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"Intuitive Astrology and Sacred Movement" featured on Spirituality and Stuff with Sumer Christine Zachary 

In this talk, Virginia Rosenberg explains the intricacies of Intuitive Astrology and Qoya, a Sacred Movement Practice. She touches on how she does readings and interpreting birth charts.

Sumer Zachary is the founder of The Nourished Roots Intuitive Healing Services. Tarot is her most intense field of study, additionally she has studied Astrology, and spiritual practices from around the world. A rare auto-immune disorder temporarily paralyzed her and caused permanent and intense nerve damage throughout her body .  Since then she is dedicated and continuous journey to heal her body with Western herbs, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, Reiki, crystals, Flower Essences, meditation, yoga and numerous body work techniques. She integrates all the above subjects into her radio show, "Spirituality and Stuff." It airs on 103.7 FM WPVM LP Asheville on Sunday evenings from 8 to 9pm.

Recorded: November 10, 2015