Full Moon in Aries

The Full Moon in Aries October 13, 2019 is at 5:07pmEST.

Scrying Moon. Spice Moon. Jaguar Moon. Moon of Me and We. Black Mirror Moon. Moon of Courageous Cooperation. Divining Moon. Moon of I and Us. Eel Moon. Crystal Ball Moon. Moon of Faint Strong Whispers. Obsidian Moon. Combining Moon. Moon of Leaf Shadows. Filtered Grace Moon. Pavement and Decay Moon. Moon of Planned Obsolescence. Moon of Maps and Blackouts. Moon of Dragons and Snakes. Moon of Curling Edges. Historical Remnants Moon. Moon of Edge Walking. Preparatory Descent Moon. Moon of Limitless Harmony. Quiet Moon of Massive Rebirth.

The Medicine of this Moon is Self-Love.

Love is a verb. Take action. Do whatever it takes to love yourself.

Sometimes, the best way to begin is to Let Go.

‘Tis the season of outbreath. The season of falling. ‘Tis the season of Letting Go.

Letting go is not equivalent to following the path of least resistance.

In fact, this Moon may ask you to choose something hard. To overcome inner resistance. To let go of the things you’ve grown attached to - that in reality are holding you back.

This Moon wants us to take the less-worn road. To get off the customary course and trade it for a more courageous path. To climb out of the habitual grooves that have become confining ruts.

Let Go to Step Up.

This Moon wants us to do the work we’ve left undone. To replace indecision with healing action. To do the things that will test us and make us stronger.

Release to Rebalance.

This Moon requires a Death. An end to our identity as we know it. It asks us to Look into the Dark.

Today’s a good day for my ego to die.
— Nahko Bear

Be willing to look in the mirror. See your whole self, warts and all, with nothing left out.

Embrace your reflection. Love yourself through Limits.

This Full Moon shines a bright light onto our Shadows. It pulls things up from the depths and illuminates stuck energies to be cleared away.

Let go of the version of yourself you are outgrowing. You know those fears all too well. They’ve become utterly boring. When the fears begin to bore us, there is an opening for real change. This Moon gifts us with the will to move beyond their grasp.

Farewell, stale fears. We can’t do it like this any longer. We choose to find a way forward, even if it means we’ve got to pave the path ourselves. We welcome mapless lands.

Permission to shed your skins. Permission to challenge your old patterns and fire up new muscles. Permission to don a new mask - one that better matches your emerging sense of Self.

Become reliable. Move through the heavy to get to the light.

Stoke the courage to be accountable to yourself and others.

Dive deeper into yourself to transform your relationships.

We are taking ownership. Listening to limits and building new bodies. Re-architecting society. Reckoning and reformation. Re-moving barriers that keep us from ourselves and each other. Blockages are just boundaries in the wrong place.

This Moon calls us into our Power.

It asks us to give up who we used to be, so we can become more of who we really are.

That place where we used to feel an upper limit? Look up and see - the glass ceiling is gone. Above us is a limitless Sky.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness
That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small
Does not serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking
So that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine,
As children do.
We were born to make manifest
The glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us;
It’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we’re liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.
— Marianne Williamson

Embody this Moon through movement and journaling as guided in this Embodied Astrology ritual for Aries.

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Aries: I vow to be myself.

This year has been about re-defining my place in the world so I can live in harmony with myself and others. I have reconsidered my calling and reconstructed my purpose. I have re-evaluated my own terms of failure and success. This is my life, and I’m calling the shots. I am here to have a loving impact on the world. I know I’m on the right track when I’m waging peace. I will not be crushed by the weight of responsibilities that aren’t mine to hold. The more I come home to myself, the more I release control.I fully align with my power and allow my impact to speak for itself. I embrace the natural increase in status that comes with living in wisdom and integrity. I take my place in the world as an authentic leader.

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Taurus: I surrender to the journey.

This Moon is a clearing. I re-quest to know my Divine Potential. I ask that whatever stands between me and the unlimited healing powers of Gxd be removed from my experience with ease and grace. I release my attachment to what I’m holding that holds me back. I am ready for an expanded experience. Like wings, I spread my arms wide to call in the next adventure. I allow my body and spirit to let go of stuck energies. I welcome wellness on all levels. I seek the Great Opening. I call in a return of faith and optimism. I welcome Freedom. I ask to see from a higher, wider field of perception. May I love myself enough to open in trust.

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Gemini: I move in wider circles.

This Full Moon illuminates my connections. I am a part of constellations just like the ones in the sky. We share our stories. Blinking in the dark, illuminating meaning, communicating through light. I locate myself in the ever-moving map of starlight, weaving together with the other sparkling beings filled with life. We come together to transmit our gifts. We come together to share knowledge and build an ever-expanding field of radical reinvention. We are making moves, and we are a movement. I don’t hold myself back from these circles. I am willing to go as deep as I can into my genius. I invest in the worthiness of these gifts and the creative connections they magically forge.

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Cancer: I love myself.

I love myself. I love myself. I love myself. This could be the only affirmation I ever speak, and I would find peace. This could be the only goal of life, and I could find fulfillment. To love myself is the worthiest of tasks. To love myself means to ask more from myself. Not to stay cozy and comfy at home, but to participate in the world as well. I have standards for myself and others, because standards are healthy. They help me to meet all my needs. I commit to relationships that meet my needs and deepen my affection for myself. I commit to purposeful behaviors and pursuits that take me higher. I am so grateful for the ways I’m being recognized by life.

