Full Moon in Aquarius

The Full Moon is in Aquarius on August 15, 2019, at 8:30amEST.

As you read this, Sirius is high in the sky. In times past, the Dog Star’s ascent would mark the river Nile’s rise. The great North-flowing river would swell and flood; spilling its juices onto the fields, coaxing life from the desert in the form of grain. Grain was grown, then threshed, winnowed, sieved, milled, kneaded, and baked. Then consumed and turned into humxn experience.

As you read this, a couple has recently wed. Their communities blessed them with soil and shells. The unseen ones announced their approval with a breeze flowing through the field. The bride’s dress fluttered in their wind. Womxn hummed through their teeth a tune to slow the breath and step of the lovers. Their eyes twinkled, caught with light. Fecund and replete, the lovers intertwined in the center of vegetal blessed spirals.

This is a Moon of lovers - accepting each other and smiling toward, and in spite of, their futures.

This is a Moon of Ancient Futures. A Moon of twelve tall stones, holding the ground in place and watching our unfolding as love makes itself through us.

Open your Heart to whatever is happening. Open your Heart to whomever you are. Open your Heart to whomever is here. Open your heart to whoever has left. Open your heart to the steady pulse of change thrumming within.

As you read this, babies are born as ancestors returned. Meals are eaten, grown from the dust of bones. Movements are made and then dissolved. As you read this, you relive something long forgotten, and never to be repeated in perfectly the same way again. Life keeps spreading itself out through us.

In the Northern Hemisphere, this is a High Heat Full Moon in the peak of Summer. The Sun as close as can be. In the Southern Hemisphere, this Moon sheds light into deep in the otherworld of Winter. The Sun feels so far away.

Feels like two planets on one planet. The weather could not be more different, more distant. And in the opposite experience, what connections might be found? One yin, one yang makes the whole.

If there are two opposing sides, glaring at one another from across the aisle, there must be a common point linking them together. What might that common point be? Freedom? Safety? Acceptance? Expression? Make the choice to energize it.

Separation can breed connection.

Oppression can create conditions for liberation.

One cannot awaken without first being asleep. Sleep is where Gxds dreamings find us. If we listen and allow, we can bring them into being.

Village Moon. People’s Moon. Moon of Original Technologies. Fresh Radish Moon. Lace-Making Moon. Moon of Songs in Circles. Toni Morrison Moon. Chainless Moon. Moon of the Great Heart. Moon of Erotic Intelligence. Lavish Earth Moon. Heaven Here Moon. Fist High Moon. Moon of Beaded Necklaces. Moon of Psychedelic Patterns. Ripe Heat Moon. Moon of Proven Experiments. Fenugreek Moon. Moon of Oils and Plants. Moon of Loud Whispers. We Watch Them Go Moon. We No Longer Hide Moon. Moon of the Smiling Cosmos.

Aquarius is the water-bearer. And yet, Aquarius is not a water sign, but an air sign. Air signs invoke people and thought.

Aquarius can be known through the symbol of communal bathing. The one bearing the water is bringing it to people who need cleansing. Everybody needs to bathe. The bathhouse, or the river, is the gathering place. The source of refreshment and connection.

Aquarius brings water for the mind. Ideologies. Ways of thinking that produce culture, alliance, and collective behavior. Which thoughts will help us reach towards one another? Which thoughts will build this world anew? How do we create liberation? What can we imagine beyond what we are living today?

We are wired for connection. Our nervous system is designed to link and co-regulate with others. When we meld through this entrainment, we open infinite possibilities in a kind of genius that can invent the future beyond known bounds.

This is the genius that flows direct from source through the humxn channel. If we link arms and allow it.

The bonds that oppress us need us to uphold them. They aren’t self-perpetuating. They feed off our participation. They need us much more than we need them. We are far too tired to continue on this way. Let’s stop carrying the burdens they passed us. We won’t miss them when they’re gone.

