New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo July 31, 2019 (11:11pmEST) is a wildfire.

Catch a flame.

This Moon marks our transition out of Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde.

In that last 8 weeks, we have unearthed so much. Encountered debacles, obstacles, and consequences. Remembered the past. Dove deep beneath the surface into our squishy spots, our vulnerabilities, the places that need healing and accountability. We saw more of what’s been there all along, and shifted course according to our realest needs. According to what is required of us now.

We might still be feeling overdrawn. Longing for quiet time, healing, and sinking into our inner journey. Seeing ways we tend to avoid what we need most. Old habits, tendencies, and lifeways die hard - but necessity creates change. Everything we truly need is within reach. It is within our power. It exists inside us.

We reached the end of a long road. We got clear. We gazed at the unfamiliar landscape ahead, knowing we could never go back. We gathered our baskets and chose our supplies with careful consideration. Are these feelings of relief? Of trepidation? Of pieces falling into place? It’s not about what we are leaving behind. It’s about what lies ahead. 

What will sustain us? What we are creating? What new lifeways are we bringing into being? What can we sustainably create?

This New Moon is a fresh start. 

We are rebirthing ourselves beyond some of our earliest wounding. Calling and coaxing ourselves back from dormancy and death.

The Sun sets on previous empires.

The Earth turns, and the Sun always rises. A blazing hot focal point warming our bodies and making life livable. The Sun, a fiery eye dispelling illusion.

Turn your face toward the rising sun. Watch the light ripple across spectral horizons. Place a hand on the flesh of your chest. Open your mouth. Spread wide your teeth. Sing the Sun the song in your Heart. Join the chorus in the forest. The birds and bees and bugs in hymnal. Become one with the creature theme,

Singing the world awake.

Clap your hands. Fingers raise to be touched by rays

Of New Light.

Beam. Gleam. Glimmer. Sparkle. Wave, bend, and streak.

This Sun brings new days and new ways of living.

This Moon is for celebrating life.

We came to play.

To enjoy the art of being alive. Let’s have FUN! And make revolution.

Greatest Star Moon. Flying Flames Moon. Child Smiles Moon. Special Festivals Moon. Costume Moon. Moon of Much Personality. Heirloom Juice Moon. Moon of Sun and Mycelium. Moon of Spicy Alliums. Play-by-the-Pool Moon. Sun-Soak Moon. Heart Work Moon. Moon of the 3 Sisters. Musk Moon. Moon of Lusty Chaos. Jewels Moon. Moon of Colored Regalia. Moon of Picking Peppers. Moon of Melting Edges. Moon of Honorable Combustion. Moon of the Joyful Republic.

Leo is Love Light, the radiant expressions of God. The Sun is a Star making light and giving life. So are we. Each one of us, a majestic luminary - the star of our show. The center of our system. Each one of us, a sovereign child made to delight in the wonder of being ourselves in the world.

“Meditate on the Self as being
Vast as the sky,
A body of energy
Extending forever in all directions - 
Above, below, all around

In the embrace of infinite space,
Awaken to your true form - 
Divine creative energy
Revealing Herself as you.”
— Radiance Sutra 69 (translated by Lorin Roche, PhD)

God takes shape to play. To experience and know itself more through the vivid joyful drama of existing. God is continually creating. We are God expressing themselves. Life is the canvas, the ritual art by which God in-forms.

Open your channel. Let life in. Love the ways life expresses itself through you. Love yourself as a conduit, creator.

This is worship.

What world would we live in if everyone created from the pure expression of their heart? If all creation stemmed from connection, embodiment, deep listening and stewardship of the natural?

Earth’s life forms are rising up in defiance, overthrowing tyrannical conditions. We are Earth. We can only take so much abuse - and then we’re striking. Demonstrating. Shouting, dancing, jangling instruments in the streets. Singing our songs of freedom.

The revolution will be irresistible. The revolution will be unavoidable. The revolution is pleasurable. It’s a party in the streets. It’s our embodied sovereignty. The revolution is made of LOVE.

We have to find what feels good. We have to find what feels true.

Let’s give rise to creation.

Ultimately, creation is selfless. It generates life. And - we aren’t out here doing this on our own. Nothing we make belongs to us. It is the harvest, the offering, the craft, the ask. Spirit, and our heArts, make the magic. We just open the gate and remove obstacles along the way.

Stop expecting creating to be easy. Creation takes time, energy, attention. It asks us to move through resistance, warm our edges, and evolve to know more of our capacity. Put yourself into the fire. Call forth the spark.

