I Heal Through Brokenness

Pain has shaped and continues to shape everything in my life.
Deep in the heart of pain, I have found glory. Preciousness. Something infinite and angelic that I savor.

I have healed in ways that are gentle. Things like ceremony and prayer and meditation and cleansing and dedicated practice.

But the real healing and true awakening seem to belong to the experiences that pain me to my core. The unforgivable. The unavoidable. The irreconcilable.

I heal through brokenness.

When I sit in the fire of love's fury
a blazing, unconfined furnace
When I drown in the tidal wave of loss
and grief, a forced surrender
When I suffocate in the cold weight of earth
the pressure, burying my earns
When I scatter in the tornado of changing minds
restless, unceasing battering

When there isn't a balm or a salve for what ails
Nor a guarantee on survival
This is the kind of healing crisis
That has polished the wings of my soul
When the fever breaks
When the flood dries
When the stress solidifies
When the air calms

I glisten

Nature came

Nature moved through us
and we were here.

Now I can see the beauty of myself
with all of my senses.
You are all of me
and yet,
we are children to
the greatness that presides