Rising Woman: New Moon in Aries

Photo by Nsey Benajah

Photo by Nsey Benajah

This Moon is a harbinger of change. A spark of revolution. A wake up call to New Life.

We’re living on the edge. Consider this your starting gate. This is the tabula rasa of moons; a clean slate. Beginner’s mind.

New Moons are always new beginnings, and Aries is the sign of fresh starts. After a dark winter of gestation, baby shoots and buds spring forth from Earth with vigor, pulsing with the unequivocal desire to live.

The Sun and Moon meet at 26 degrees Aries, a place of ascension. A home to the exalted Self. The courageous rising of your truest identity.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold” (Lynda Hill).

The gifts of life are many. This New Moon is a good time to count them and give them gratitude. Consider your challenges among these gifts. Consider your talents. Consider, and name, the blessings in potentiality. What, next, might be? What might you become? What joyful surprises could emerge? Be illuminated by the light of possibility.