Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 16, 2019 (5:39pmEST) is a partial Lunar Eclipse.

Slow down and take the shape of deep, permanent change.

Eclipses are major portals of transformation. For support and insight on this eclipse, register for a self-guided journey through eclipse season, now half-off at $13.

This Moon is subterranean. It unearths powerful feelings and profound recollections. Things we see and feel now have been there all along. Now is an opportunity to face those realities, and be changed by them.

Clear your fear of going beneath the surface. Your power lives there, in the dark.

A grave. A cave. A canyon.

Turn towards the opening. Take the dark tunnel. Descend into the cellar.

Feel the cold wet stone. Hear the water dripping. Smell the ancient air, suspended in space and substratum.

Where fungus grows on wine bottles. Each drop a legend of toil and harvest. Vines and kin persistent through war, peril, pillage, and restoration. Weather for chemistry.

Uncork the brew and have a drink.

Liquid lineage.

Tastes like legacy.

Bitterness stimulates digestion.

What makes it medicine or poison? The amount, and historical contents of the substance itself.

Look for the lineage in everything you meet. The iris in the eye. The marrow in the bones.

Run your hand along the rock wall. Find the fissures in the stone. Take passage into grander canyons. Let liminal space lead to the underworlds. Nether regions. Temples within temples. Bedrock. Underbelly. Catacombs.

This Moon is an excavation. We are mining.

This Moon is a tomb, exhumed.

To exhume is to un-bury the dead.

To bring the obscure and neglected to light.

Earth shifts and opens. Watch the uncovering. Pockets bubbling up like lava. Truth never stays hidden.

Past is never past. It forms the very flesh we live in.

Soil overturns secrets and long-held memories. Pandora’s box or a goldmine? Greet the ghosts and familiar faces. Take the trip down memory lane. Welcome these opportunities for understanding and closure.

This is a Moon of heightened awareness and intense feeling. Of storms and rubble. Of ruins and remains. Junk, trash, and treasure. Find fragments and artifacts.

Nameless bones and ash are offerings. Fare for the other-realms.

We are clearing the path. Pulling weeds up at the root. Purging toxicity.

What are you releasing for once and for all? What are you offering up? What deep-seated patterns are being interrupted?

This Moon is a Descent. A crumbling monolith. Towers are made to tumble. We are exhausted - no longer able to prop up distortions. Failure is a blessing. Take the imminent fall. Rest your weary bones.

Let the bonds break. Allow the cords to be cut. This compost is fertilizer for coming growth. Wait for radical re-creation to take hold. These changes are enduring. Make way…

When it feels like you are losing control, look at the wall you might crash into just long enough to see it. Then focus as much as you can on where you are going.
— Unknown Fast Car Driver

Somewhere in our life, we have reached the end of the road. Where the road ends, the forest begins. We lived in these woods without borders for far longer than one can recount.

Come back home to the inner temple. To the knowledge and wisdom nothing can erase from your bones. Speak to and for the elder and child within.

Time is hyperdimensional. It moves in curves and spirals. Open the archives. Do the research.

Summon the Oldest of Magic.

There was something here before harm. There is something that persists in spite of harm. Something with the power to overthrow corruption. The power to defy tyranny and oppression. The authority to interrupt limits and linear time. The power to regenerate, heal, and be cured.

This Moon is a Return. We’re slipping back to where we came from. Absorbed into the clear power of our origin; a dark crystal of total love.

Reclaim and consolidate this power. State its limits. Reclaim and consolidate inner authority.

The end of the road is the beginning of Life.

Intact worlds are waiting to be birthed through us. Waiting to be delivered unto the altar of matter. (Ellias Lonsdale)

How do we give birth? Listen deep. Find shelter. Take space. Be undisturbed. Trust instincts. Allow it.

Pass through the Open portal, and deepen your commitment to Love.

Record-Keeping Moon. Dark Crystal Moon. Moon of Rivers Beneath Rivers. Stalactite Moon. Humus Moon. Elder Moon. Earthworm Moon. Coat-of-Arms Moon. Moon of Decay. Vintage Moon. Garbage Moon. Geode Moon. Moon of Relics. Quicksand Moon. Cave Painting Moon. Moon Beyond Borders. Moon of the Great Fall. Moon of Perilous Impasse. Moon of Gorge and Gully. Moon of Marrows.

Eclipses are major portals of transformation. For support and insight on this eclipse, register for a self-guided journey through eclipse season, now half-off at $13.

Embody this Moon through movement and journaling as guided in this Embodied Astrology ritual for Capricorn.

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Read Full Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: I choose heart work over hard work.

I have been waiting for this moment. As much as I’ve been waiting for it, I’ve also been resisting it. Hidden expectations have weighed heavy. Old patterns have been holding me back from truly making a mark and living my purpose. The time has come to shed that weight, so I can make my realest contributions. So I can be in integrity with myself and my longterm goals. Six months ago, I began re-defining my mission in life according to my terms and priorities. I recognize my progress and embrace this turning point in my career as a necessary part of my journey to fulfillment. I follow my intuition, knowing that my success in the world depends on developing a foundation of inner security.

Taurus: I take the risk of freedom.

There is a fire in my belly, and I trust it. I trust the revolutions and reinventions that have come for me this last year. I trust my restless desire for travel and expansion. I trust my pursuit of adventurous heights. I will not be confined by outworn beliefs. I overthrow the tyranny of limited perception. I anchor myself to the vistas and horizons that make me feel more whole. I demolish anything standing between me and my truth. I listen to the messages that feel most affirming. I call forth the stories that help me to make meaning. There are stories in my soma. My body is not an object - it is a living, breathing, wisdom being. It is a library. It contains a wealth of concepts sprung from nature. I prioritize communication with my body, and hone the messages I hear.

