Rising Woman: Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Mercury, the planetary messenger, is preparing to do its “Backward trickster medicine dance” – Gary P Caton

Mercury will retrograde, move backwards from our view on Earth (though it’s actually an optical illusion), from March 22 to April 15.

Note: There is also a shadow period from March 9 to 21 and April 16 to May 3 during which we tend to still feel “under the influence” of the retrograde effects.

Mercury retrogrades three to four times per year. This planet of communication and mind presides over transportation, conveying information, speaking, learning, writing, contracts and agreements.

No need to fear Mercury Retrograde or stop your life to accommodate this relatively frequent transit. However, preparing for its impacts and having a willingness to adapt to the above-listed areas not operating as smoothly as normal will help you navigate this time with more ease.

Periods of Mercury retrograde break conventional rules and regulations. If we let them do their work, we can tap into “crazy wisdom,” the realm of knowing that lies beyond rigidity, duality, and “business-as-usual” mindset. This welcomes us to embrace the ‘grey area’ and the ironic comedy of opposites.