New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer on July 2, 2019 (3:16pmEST) is a Total Solar Eclipse.

Tides are high. Eclipses are portals of rapid acceleration.

Deeper truths are illuminated. Emotions are heightened. We feel things acutely.

Let feelings guide. They are speaking to us about our history, and about our needs. Make space and listen.

Attend what needs protection.

Child Moon. Nesting Moon. Middling Moon. Mood Moon. Womb Moon. Moon of Origins. Ears-to-Shells Moon. Matriarch Moon. Hoop Moon. Moon of Shelter. Moon of Matrices and Cellular Memories. Moon of Curved Seeds. Gestation Moon. Soul Food Moon. Moon of Babies and Breasts. End-of-the-Road Moon. Moon of Warm Wet Embrace. Moon of the Guard. Borderline Moon. Moon of Habitual Encrustations. Sidestep Moon. Moon for All the Cares.

Right now, the inner world is where it’s at.

Close your eyes. Turn your gaze away from external concerns. Focus instead on what you feel in your belly. Listen to your intuitive sense. It may not be “rational” or “scientific.” It may counter the dominant narrative in society. But biology is much older than modern society and its creeds. Instinct and intuition gave humanity the ability to survive throughout ages. The wisdom to thrive runs in your veins.

This Solar Eclipse brings the past into the present. Long forgotten histories live on in bones, blood, stones, and soil. Feel them. Turn towards what they bring up.

To truly be responsible, be vulnerable.

Find where the fear gets you - and make it safe.

Protect and yield simultaneously.

Soft is strong.

Empathy can be far more powerful than expertise. Balance the two. But emphasize empathy.

Let’s remember who we were. Who we Were + Who we are Becoming = Who we Are.

When we face the full reality of the past, we are fertilized with the capacity to create anew.

When we open to the young parts of ourselves - our sensitivities, our hurts, our protected emotional places - we can develop beyond our fears and guardedness. Finally, after all these years, we can stand for our needs being met.

We can clearly choose our No’s to build a home for our Yes’es. (adrienne maree brown)

We can make sure others get their needs met, too. We can build a livable environment based on listening and response. Asking and receiving. The fluttering of birds wings in a murmur trained across the great distance of sky. They’ve never needed a map outside collaborative attunement.

With heightened senses opening in the light of safety, we can be like the birds. Ensouled in our communion. Feeling our way through. Trusting ourselves and our bond with life.

Re-membering what is Innate.

All that is here is meant to be nourishing.

All that is here is meant to support life and its interconnections.

We are way smarter and more equipped than those who profit off our imaginary failings would have us believe.

We are on the transition team. Living through a change of ages. We are skin-deep in a process of re-matriation. Going back home to an ecology without borders - the soft, warm, milky body of our 4.5 Billion year old Mother. This Mother, made of Love and gravity. Everything we need has always been right here. Inside us, and this relationship with the Old Ma.

Center Mothers. Center Children. Center those who society has made most vulnerable.

Let them lead.

These are the weavers, the fabric holders, the spiders at the middle of the web. A new paradigm emerges as we hold fast to the center of ourselves.

Here in the Heart, the Hearth, the Core of Existence. Here in the familial bond. This is where healing begins and carries through. What our parents can’t complete is passed to children. What our children can’t teach us about ourselves in words, they show us in their behaviors. Children are living adaptations. Age is a reverse mirror. Adults are here to keep the play space safe.

We never stop being children. Ironically, the more we are allowed to be children at our core and have our needs met, the more we are able to mature.

If our families aren’t here for us, we be our own family - attentive to, and actively meeting, our needs. We surround ourselves with chosen kin. We go where we need to go to feel most at home. We develop meaningful relationships that can hold and support us through life.

Creating bonded relationships is an act of rebellion. Cultivating emotional and physical closeness is a revolutionary act.

Exchange judgement and flagellation for sensitivity and caring. Trade toxic limitations for empowered maturity. Reclaim power from systems and structures of externalized authority.

We came here to play. Not manufactured mind-games, but creation. Invention. Unbarred celebration. We came here to partake in the joyful generous ritual of life.

Let’s be so Gentle and Kind. Let’s take Care.

Let us be Bears bringing the medicine of fierce loving protection.

This is a Moon of Cavernous Grace.

Plant flowers in the fault lines.

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Read New Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: I belong.

I am home. I am planting seeds in my roots. In my belly. In the parts of life that form the very foundation of my being. I am planting seeds of support, security, and safety. I am willing to remember the past. Not only am I willing to feel what comes up when I dive into memories, insecurities, and family issues, but I am willing to pause long enough in my feelings so I can respond instead of react. I can breathe here. I want to know more about who I am, and I trust that my emotions can give me this needed insight. My heritage, family, home, and personal inner world have my primary attention now. It may not be glossy, but it is fundamental to who I am and how I move forward in life.

Taurus: I clarify my needs.

