Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18, 2019 (5:11pmEST) is riotous. A Moon of Revolt. In Scorpio, sign of Sex, Death, and Depth.

Understand that this moon is both deadly and life-giving. A Moon of Making Love.

A Moon to Change the Unchangeable.

Everything is change, and yet sometimes, we still resist the inevitable. We wait until it outwaits us. We pause until stagnation overcomes itself and erupts, overthrowing its repression. Purging that which has been buried. We make death when we hold on too long. We die from being drawn into pawns, caricatures of ourselves, policed and controlled by the state.

But death is food. It is transformation. Death is the process of life going deep underground and preparing to be reborn. Always out of Death, grows irrepressible Life.

Rebel Moon. Rude Moon. Earthquake Moon. Serpent Egg Moon. Moon of Sensuous Truth. Moon of Our Dripping Essences. Queering Moon. Moon of Mystery, of Intrigue, and of Power. Knotty Roots Moon. Moon of Ancestors and Faery Pools. Moon of Realms within Realms. Moon of Engorgement. Moon of the Invisible Feast.

A Moon about our bodies. Our bodies about the Moon, their hormones and biorhythms cycling with changing phases. Our bodies, and everything invisible they mate with, house, and regenerate. Our bodies. Un-governable. Inherently creative and possessed of choice. Rules and laws do not apply.

This is a Moon without Decorum.

Trade decorum for debauchery. Debauchery used to be considered a dirty word. It simply means ‘excessive indulgence in bodily/sensual pleasures.’ Dirty only in the most ecological sense - that bodies, and pleasures, spring from dirt. From Earth.

Unbind the lie that dirt equals bad. Dirt is the most trustworthy and giving creation we have the pleasure of knowing, feeding from, discovering.

Overturn the lie that the Earth - and by extension, the human body - is base, vile, existing only to serve ‘man’s’ whims.

Undermine the supremacist notion that to freely and fiercely enjoy sensual and sexual pleasures - with enthusiastic consent - is anything but our birthright.

The Earth, our bodies, are not ‘base’ for any reason other than they are the entire foundation and support structure upon which our lives are lived. They are not to be subjugated. They exist in and of themselves. Revere them. Fully descend into them and the primordial intelligence contained therein.

The Earth erases all false constructs of supremacy or power-over. Power exists. Power is either shared or stolen. There is only power with. There is only life and survival with. Everything is co-created and arising from fleshy material. There is literally nothing else. Life cannot exist without sharing power.

The cult of individualism, and the allegiances upon which it is built, are falling. The natural, anarchic forces of change will not allow them to last. We are coming into deep and thorough adaptation. The tangible knowing that all success, all thriving, is created in commons.

We are working on becoming liberated from our deepest, stickiest attachments. Shedding and regenerating. This is massive healing work, occurring on personal, physical, political, and ecological levels. We are learning to make containers for what is coming up to be held and re-structure society.

Old, deeply embedded patterns die hard. It takes what it takes. Reality manifests what is needed for us to dig deep, show up, and love change awake.

Make a mutiny of your love.

Hedonism is healthy. Wilderness is wisdom.

Indulge in your veracity. Truth is everything. Let it guide.

Astrology of this Full Moon

The Sun is in Taurus, sign of sensuous life and the land. The Moon is in Scorpio, sign of mystery, alchemy, and the invisible. During the Full Moon, we catch greater glimpse and have access to both these realms.

Mercury the messenger is near the Sun in Taurus. This Moon illuminates the power of our secrets, our traumas, our most intimate and vulnerable areas. It brings forth ghosts and memories embedded in the roots and rainbows of our DNA. Let the body speak - or speak on behalf of your body. Voice your feelings. Speak from a place of embodiment and felt-sense. Whether it feels like pain or pleasure or both - make space for it. Hold yourself and others in the experience.

Venus is with Uranus in Taurus. Love and Liberation. Awakening environmental conscience. This is a destabilizing influence that brings surprise and genius. Expect to feel rocked and activated. Welcome the new, the unruly, the unconventional. We are experimental and evolutionary, reinventing relationships, resources, values. Look to the future. Change how you do friendships and love. Reboot your money story. Redistribute wealth - donate to abortion funds. We are meant to interweave. Like the roots of trees and the soil. Like the interlocking fabric of all existence.

Mars is in Cancer, approaching a square with Chiron in Aries. Intense moods and feelings. Defensiveness. Anger, frustration, and pain. Mars in Cancer is driven to care and nurture. Wants to feed those who are hungry and to protect those who need guarding. Chiron in Aries wants to self-actualize, and realizes the need to stand up and assert its energies. Hold each other. Remember that’s why we are here.

Make love, and be remade by love.

Embody this Moon through movement and journaling as guided in this Embodied Astrology ritual for Scorpio.

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Read Full Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: I’m healing myself.