Stop expecting creating to be hard. It feels good. To make space for it. To prioritize it. To dedicate time to making and knowing yourself through creative process. It’s an essential element of showing up for oneself and actualizing potential.

Remove labels and expectations. Just be yourself and do your thing.

Everyone is creative. Imagine there is no one more creative than you. Imagine the creations and art you admire most are reflections of your own gifts. Take that in.

You are special. There is no one else on this good Earth who can create exactly like you can. Each one of us is unique in our divine offerings.

As if there is only one of you (and there is), be ecstatically yourself!

Loving yourself is the most selfless act you could perform. The more you live and love yourself, the more permission you give for others to reveal their light.


Follow your drumbeat. Your heart keeps a rhythm that will never lead you astray. Let it lead.

Create the new. Follow what feels good and true.

How do we create sustainably? How do we create within bounds - without extracting resources or overdrawing our reserves? We live into a new game, a different experiment. And we look for consensual, reciprocal pleasure.

Creation is sustainable when it feels good and true to everyone involved.

Pleasure is our birthright. Pleasure isn’t selfish. On the contrary, pleasure is selfLESS if we honor that everyone deserves it. Pleasure is sacred. Dancing is divine. Romance is the blessing of being cherished. Leisure is the purpose of time.

We are divine children. Learning through play. Performing incredible acts of unparalleled creative capacity. We can change the game.

We are like trees. Communicating through our roots. Sending medicine to the ones who need it most. Intertwining to stay steady and honest. Reinventing ourselves and remaining awake to the multi-layers of reality. Weaving together with possibility.

We stay true. We make ourselves awake. We generate and resource exactly what is needed.

Everything is made of Love. This is the creative force.

Look for your heart’s YES, and let it guide.

Love is the innumerable YES. The orgasmic and delighted YES. This YES points the way.

It can be all too easy to be seduced into the negative. There is no longer an option to remain stuck in a NO. That block, that old story, is clearing.

Whereas NO stops us in our tracks, YES finds an alternate path. YES transforms probability into possibility. YES is a quantum leap into infinite awareness beyond what we currently grasp.

YES surpasses the ‘no’ at the speed of light and spirals life upward from the root.

Love is not what we are turning away from. It is our ecstatic choice - and the beacon we send out announcing our elation.

Love is the light we possess. It is the means by which we grow all things.

Love is in each generation.

We Live for the Love of it. We Live to keep making Freedom.

In honor of the peppers and peaches. The berries and the juiciest fruits. In honor of mycelium and hyphae, horizontal chaos and insurrection. In honor of the high heat of summer and iconoclastic adaptation. The uncertainty of redefining wealth and celebration of futuristic dimensions...

We are here to play and to love. That is all.

May the genius Love of natural intelligence spread like wildfire through us all. L’Chayim!

Embody this Moon through movement and journaling as guided in this Embodied Astrology ritual for Leo.

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Read New Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: I celebrate my divinity.

I’m here, with bells on. Perfectly myself. Healing further into my own strength. Holding court with confidence. Sitting in my seat of high impact. Maturing further into my next lessons with the public and life’s work. I came to bring the change. This Moon brings fresh starts in my self-expression. I live for the wild fun of it. My creative capacities make limitless possibilities. Creative projects are a go. This is a time for celebration and sweet romance. I celebrate myself and the unbounded light available to become more free. “Blame it on my juice.” Lizzo.

Taurus: I plant bright seeds of security. 

I am fertile. At my innermost being, I am absolutely creative. It’s not dependent on what I do - it is the simple essence of what I am. A maker. A birther. It all depends on how secure I feel within myself. I am creating new stories around home and belonging. I choose to live in a nesting environment that is most conducive to my honest expressions. I am performing new feats with family. I am re-writing old scripts to establish a most solid foundation. I pay special attention to my belly, my womb, and my roots. Allowing refreshing new perspectives to wash through my bloodlines back into my lineage.

Gemini: I went from negative to positive, and it’s all good. (Notorious B.I.G.)

I am revitalized through my connections. Synapses are firing. Conversations and communications are revolutionary in their insight and ability to shift my perceptions. Journaling, speaking, and writing are incredibly revealing. Words create worlds. My own mind is home to incredible reinvention. Changed thoughts = changed life. Learning lessons is a creative task. I am empowered by choice. I choose to learn through vitality, rather than through limitation or negativity. I choose to learn through the paths I most enjoy.

Cancer: I invest in my own worthiness.

