New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon in Gemini on June 3, 2019 (6:02amEST) is a whirlwind.

Multiple Choice Moon.

A Moon of Many Messages. Are you getting the memo? What missives are riding in on the winds?

Myriad Moon. Moon-of-the-Crossroads. Breeze-and-Birdsong Moon. Chirp-and-Buzz Moon. Butterfly Moon. Moon of Idea and Exchange. Motion Moon. Pollen Moon. Moon of Little Lizards Losing Tails. Wings-on-Wind Moon. Breathing Moon. Moon of Mixing. Learning Moon. Moon of Rainbow Mists. Sibling Moon. Mates Moon. Moon of Twos and Threes. Spiral Moon. Kaleidoscope Moon. Moon of Open Eyes. Moon of the Young Fractal.

Season of communication and pollination. Season to summon the magic of words.

Words are power. Refuse to be silenced.

Say something. Say it loud and with style. Sing it. Spell it out. Send a message. Have the conversation.

Speak on the many topics you fiercely care about. Stay in your lane. Speak for yourself, from your experience. Verbalize, write, use a variety of linguistic tools to get your messages across - including imagery, metaphor, and body language.

Speak about your needs. Speak on what makes you feel safe. Raise your voice on behalf of whatever needs protecting.

At the same time, let your guard down. Soften your defenses and allow your vulnerability to be expressed. Force nothing.

People are on the defensive and taking up arms. Sensitivity is heightened and we are over-saturated. Avoid reacting. Instead, respond.

At the same time, get curious.

Listen more than you speak.

Listen to learn.

Listen to understand.

Listen to truly be in conversation with rather than against. Listen to feel and find emotional commonground. Listen to link your humanity.

A Moon of Lessons.

Moon of Mixed Signals. Miscommunications and crossed-wires.

Communication can be hard. Especially with our social conditioning so tied to dominator narratives. Especially with mis-education and misinformation flying around. Some of what you’re hearing is true. Some of it is a smokescreen. Use your intuition to help discern what’s what. Ask questions of others with pertinent real-world experience. Read up on the topics. Know who funds your sources and what their interests are.

If it seems black and white, it probably isn’t so simple. Gemini reminds us that life isn’t clear-cut and dual. Life is swirly, pixelated, and multicolored. Cross-pollinate.

Communication can foster understanding and build bridges. Agree to see from many perspectives. This Moon reminds us that truth is not a monolith. Rather, it’s made of myriad truths and lived experiences. Welcome complexity. Dance with nuance.

This Moon brings the medicine of contradiction. Uncover opposing forces and listen to the tension between them. Clearly see the contrast and seek to find the third choice. The third is an evolution born of exchange. Without this pollination, there would be no life, so get curious about the ‘other.’

We aren’t seeing clearly yet. Deception is in the wind. Where are we self-deceiving? Where are we over-idealizing? Where are we feeling weak? Empty your mind. Let go. Give your nervous system a rest. Wait for the mud to settle. Meditate. Release.

Honesty and transparency are key. Notice any impulse to veil or hide. Make space to amplify your truth.

In times of fracture, our faith must be big enough to match our fear. What do we trust?

Enjoy the levity now, because things feel heavier later in the month as we move towards eclipse season. Tension is building. Take a breath. Talk it through. Imagine this Moon is an intersection. Observe the many paths. Consider options. In this fickle time of change, it’s good to adapt. By the Full Moon, we will be asked to stand firm in our clear commitments.

Recommit to your love of learning. Rededicate yourself to your purposeful pursuits, and what can sometimes feel like a long hard road to gaining maturity.

Learning is tricky. This is, after all, a turning of the ages. A Great Awakening. Awakening is not always a walk in the park. Like birth, awakening is all of it. Portals of time colliding, blasting open, and re-cohering all at once.

Remembrances are rising from the soil. Evolution means liberating ourselves from the past.

Perhaps above all, this Moon requires reconnection. Unplug. Step away from distraction. Slow down and feel the quickening.

Turn towards the factual magic of reality - the stuff that can no longer be masked or silenced.

Welcome all the stories,

And take somebody’s hand.

Embody this Moon through movement and journaling as guided in this Embodied Astrology ritual for Gemini. 

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Read New Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: I am learning and growing.

This is a listening moon for me. When I listen, I can effectively learn and communicate. I open myself to different ways of thinking and seeing the situation. My vision expands. I’m gaining understanding. These learnings allow me to grow into new heights of being. Rest is essential to this process. I’m letting go. I trust that I don’t need to make things happen. I choose less effort and more allowing. I trust that whatever happens, I will be safe and successful.

Taurus: I am rich.

The Earth is naturally abundant. Scarcity is a myth created to serve and uphold dominant power structures. Those structures are crumbling. I feel the shift. I am part of the shift - my life is changing because of it. I am awakening to my wealth in its many forms. I affirm prosperity, and I allow it to change shape. What is truly valuable to me? What is life-giving? The more I let go of what is no longer meant for me, the more I make space for what matters. I am confronting and overcoming my fears of the unfamiliar. I become more curious, so I can keep evolving.

