Rising Woman: Full Moon in Scorpio


The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29, 2018 (5:58pmPST) marks Lunar Beltane, the ripe midway point between spring and summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Nectar is risen, filling the air with thick sweet seductive scents. Sensuous flowers are blooming and bursting with color. Fresh green leaves are popping out to decorate the trees. It’s all very tantalizing. Our senses are alive.

With the Sun in the fertile sign of Taurus, and the Moon in the intimate sign of Scorpio, this lunation is quite arousing. Our appetites are whet. Our deepest urges and motivations are pulsing for experience and exposure. Desire is a potent force. Sexy!

The sexual energy of the times is alchemical. It can be channeled for healing. The alchemy of this moon can cause enlightenment and transformation. To be enlightened is to become aware of what was once hidden. To realize more of Self; All-That-Is.

Full Moons always highlight the polarities of our inner and outer worlds. They display where we are at odds. When the creative force is at odds with itself and its other, the soul’s need to merge and form intimacy grows stronger.