Gemini: I call upon divine power for transformation and healing.

I can no longer deny myself intimacy. Intimacy is sharing, unfiltered and unbarred. It is often accompanied by discomfort. Intimacy requires emotional and spiritual nakedness. A truth-telling that delves beyond words. In my most important relationships, where am I stingy with giving? Where am I stingy with receiving? Why am I blocked or blocking here? I peer into my own depths. I can no longer hold the shadow at bay - nor can I allow the shadow to continue to possess me. “To confront a person with [their] shadow is to show [them their] own light...Simultaneously see [yourself] from the two sides and...get in the middle.” Carl Jung

Cancer: I invest in relationships that reflect my self-love.

I am interrupting toxic ties. Relationships can have a lifespan. I am setting limits on the ones that don’t serve me in the highest. I take space from people who are stressful, taxing, and needlessly draining. I allow myself to mature and outgrow emotional bondage. I am breaking cords of connection based on co-dependence. I am developing beyond childish tendencies and releasing the need to be over-responsible for others. I choose to keep those who take time for me. I choose to keep those who make space for me, but don’t coddle me or enable my weaknesses. I am accountable to myself. I love myself unequivocally.

Leo: I prioritize inspiration (breathing in God).

Time is not for wasting. I overthrow the tyranny of perfection. I relinquish my addiction to avoidance. I can no longer cheat myself of being present through staying busily distracted. I will not be consumed by anxieties, or misled by false notions of purity. I cut cords with inherited narratives of scarcity. I anchor myself to the present moment. I choose to savor my time. I reclaim my powers of acceptance. I strengthen my abilities to be utterly satisfiable. I affirm and notice the abundance all around me. God is right here, right now. I allow spirit to work through me.

Virgo: I unleash happiness and connection.

All work and no play? I remove the obstacles that inhibit my self-expression. I tear down whatever stands between me and my joy. I recognize and accept that nothing outside of myself can bring me sustained happiness (Holistic Psychologist). It is time to erect the inner-scaffolding of enjoyment. No matter what I’m doing or where I am, I can access a spirit of play. I make pleasure a practice. I look around to see my companions - those I’m here to play and cultivate love with. I ask for their support. My dream world is especially active now. I pay close attention to these psychic forces and unpack what they’re offering me.

Libra: I belong here, and I own my impact on this world.

Six months ago, I set the strong intention to find home and establish inner security. This process began about a year ago. I am deep within it now. I recognize that I am well on my way. Changes in home base and foundation go hand-in-hand with changes in my professional life and public appearance. I am feeling my way through, becoming more true to myself and my spiritual gifts, as well as clearing out old baggage that impedes my instincts. It is safe for me to show the world who I really am. I trust that I can be myself and be supported.

Scorpio: I follow the path of opportunity.

I break down tendencies to think small. My mind is blown, and I can see so much further than before. I embrace insights and higher perceptions. Words pack a punch, and I’m paying close attention. News can be life-changing. Conversations are like an alarm clock, making bells go off. Messages are eye-opening. Invitations are being made. Why not accept? I am deep in a committed process of learning and growth. The opportunities coming through now can help me to further that learning. I take a big step towards living what I’ve been learning. I broadcast what I know. I trust my truth. I spread my wings, embracing travel and freedom.

Sagittarius: I am worthy.

I am slowly and surely becoming the author of my resources. Six months ago, I intended to build my worth. Much of this effort has been made on the outer world; money management, savings, and wise investments. Now is time to pull back the curtain, and look deeper at the emotional and psychological limits that interfere with my earning ability. Financial setbacks are not failures. They can help me understand things about myself I haven’t seen before. What do I believe about my capacities? What values are motivating my money moves? I am ready to bring the unconscious to conscious awareness. Money and intimacy are connected. If I’m to increase my capacities, I must demolish the old fears that block me from connection.

Capricorn: To know my true capacities, I fall apart.

I can no longer carry the burden of not being myself. I am not afraid to be who I really am. I tear down old versions of myself and make way for the new. Failure is a blessing. It opens the door for me to come more into alignment with myself. I shed my skin. I choose to look clearly at who I used to be - and who I am underneath all that conditioning. I choose to overcome limiting expectations placed upon me by my father or figures of authority throughout my life. Instead of repressing or delaying my expression in the world, I make expressing myself a priority. Relationships are inviting me into deeper harmony with myself. I can come back together with more integrity and self-ownership than ever before. I am the author of my life.

Aquarius: I allow my life to take the shape of spirit.

I am emerging from exile and re-entering the world. I’ve been journeying with spirit, and it’s time to bring divine gifts forth and be of service. The dreamworld gave me many riches I am meant to manifest. I bless others with the subtle content born of my unraveling. I embrace closure. I embrace healing. The losses I’ve endured have purified me. I know perfection is beyond my doing. I trust in divine perfection. I begin to allow my inspirations to take shape. My time, my efforts, my health, and my schedule can all be organized according to the divine plan.

Pisces: I nourish self-love in compassionate collaborations.

Six months ago, I intended to welcome true allies. In order to call them in, I must clear and rid myself of toxic associations. Community is meant to build me up. I believe in alliances that are forged in a climate of self-responsibility. Collaboration over competition. I believe in collaborative efforts that bring out more of everyone’s gifts. I embrace this as a turning point where I can overcome my fears of the future. I no longer think I can’t. I know my unique gifts pave my way onto the path meant for me. I center my creativity, my enjoyment, my romance, my pleasure. I embrace play, and seek the right playmates.