The Coaching Parlour


"Constructing A Healing Bridge from Spiritual Racism & Prejudice Towards Compassionate Sacred Activism" on The Coaching Parlour with Danielle Holdman

Join Danielle & Virginia as they discuss:

  • The definition of Spiritual Racism & Prejudice and Spiritual Activism
  • How compassion plays a major role in transmuting Spiritual Racism
  • Where true freedom in power lies

The 6 Ways Spiritual Communities Are Participating in Violence, and the compassionate action to take that includes:

  • Remaining Unattached/Choosing to be Silent
  • Sending Love & Light/ Distancing Yourself
  • Keeping Your Vibration High/Encouraging Numbness
  • Emphasizing the Spiritual Perspective/Negating Reality
  • Privileged Preaching/ Wielding Entitlement As THE WAY
  • Recreating Tribe/Barring Diversity from Your Comfort Zone

Check out the original article: Converting Hidden Spiritual Racism Into Sacred Activism: An Open Letter To Spiritual White Folks

    Recorded: February 8, 2017