Sparks of light indicate invention. Self-awareness promotes the integration of differentials. Science and technology are making strides. Embrace healthy stimulation. Group activities are favored for moving forward. Positive synchronicities can be experienced today. Magic is active.

Feb 10 Mercury sextile Venus (4:18pm) Full Moon in Leo (7:33pm) Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (7:45pm)

Full Moon in Leo on February 10 (7:33pm) is an invocation for the all-pervading light of Self to be present in full manifestation. This moon is a penumbral lunar eclipse. Eclipses come in pairs as portals, or major gateways. They act like a threshold rife with reset buttons, bringing irrevocable events of evolution. The decisions made and actions taken during eclipse season create a new landscape of being, after which there is no going back. We have reached a turning point, and we can only go forward from here. The bells are ringing. They are calling you home to yourself. They ask you to commit, and to bring all of yourself here, unequivocally. You have come here to be in command. Your Self and your purpose are the same. Everything is within you. Allow the ultimate light of divine to shine through you and illuminate what is hidden. You cultivate the unseen into consciousness. You are an intrinsic element of masterful design. The separation between individual and collective no longer exists. Despite any counter influence, you still shine. The light permeates enough so we can see: there is no division. We are together. Our collective radiance fulfills existence. The world is served. What is truly right and well for one is truly right and well for all. Be yourself, and everything will fall into place. Inside your presence resides a sovereign force. Saturate existence with omnipotent love and the complete light of consciousness. So it is.

For every New and Full Moon, find a Free Movement Ritual for optimum alignment HERE on the Qoya Blog.

Feb 11 Sun trine Jupiter (10:25am)

Seek information. Ideas, concepts, shared messages, and social networks are the keys to growth at this time. Broaden your outlook and strengthen community. Togetherness and the willingness to unite will lead to more faith in all-that-is.

Feb 14 Sun sextile Saturn (12:58am) Jupiter inconjunct Chiron (9:16am)

We must reconstruct our beliefs and perspectives to support the collective. This is a process that will take time and come to fruition through patience and steady progress. Ages-old wisdom can help carry us through. Teachers, we need you to educate. Guides, we need you to guide. Organizers, we need you to organize. Seekers, we need you to seek. Healers, we need you to heal. Give your gifts to our globe and watch healing happen.

With Jupiter inconjunct Chiron, pain is a blessing. Even if it feels like too much. The suffering we know is a gateway to union and connection. Our weaknesses are our freedom when we make the choice to love them into strength. Empathy can save us on small and large scales. Compassion cleanses us. Hearts break so they can open. Laugh through the tears. Cry through the joy. Everything is giving birth to more.

Feb 16 Mercury sextile Mars (1:15pm)

Ignite and lead. Use words and actions in alignment today. Respond with immediacy, and take your crew with you. Tell it like it is, and do it like it needs to be. Stay awake and reverberate the call that feels most true.

Feb 18 Sun enters Pisces (6:31am) Venus Greatest Brilliance

As sun enters Pisces for the next 30 days, we are asked to enter a climate of surrender. But be discerning about what you surrender to. Pisces can be so boundless and allowing that it becomes weak and susceptible to toxic invasion. When we surrender instead to the pure wisdom of the heart and the ultimate will of Divine, we become fortified and assured in anchoring spiritual energy to planet Earth. Imagination and dreamworld can be our asset as long as they aren’t used as escape routes that remove us from the present. Focus your energy and actions around your highest ideals. Keep visioning and creating the world you crave. Remembering you cannot pour from an empty cup. When needed, retreat, restore, and fill up your cup. Cleanse yourself regularly. Take deep care of your allies and loved ones.

Venus, the Great Feminine, is at her most radiant brilliance as an evening star in the sky. Absorb her harmonious energies as she prepares to journey into the underworld. Venus, we pray for your beauty, your balance, your love to infuse our senses. Bring your essence into our bread and into our bodies. Let us know the reality of the great, artistic feminine as Warrior Goddess here on Earth.

Feb 20 Mercury sextile Uranus (11:01pm)

Both Mercury and Uranus are interested in the same theme today: Freedom. Rebellion and revolution is in the air. The bold voice of humanity is heard as messages of, by, and for the people. Listen and speak. We have the potential to take a creative leap forward. Each individual must bring their genius and interweave with the collective genius. Technology can support us. This is how progress is made. This is the masses taking lead. We have been training for this. Be strong, and make your allies stronger.