Gemini: New Moon, New Me.

I’m feeling myself. I take this moment to look in the mirror and appreciate the journey I’ve taken this past year. This Moon is a reset. A bridge between who I’ve been and who I am becoming. I am fortunate enough to walk this bridge with people I love. This Moon has me connecting with friends and partners. I feel so lucky our paths cross and we get to share our journeys. Together, we become more of ourselves. I am increasing my resources and my ability to build upon what I value most. I am working on overcoming fears of intimacy and depth. Learning that everything is my friend, including the shadows.

Cancer: I commit to self-care.

This Moon falls in the house of the hidden. Whatever has been exiled or gone unnoticed lives here. It is the space of dreaming, of grieving, and of prayer. I am in deep listening. My path of service is growing in ways I can’t yet name. The more I let go, unravel, and embrace natural endings, the closer I come to realizing my destiny. I add escape and adventure to my daily routine. This next month, I make a firm commitment to self-care. I name my moods and stand for what I need. I aim to be nurtured, and it starts with nurturing myself.

Leo: I am gifted.

This marks a new beginning in my network. I am making connections, creating contacts, weaving together community, orienting towards the future. All of this is centered around my special gifts. What makes me unique? I bring my specialness forward and with it create a place where we can all play. My creative energy is expanding. I combine that with research, leaning into a fierce desire to uncover more truth. When I get most quiet, I can feel myself channeling depth and ancestral intelligence. Health for me now depends on emphasizing more rest and reflection.

Virgo: I move forward with purpose.

I am making more space. Re-setting my home and the places I want to work in. Growing my connection to land, family, and foundation. This New Moon is a perfect time to redefine my goals. One of those goals is around clear communication. The ability to hold space, listen, open my heart, and seek to understand, without taking on anyone else’s responsibilities. To support my joy, I step out into the world. I find people I can play with, people who share my creative passions, people who can help me feel more like myself.

Libra: Wherever I go, here I am.

This New Moon, in the house of travel and expansion, begins a new adventure for me. Some journeys are outer, but on this moon I understand that travel takes many forms, including inner and inter-dimensional. Palms open, I embrace the journey. I find myself writing, reading, studying. Wrangling a lot of information. Work and vision still don’t feel completely clear, and they aren’t meant to, so I have patience. I am still feeling things out, embracing the process, knowing I am guided. I am slowly but surely gaining a strong inner foundation. This allows me to step further into the public sphere.

Scorpio: I focus on my generative power.

This New Moon falls in my house of intimacy. I’m getting naked. Vulnerable. Bare. I can never really be intimate with others until I am truly intimate with myself. So, I face me and I feel me. No bullshit, no fakery, no cover-up. What addictive tendencies have I been turning to? What have I been avoiding or repressing? I am ready to grow beyond these escape mechanisms and invest in my own inner insight. Shadows are meant to come to light. I commit to seeing my shadows, and partnering with them. When I do this, I gain abundance, and people are willing to invest in me. My power generates, rather than destroys.

Sagittarius: I look at myself to see others better.

This New Moon falls in my house of partnership and relationship. It is never too late to end old habits and set new patterns in motion. Relationships need to be built on mutual trust and self-awareness. I look to understand myself more completely. I listen to my intuition and gut instincts. Am I hiding anything? Does something feel off? What is right for me? What am I needing and longing for in relationship, and in life? I plumb my own depths. I reach for intimacy - not entanglement. I also keep working to invest in what matters, and establish a solid financial base.

Capricorn: I establish wellness.

This New Moon falls in my house of health and nutrition. Health is wealth. I am starting new rhythms, habits, and daily routines. Anxiety, stress, and nervousness can be calmed with spiritual quiet. I loosen my grip. I turn to music and meditation. Even as I change my patterns, I relax tendencies towards perfectionism. I’m not here to be perfect. I am here to be well. I am in the long, slow, deep, complete process of restructuring myself. Rather than try to define myself by the material exterior world, I turn towards my own integrity. I make myself the most important part of my life, and I welcome feedback on how I can care for myself even better.

Aquarius: Spirit works through me when I express myself.

This New Moon falls in my house of play and creative self-expression. I put my energy towards passion projects. My gifts are really showing up in the world. I light them up. I am more-than-willing and able to share them with people. Together, we come into greater radiance and demonstrate collectivism. Part of my work right now is in cleaning up. Maintaining simplicity. Anchoring healthy habits and patterns. Making order out of chaos. Materializing reality from the most subtle and spiritual directives.

Pisces: I support myself with loving boundaries.

I go back to the basics. I listen to my instincts. I honor my needs. I feel my emotions. I trust my moods. The hearts of my closest kin are like a safety blanket for me. This Moon has me connecting with family. Lots of external expansion is happening for me these days. I reset my inner world and personal life to ensure its longevity. A tree with high branches needs deep, firm roots to stay stable. I will keep going. I will keep making. And rather than pour all of myself out, I choose to offer honey to those who feel like home to me.