New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus on May 4, 2019 (6:44pmEST) is lunar beltane, sensual festival of natural riches.

Barefoot Moon. Tastebud Moon. Fingerprint Moon. Cellular memory Moon. Outside Moon. Lie-down-on-the-ground Moon. Hands-in-dirt Moon. Moon of the makers, the carvers, the gardeners. A Moon to sow seeds.

A Moon without pretense.

Just be, and uncover the riches.

Spirit imbues Body and brings it alive. Fecund times. Summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere.

Taurus is the reminder that nature never hurries, and yet everything is accomplished.

Patience. Act not. Do nothing but take in the nourishment that surrounds.

What’s here is more than enough.

Let all growth be organic. Elemental. Whatever is growing, offer it food and water. Give it light and breath. Remove expectations and curiosities. Resist the urge to poke, prod, or tinker. Life is made to grow. Marvel at this, and let it be.

Slow down. Sit. Wait.



Feel more.

Feel as much as you can. Expand your capacity to feel even more.

Sink into senses. Let the sap rise within your cells. Embody. Appreciate these earthly delights.

See. Sunlight filtering through green leaves. Sweet purple violets dotting grassy hill. Trumpeting pink azaleas. Curling white dogwood. Glowing yellow buttercups.

Hear. Birdsong. Laughter. The rustling of deer in the garden at sunset. The quiet rumble of life when ripe. As the pulse of the day dies down, listen to the dark. Mushrooms pushing through forest floor. The slightly perceptible sounds of fiddleheads unfurling into ferns when no one is watching.

Smell. The fragrance of flowers in bloom. The scents of soil after a rain. The pungent flavors of warmth swirling off skin. Odors of life, of love, and of cooking.

Taste. Dewy morning nectar. Sweet, salt, fat, and savory. Butter, fruit, and flour. Vegetal grasses, slightly snapping between teeth. Thick threads of pollen riding in the wind.

Touch. The furs and the feathers. Scale and bark. Fin and stone. Rough, smooth, silky, cool, crawly. Textures and patterns teeming with life. Underneath it all, layers upon layers of hearts, beating. Let them graze you as you walk by. Let them grace you.

Life touches us through our senses. Sensing is a gateway to knowing.

We are born into these bodies, born into our senses. Pleasure is our treasure.

Enter the body completely. There is nothing to transcend or rise above. Ground in. Leave behind patterns of denial and restriction. Embrace the opulence of being. Settle into the felt-sense sigh of relief.

Ahh, I am here. I am worthy.

The more we be, the more we feel. The more we feel, the more we notice. The more we notice, the more we can imbibe. The more we imbibe, the more we can appreciate. The more we appreciate, the more life becomes love.

All that we are, all that we need, is right here.

Gratification. Enrichment. Wealth.

More than enough.

Be. Feel. And prosper.

Wed the land. Make your vows. Become partner, steward, and loyal lover to Earth. Bless the land and be blessed by the land.

Marry yourself to the unconquerable wealth of being.

We are here. Not-knowing quite how we’re growing, but listening and watching for cues. Asking many questions. Viewing signs and sussing out choices. Coming to crossroads and blazing new trails.

We are here. Stepping off pedestals. Relinquishing tyranny and hierarchy. Clearing out constructs that prop up falsehood. Relaxing control to allow for collapse. Revising our boundaries. Reframing “limitations,” now that we know we are more than enough.

We are here, in collaboration. Rich without ownership. Sharing feast and profits. Allowing resources to come and go by their own innate rhythms. Trusting the economies of ecology, and learning from them. Remembering real respect and response-ability. Learning how to live without shielding ourselves from life.

Trusting in presence and reverence. Tuning ears to the rhythmic language of nature. Whetting our lips and our appetites. Becoming substantial. Dancing the dance without any name.

At one with the turning of the wheels.

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Read Full Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: I am rich.

I am more than enough. My worth is not determined by my ability to prove myself. I am worthy, regardless of achievement, success, or failure. I set my own goals and expectations. When I live my truth, I am prosperous. Right now, I invest in myself by choosing to be rather than do.

Taurus: New Moon, New Me.

I’m feeling myself. Turning my senses on to my own body, my own being. Anointing myself. Oiling my skin. Everything I have, and everything I need, is within me. I surrender to the process, knowing that all truths will be revealed to me when I am most ripe and ready.

Gemini: I drift and flow.

Not all things can be known, figured out, or even spoken. I wade in the deep. The feelings I allow on this Moon are emotional as well as physical. I court the invisible. Some cycles simply must come to an end when it’s their time. I allow spirit and all-things subtle to fill-in-the blanks.

Cancer: I have allies.

I am awakening to kinship. Not the known kindreds of my past, but the communities that will carry me into my future and allow me to live my unique gifts. My relationships deeply change, and I allow this. These transformations are allowing me to find home in myself and life.

Leo: I make my mark.

I am legendary, mythic, loving, and I live like it. I clear space in my mind, life, and body. Making room for my legacy. I shed old skins, roles, addictions, time-sucks, and habits so my fullest expression can shine bright its light. I spread my voice and its story far and wide. I am heard.

Virgo: I look to the horizon.

There are vistas coming for me. I can feel them approaching. The winds of freedom are blowing and I can sense them on my skin. Residing in patience, I welcome the joy of spaciousness. The deep changes I’m enduring are not always easy. But soon, I’ll be spreading my wings.

Libra: I am powerful.

I am realizing my deeper patterns in relationships, and it is setting me free. I am reconstructing the past. Overturning old stories. Building a well of inner security. The foundation I’m creating now stems from the solid and intimate relationship I have with myself. Look how far I’ve come.

Scorpio: I stay open.

New beginnings in relationships that are rooted in truth. People are bringing me messages, and I am listening with rapt attention. We are exchanging real words. I soften my defenses. I embrace vulnerability and allow myself to awaken. Something beautiful and lasting will grow from this.

Sagittarius: I start fresh.

Clean slate. Bye bye old habits; hello clear intentions for the path ahead. I know what I’m creating. To bring my visions into action, I allocate my resources accordingly. I’m setting up and streamlining the conditions to make sure my passions happen. I choose to invest in myself.

Capricorn: I express myself.

I untie my laces. Undo my limitations. Enter a space of risky creativity. Like a potted plant needs transfer after winter, I allow myself to outgrow old containers. I am individuating. Clearing my roots. Re-parenting myself. I show up as who I am now. I show up as I want to become.

Aquarius: I belong.

No matter who I am with, I belong. No matter where I am, I can feel at home. I let go of othering and otherness. I tap into the scintillating magic; the tapestry that heaves and sighs and breathes us all together. I materialize my sacred connections. I am bringing soul projects to completion.

Pisces: I converse and connect.

This Moon has me talking. Exchanging ideas, engaging in commerce, forming alliances. I am revamping my ties in community. Meeting new folx, gathering together to share skills and ideologies. We are on the same team. I sense this New Beginning will be a prosperous one.