My position in the world is going through the biggest shift it ever will in my lifetime. I let it happen. I shed every layer of misplaced and externalized authority. My attachments and resources are changing. My values are different - becoming more real and innate. Based on my own truth. I am willing to revolutionize ways I give and receive. Bringing more attention to my inner life - my home, roots, foundation, and most of all, my needs. May every need be met.

Taurus: I deepen my partnerships.

I am freeing myself. Re-invigorating and reinventing who I know myself to be. Healing through integrating the subtle layers of my unconscious. Soft yet unapologetic in my truth. The more autonomous I become, the more I sparkle. Relationships work best when we are really anchored in our own independent self. The more intimate I am with myself, the deeper I am able to go with others. I want to let my depths dance.

Gemini: I am a channel for truth.

Truth comes from beyond me. It shows up in my dreams. It whispers in my mind during prayer and meditation. I make space to listen to the quiet so I can hear it better. It’s my job to connect to it. To be activated by the truth of universal, unconditional love, and to transmit it. The more I become a clear conduit, the more I embody wellness. I disentangle myself from energies that don’t belong to me. I confront ghosts to lay them to rest. It is time to invest in total honesty.

Cancer: I make real connections.

I am out in the world, communing with people, weaving my web. Showing myself in the name of my goals and pursuits. Putting my face forward. I am a creator, a life-giver, and it’s time I join with other teammates to help bring my wares into the world. I draw those to me who support my truth and my expression. I replace toxic, repressive relationships with relationships based on authenticity. I’m cooking up something good - it’s time to start bringing it forth.

Leo: My inner work helps me become visible.

I am investing in my life’s path, both roots and branches. At the root, taking a deep look at my home, family, and personal foundation. At the branches, allowing my life’s work and vocation to be changed - and allowing myself to be changed into the person I need to be to carry out this expansion. Change requires unraveling. Self-undoing. Deep listening and inner work. The best work happens behind the scenes now. I replace outworn habits with new ones that bring me wellness.

Virgo: I free myself.

Restlessness. The air is stirring beneath your wings, Virgo. Make preparations for your getaway. A pleasure trip, a way to stoke your affections. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Perspective is everything, especially when we’ve been trapped in the mundane details and task lists for too long. Another way to get free is to speak. Make it a point to communicate honestly and with feeling. Prioritize communication around things that are most tender to share.

Libra: I honor my abundance.

You’ve been working on a longterm-project of disentangling yourself from toxic patterns. Getting in touch with your own needs and establishing a secure inner foundation. This is some of the most difficult and essential work. It is the work of becoming more intimate with life, and it will serve you well for the rest of your days. This Full Moon illuminates what you have. Your riches and resources. It also gives your career a boost. Things are taking off for you, Libra. Keep investing in what really matters, and don’t settle for less.

Scorpio: I grow through relating.

Relationships offer so much. Fun, curiosity, depth. Creativity. Intense transformation. Meet yourself in another, and accept the alchemy that wants to be made between you. Let friends, lovers, partners activate and awaken you. Through the mirror of another, you can feel yourself and your possibilities more. Opening your sight. Reaching higher heights. It’s time to expand. Your work is paying off. Enjoy the culminations and converging timelines under the light of this Moon.

Sagittarius: Health is wealth.

Practice presence. Sink into your skin. Always on the move, Sagittarius, always looking for the next horizon. Right now, take a pause, rest, and notice the horizon that is already here. Notice the ways it glows and changes even if you stay. Wherever you go, there you are. Before you make big moves or changes, listen to the quiet for guidance. Is there unfinished business? Is there something you still carry that is ready to release? Go inside, relax your mind, and rest into your truth. Truth isn’t a thought. “You know the truth by the way it feels.” - India.Arie

Capricorn: I am creatrixx.

Capricorn is often described as boring, old, controlling, and stodgy. Don’t believe these lies about yourself. You know who you really are. This Moon reminds you you’re anything but boring. What is boring about storing generations of wisdom in your bones? When obstacles confront us, you know the ways through. You know the truth that no one can author our lives but us. That no one owns our bodies but us. Share your knowledge and skills with allies. You have the dedication, the perseverance, and the know-how to be one who builds our world new.

Aquarius: I am seen.

This Moon brings you into view. Exactly as you are. Nothing needs to change. Your gifts and offerings are just what is needed. It is time to amplify them. Six months ago, you planted a professional seed. It’s time to see it come into fruition and public light. Re-make your home base into the perfect place to hold this growth. There is something deep and ancient channeling through you. Strengthen and cleanse your physical body so you can continue to make waves.

Pisces: I explore options.

This is a migrating Moon for you, Pisces. Bouncing around. Making moves. Meeting people. Traveling in body or in heart. You are like a sieve for experiences now - let everything flow through you, and follow your whims. Even amidst strong desires and emotional intensities, let things be light like a grade-school love affair. Play in it. Make art and song and dance together. Pick posies and pretend get married. Lightness can deliver you into the passion and inspiration you need to grow.