Long-buried thoughts are emerging now. Family patterns I have felt but not been able to make sense of are coming into full view. This Eclipse helps me to realize and communicate how I actually feel at the core of my being. There are some things in life that don’t need to be decided or thought about - the reality is they simply are or aren’t. It is time for me to name what I know deep inside. I can’t avoid this truth any longer. It is time to put words to it, discuss it, and let my realest needs determine how my life unfolds.

Gemini: I am blessed, regardless.

I am ready to get right with resources. Knowing that no resources are really “mine.” Nothing inherently belongs to me. I am unhooking myself from untrue narratives about what human beings and their time and energy are worth. May I unhook in such a way that the relationships I engage in are transformative rather than transactional. This Eclipse brings significant focus on resources. Money, investments, possessions, what I “have,” and skills that can carry me through life. I am clarifying what I value and what makes life fulfilling. This Eclipse could see a brand new beginning or a big hit with regards to resources. Whichever it turns out to be - I welcome the gift and blessing of it.

Cancer: New Moon, New Me.

I, myself, am eclipsed. My identity, and sense of self are irrevocably changed as I remember more of who I really am. This is me! I am all of it - the mother, the child, the healer, the healed. I embody the matrilineal wisdom of ages. I am prolific. A tender, glorious wealth of instinctive knowing. My gifts are immensely valuable. I trust my intuition more than ever now, and disentangle myself from toxic relationships that interfere with my own wisdom and self-acceptance.

Leo: I surrender.

This Eclipse is for allowing. It is for clearing and emptying out. Effortlessness. I am spirit. I release myself into the infinite sea of all-ness. It is here, in this space of letting go, that I can be the version of myself I am meant to be now. I rest into self-undoing. I channel and create from following the flow and floating in the formlessness. I don’t fear water. I don’t fear emotion. I don’t fear my own weaknesses. I know them as hidden strengths. I embrace emotions and secrets and aimlessness and clouds… In this way, I open myself to every miracle that has ever had a chance to find its way into life.

Virgo: I am connected.

I am networked. I have community. This Eclipse pushes me further into my web of allies and relations. It draws me closer to my own future. I liberate my attentions and vastly open my mind. I make way for the hopes, wishes, and dreams that are held in the most authentic layers of myself. Through togetherness, our lives can be made anew. I seek to connect with those who share my convictions. I stay true to myself. If nothing else, I know who I am at my core, and what my real intentions are.

Libra: I am living my legacy.

I am called, and I am committed to answering that call. I follow the feeling of my truest work coming to fruition in this world. On this New Moon, I take time to honor myself for all I have accomplished in the last 6 months. I acknowledge the progress I have made on seeds I planted just six months ago. I take stock of the impact I have made in the world and those I have been able to have a positive influence on. I give thanks for this time - it is a time of sensing into my outward-reaching branches.

Scorpio: I expand.

This Eclipse has me opening up. Expanding my horizons. Growing to new spaces beyond what I’ve traversed so far in my life. I am here for this adventure, and the learning that comes with it. I can no longer confine myself by limited thought patterns or playing small. When something becomes stifling, it is time to open to life as an adventure and embark on experiential learning. Let these commitments take me further into the healthy manifestations of my most wonderous visions for life.

Sagittarius: I embrace transformation.

Life is not how I thought it would be. This Eclipse has me in the hands of the unknown. I make friends with the dark. I welcome the invisible realms to engage with me. I realize where I have been holding myself apart from the depths of my own primal instincts. I am willing to go deeper into my own psyche. I am willing to become more intimate with life. Right now, I am a student of intensity and extremes - always seeking the harmonious middling as I traverse from trough to crest and back again. I merge with my own regenerative power. Everything that exists becomes reborn.

Capricorn: I relate with wisdom.

This Eclipse marks new beginnings in relationships. That could mean a new relationship begins. Or it can mean outworn patterns of togetherness make themselves known. I am shaking myself loose from so many outworn patterns these days. I allow that process to continue - like pruning a tree. I am not fully complete without knowing myself in the context of significant relationships. I trust that partners have a lot to offer me right now. I welcome feedback. I embrace the mirroring I receive. And if a partner isn’t there to offer feedback, I realize that literally anyone I encounter can act as that mirror.

Aquarius: I call in wellness.

There are myriad levels of wellness. I take inventory of health in my life. This Eclipse calls me into better organization of my time and energy. Everything is a form of hygiene - diet, exercise, thought patterns, use of electronics. Some realizations are coming in about how and where I can clean up my act to truly be in integrity with my spiritual self. Allies in the forms of plants and animals can be especially helpful now. I turn towards their medicine and messages.

Pisces: Heart leads, body follows.

I am taking life to heart. This Eclipse highlights what wants to be created through me. I aim to air myself out - to allow the parts of me screaming for expression to come into the full light of the world. I am a creative, shiny being! Like the Sun itself. And I intend to show up exactly as I am. This could mean drama, or romance, or big colors, or bright lights. It could be time for celebration or engaging in a whole new level of play. However it plays out - just be you, Pisces. Let your heart lead the way.