I am embodied. Water needs a container, a place to land. The past 8 weeks have been so transformative, bringing with them many moods and memories. I feel myself maturing in ways I never knew possible. I trust that the changes in relationship are leading me towards healing myself. I am healing on behalf of my ancestors forward and back. Healing so that this world can know the true power of the archetypal Mother. This Moon asks me to integrate, and invest. To begin a new creative cycle around income, resources, money, and inner resources. To know without a doubt that women, nurturers, protectors - are worthy. I am a creature of many senses, and on this Moon, I pay close attention to the physical senses. Touch, taste, smell, sight, sound… they are worlds unto themselves. I invest myself in them. I come home to my body. I am here, I am home, I am safe.

Leo: New Moon, New Me.

I change character. Life is ceremony. I take the shape of whatever, whomever is most life-giving right now. I am not defined by any borders or previous renditions of self. I am not defined by the struggles I have endured to try to fit myself into boxes that can never hold my essence. I can not be limited to a role, a single service, or a job. I am the awakener. I am the artist. I am the demonstrator of consciousness. I am the poet of life itself. “It is an artist’s duty to reflect the times.” - Nina Simone. If the world is burning, I burn. If the world is ripening, I ripen. I understand myself as the performed-unfoldment of the currents of life passing through us all. I accept the quest to further create myself into being.

Virgo: I renew my spirit.

Even though I work with form, I know ultimately everything is formless. I know there is a great spirit infusing all of life. This Moon is the beginning of a new relationship with that spiritual force. I move closer to subtle awareness, making myself available to the healing I need at this time. Prayer and meditation are just as important as more tangible daily routines. I serve myself through surrender. I practice the magic of release. Right now, with the help of this Moon, I let go of whatever keeps me from the power of my own intuition. I rest into connection with my own spiritual beingness.

Libra: I weave the future.

This Moon has me making contact and connection with allies, comrades, and other net-workers. Finding my place in new communities. Offering my gifts in groups and circles. My people are here, there, and everywhere. It is a miracle that we have come together in this unique and special time. When we link our minds and hearts together, we make fabric that will birth new worlds. Me and these people, we are working well beyond the present planes. We link arms and join forces to call the future revolutions into the now. I offer my gifts, I offer my gifts, I offer my gifts.

Scorpio: I aim high.

This Moon is for #goals. For living on-purpose. New goals, ambitions, and long-term plans are in the works. I step into myself as a public figure. The ways the public needs me are helping to shape and architect new roles and pursuits. I’m here for it. I will see it through and reap rewards far down the line. The timelines I set now are designed to help me make my mark. To embrace my impact. To build my career. I am living into my upward-reaching branches. I believe in myself and this remembering of what I came to offer the world.

Sagittarius: I get more free.

This Moon is for my own growth. I live for the journey, the adventure, the experiential learning quest. I live for the nature, the movement, the visionary potential of possible dimensions. This Moon is a great opening, an expansion into undiscovered paradigms. It is so spacious here. It feels like a ride of unlimited freedom. How do I live into this vastness? How do I respond to more freedom? This Moon may include more questions than answers. I live into the questions without requiring any conclusions, watching new stories spinning from me out into space and beyond. 

Capricorn: I compost and regenerate.

This Moon is my opportunity to renew. I honor the mysterious force inside. There is an essential power inside me that I trust completely. Though I cannot see it, and at this point I can not quite direct it, I can call upon it and give way to its innate process of rebirth. I merge with the most intimate elements of my own being. The shadows, the therapeutic dark spots within. This Moon is for intimacy with myself. Intimacy with self means exploring my unconscious. Intimacy with self means researching inheritance. Intimacy with self can mean turning towards what I might fear the most. The things inside me and life that are always there but often hidden. I call forth my own power to be with the truth and let it remake me again and again.

Aquarius: I make contact.

This Moon brings a fresh start in my connections, friends, and relationships. Sometimes I forget who I am - until I look into the bright mirror that is the trusted heart of another. I see myself there. Not the me I’ve known before, but a version of myself that is impossibly possible. The self that’s been reaching for me and whispering into my ear. The future, higher, wider version of self that has been singing me out of my own cold places. This one is melting my ice, helping me realize the cold in me was full of light all along. I open to that. I am ready to vibrate at this higher, wider organic level. To meet my friend and allow that connection to bring me home again to this other world we co-create. 

Pisces: I create wellness.

I am ready to contain my energies. To give them a rhythm and to find the beat. Every song needs a baseline. As a master of flow, I now invite order. As a maker of scattered clouds and fuzzy dreams, I welcome clean perimeters. As a person who inspires others, I also wish to help them in tangible ways. It starts with helping myself in tangible ways. With breakfast in the morning, movement in the afternoon, and meditation in the evening. The routines I implement now are designed to help me live my best life. I clean up. Detox. Give myself the health I deserve.