Rising Woman: Full Blue Moon in Libra

Full Blue Moon in Libra Astrology Report for March 31, 2018 at 5:37amPST

This Full Moon is the second Blue Moon of 2018, meaning the second Full Moon to fall within the same solar calendar month. It is rare to experience Blue Moons with such frequency! January 31st saw the last Blue Moon.

This moon is about the courage to choose love.

Even and especially in the face of hardship and delay, choose love. Embrace every stumbling block with respect. Imagine that each challenge you meet is a teacher; an invitation to slow down and engage in careful decision-making. Think long-term. Be intentional about making improvements.

This moon is both fast and slow. Like scaffolding the new world, it asks us to get going, and to be cautious about how we proceed. We may have strong impulses, yet a need to control them and guide our energies with care. Anger can be clarifying and fueling, but avoid unnecessary or extreme acts of destruction. Harness the flames and channel them creatively. Patience, forethought, and dedicated graceful action will carry us for the duration.

“Nature never hurries, and yet everything is done.” Lao Tzu