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Leo: I break out of the box.

This year has been a lot of work. Some might even say it’s been a grind. I have been healing. I’ve had my humble hat on and been hitting the pavement. Making sure to cross my t’s, dot my i’s, and get things in order. Creating organization and wellness is so worthwhile - and it can get boring. This moon offers a breath of fresh air. I take a break from the routine to expand my horizons. Take a trip. Climb a mountain. Step out of the habit patterns to find some perspective. I am ready to access the wider vision of my life. I want to see the forest for the trees! Commune with a higher creative power. Connect to a divine plan and revision my daily rhythm to match.

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Virgo: I go deeper.

This Full Moon illuminates the shadows of my ancestors. Some of the creative obstacles I’m experiencing have been inherited. I’m ready to move past these blocks and merge with Power. My energy is precious. My time is precious. I am learning this. I am learning how not to scatter myself. I am learning the risks of becoming too spread-thin. In that, I am realizing that I do have creative power - but it has been stifled. It all depends on how I invest in myself and my life. I have been pouring myself into too-small containers. I am ready to focus. I am ready to transform these limitations that don’t fit my essence. I am ready to re-invest my energy. I want to put it somewhere it can bloom and grow. In Divine Sunlight. I am ready to live my metamorphosis.

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Libra: I commit to meeting my own needs.

I let this Moon be a radical rebalancing of who I am in relationships. Patterns of the past are over - never to be repeated again. I am finding the strength to show up differently; unwavering in my commitment to myself. No longer needing to be nice or look a certain way. I am willing to be disruptive if it means standing in my truth. I am willing to awaken and realize what is underneath the surface so toxic history won’t repeat itself. I no longer second-guess what I need. I hold deep, solid space for myself to access peace. I make a firm commitment to protect what I hold most dear. All relationships are a reflection of how steady I am at my core. This is big work - I am freeing myself from the bondage of intergenerational injury. This work is slow, steady, and thorough. I trust myself in it. Let inner steadiness and assuredness be my new normal. 

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Scorpio: I get clear.

A Moon in my houses of healing, I hold myself in the balance between busy tasks and useless time. I remember that daydreaming can make me more productive. I remember that useless time is supportive and useful, even necessary, to maintain my mental health. This Moon is for setting things right. Detoxing. Sweeping. Practicing physical and spiritual hygiene. Cleaning my space, reconciling my books, attending to details - and rejuvenating myself with rest, meditation, netflix/chill. I remember that life is prayer and I lay myself upon its altar in prostration. This Full Moon shines a light on the negative thought patterns that hold me back. I choose to be more impeccable with my thoughts and words; knowing that a person thinking and speaking with power can change a paradigm.

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Sagittarius: I am fertile ground.

I feel something moving in me. This Full Moon shines a light on my capacities to create. It puts me in touch with the wider web of things, and people, that I am a part of. Whether or not I realize it, I am at the heart of a community. While I may not see exactly where these connections are leading me, I feel that I can trust them. I can lean into the web weaving through us all and know that it’s bigger than us. The struggles I have had this year are driving me deeper into what I know I’m truly capable of. They are leading me to invest more heavily into my own self-worth. I value what I value. I love what I love. I am an artist, and life is my canvas. I have what I need to be enriched, and to enrich others with my unique gifts.

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Capricorn: I come home to myself.

When my energy dips, I take it as a sign to focus more completely. It’s a sign to not do whatever is tiring me out. I let go of responsibilities that aren’t my burdens to carry. I am no stranger to letting go, and this Moon highlights another round of shedding unnecessities. Each time I peel back the layers, I feel a little lighter, and a little more in-step with myself. As I let go, my life becomes more sustainable. I remember who I’ve been all along; craftsperson and steward of my own inner wisdom. The big work of self-and-life-reconstruction doesn’t scare me. I am not a burden. I no longer harbor fears of being myself. Owning myself makes me at home in myself. I am guided by an inner authority that I trust completely.

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Aquarius: I am a conduit for truth.

While I often feel like an outsider - as if I’m not of this Earth - this Moon has me realizing that there are more of my kind on this planet. I am sending out the signal to meet my kindreds. I open my throat and sound my voice; listening for the sonic echo reverberation. This Full Moon brings a super-charge to my messages, my teachings, the transmissions that are flowing through me. I widen my channel. Something big is ending. I sense it in the latent space behind my conscious perceptions. As an epoch ends, I make space for the grief and bliss of closure. I make the choice to further incarnate. I trust that my embodiment of a human on Earth at this time has significant purpose and meaning. I awaken myself to perceive more of all that, and share it.

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Pisces: I tap into inexhaustible supply.

We are worthy of inexhaustible supply. Everything material is built on the spiritual. There is a spiritual principle of continuum, of infinite rebirthing through recreational procreation. I have a hookup to divine abundance. I am worthy of it. I am more than enough. I am so grateful for what I have and know I always have more than enough. What’s mine is not hoarded - it is invested and shared with others. My focus on becoming a clear channel for income can benefit communities and generations to come. There are ways to generate wealth that are healthy and healing for all. I commit myself to this prospect. On this Full Moon of investments, I tune myself as beneficiary of compassionate profits. Wealth is a state of being open to Gxd. I accept.

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If you have benefitted from my astrology reports, please help sustain them with a monthly contribution.