Feb 21 Mercury trine Jupiter (1:27pm) Sun conjunct South Node (3:04pm)

Big news. Positive thoughts. Hopeful messages. Look to see the wider view. Taking in the perspectives held by others can facilitate this. Spread what you know widely.

Sun conjunct South Node illuminates the collective past. We are letting go of deception. Letting go of illusion. Letting go of the ways we hide from ourselves. One thing we can never deceive: Divine. Omnipotent source. Relieve yourself of burdensome transgression. Give over to honesty. Take forgiveness with you and deepen your capacity to feel empathy. Leave behind old forms of victimhood/martyrdom. Step into a commitment to seeing and being more clear; devoted to serve what remains after the storm.

Feb 22 Mars square Pluto (4:02am) Moon runs the gamut

Today, and the next several days, are an astrological powder keg. And because the moon is highlighting the action, emotionally we will feel the effects. Mars is the God of war and action. Pluto is the planet of power and elimination. Serious conflict is at hand, with a struggle for power at the core of it. Manipulative tactics are being used. Aggression, violence, and confrontation stem from ruthlessness. Tremendous energy is available now; and it is important to wield that with focus and ethical determination. The drive to succeed can be accessed by anyone. Don’t turn it over to those masked as “authorities.” You are an authority, too. You have a strong will. Use your guts. Don’t back down in the face of inevitable intimidation. Take yourself seriously and be no-nonsense in your approach to what is at hand. We will persevere.

Feb 23 Mercury sextile Saturn (4:45pm)

Level-headed news, words, and messages. Perceptions are more reliable today. Good judgement is available. Your wits are about you. Serious discussions must take place if we are to secure freedom. Put your mind to work.

Feb 25 Mercury enters Pisces (6:07pm)

You know things. You may not know how or why, but if you know something without being sure how you know it, trust it as intuition. Mercury moves through Pisces until March 13. Take this time to listen deeply. Meditation, mental rest, and private time are an absolute must. We need to take care of ourselves. Carve out time to attend to your own essential creativity. Our intuition speaks to us through dreams, symbols, and subtle language. Music and art can transport us into inspirational realms. We need to access inspiration to feed life. Connect with the eternal. Hear the water. Let it flow. This is how healing happens.

Feb 26 Annular Solar Eclipse (9:54am) New Moon in Pisces (9:58am) Mars conjunct Uranus (7:19pm)

The New Moon in Pisces is like an impossible dream. A wish in the process of being granted. It is an annular Solar Eclipse, the second eclipse in a pair of two following the last full moon. The subsequent New Moon in March will be the closing of the most recent eclipse gate, indicating that humanity has crossed another threshold: a gateway to reconciliation. Sometimes contracts are not honored. Important details and intentions get lost in the mix. Waste happens. Time passes and connections fray. We forget essence. We forget that which yokes us. It takes calamity to invoke restoration. Earth has offered us a home, and humans have have taken that for granted. We have wandered astray. We have forgotten source. We mined our own precious resources. This offering our Earth mother gave us was unconditional, yet not without consequence. She will create exactly what we need in order to restore harmony. Her power is ultimate. That, we can trust. Our soul is not separate from the soul of Earth. We are all One Soul. We are children of our mother, and family to one another. All children go astray sometimes. They blink their eyes and look to see that the safety and familiar comfort they know are not embracing them as usual. They cry. And they experience the absolute need to reconnect. It is time for us to awaken, and choose to serve for the duration. Summon the courage and inner freedom to withstand the shaking-loose of stagnant matter. Align thoroughly with the parent-Soul. The future and past collide. Tomorrow is acting through today. We are being summoned to rebirth. With insurmountable resolve, we rise.

For every New and Full Moon, find a Free Movement Ritual for optimum alignment HERE on the Qoya Blog.

Feb 27 Mars opposite Jupiter (9:24am) Mercury conjunct South Node (3:51pm) Mercury ApH (4:23pm)

Mars conjunct Uranus, opposite Jupiter, and square Pluto in Cardinal signs?? This is one of the most inflammatory combinations we have seen in recent history. Last week, I mentioned an “astrological powder keg” taking place in the heavens above. This is it. This is no longer about resistance. It is about rebellion. We can no longer be victim to patterns of the past or succumb to delusions of grandeur. Do not allow past modes of thinking to infect your mind. Instead, gracefully bid them adieu; making way for a mental picture of prayerful compassion. All who have been oppressed, marginalized, and disenfranchised must rise. Barriers to their rising must be dissolved and rendered useless. This is a great rebalancing. Embrace humanity. Open your heart and allow the intelligence of spirit to become a deluge. Seek peace in the refuge you offer to others.

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