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” Toni Morrison

Aquarius is the protest. It is people coming together in revolution and rebellion. But all too often in our movement spaces, accomplices become opponents. Our minds can imprison us in judgement, opinion, and mental attachment. We become numb, detached, and dis-regulated.

We cannot connect through mind alone. There has to be Heart.

This Moon occurs alongside the Venus Star Point. Venus is in the Underworld alongside the Sun in Leo. 

Venus - our ability to receive. To touch. To be sensual. To gestate and give rise to form. Venus is our inborn, incorruptible worthiness - golden and sparkling.

Venus rises from the foaming seas, shakes her mane and asks: What will love make through us? What will we allow ourselves to receive? What pleasures do we welcome? What pleasures are we most worthy of? (Pleasure Activism, by adrienne maree brown)

Love wants us to make something Easy. Simple. Beautiful. Yummy.

Love wants us to show ourselves. To quit wasting energy and just be brilliant. To uncomplicate our Light. To intertwine unique beams into lustrous tapestries. To impart the whims of freedom through interwoven channels.

Love wants us to keep flaunting our truth. Until, through truth, we invent connection and a spark lights up the World.

We must fall in Love.

With Life again. With our own Bodies. With our Food and every Resource. With the Body of the Earth.

We must give ourselves the lives we ache to enjoy.

Life is worship. What forms does your reverence want to make?

Love awakens through adoration.

Allow yourself to be charmed by the world. Let your own body charm you. With worship and wonder, place flowers on the altar of your heart.

Let the Body speak to you. Let the Heart speak through you. Let the strong soft muscle of your heart lead you into more possible futures.

What will you do when the world is burning?

Will you still write? Will you still drink coffee in the mornings? Will you let the green leaves inform the pads of your fingers? Will you still play games with your child on the floor while the cicadas hum and chime outside? Will you feel the breeze playing at your skin and think it the breath of the ancestors? Will you sing your songs and dance your dances? Will you bake your bread? Will you let your body feel whatever it feels? Will you lie in the ashes, tracing the shape of your hips in the dark?

Whose hand will you take?

The world is burning. It’s been on fire for a while. Awareness grows.. Some of us are finally able to smell the smoke.

I believe this is a season of impossibility. A season where our liberations will be made known to us through the channels unsealed by our limitations. Many doors will close.. And many will blast open.

Pressures applied will smelt and forge, changing shapes life takes.

We are mutating. Being kneaded. Laced. Braided. Feet on the Earth. Crown to the sky.

There are vistas. Wide skies. Broken futures. Rebellious re-creations. And we find ourselves within it all.

Here we are, at this interminable edge between terminal prognosis and infinite possibilities.

Return to the commons.

Rebuild the libraries.

We become heretics - as we Gather.

Populate earthly constellations.

Circles heal us.

All healing is shared. All healing is collective healing.

Gather in Love. Reach across difference. Activate the alchemy of interdependence.

This is how we create the New Ways. Eternally symbiotic.

Embody this Moon through movement and journaling as guided in this Embodied Astrology ritual for Aquarius.

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Read Full Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: Love is creating more of itself through me.

I am hot. Shiny. Blazing. Turned on. My heart is full. Brimming over like the Nile, and with it, bringing New Life. On a common day, it’s easy for me to strike out on my own. But this Moon finds me in connection. Sharing this radiance. Romancing with a lover. Circling in community. I see myself best when my light refracts off all these smiling mirrors. Then we can really enjoy it. This is my, and our hurrah before getting busy with brass tacks. All this vibrant energy has to go somewhere - I won’t just let it burn out or fritter away. This weekend, I’ll be making plans, clearing my space, and getting to work. I soar to peaks of pleasure to access useful clarity.

Taurus: I am safe and successful.

I speak words of worthiness. Even as things change, adapt, and become unsettled or reinvented, I double down on my inner sanctity. I anchor deeper into my truth. Feeling safe is an inside job. Regardless of the changes, I will always be here for myself. Others see me as a rock. I give that gift of loyalty to myself. Cultivating authentic serenity is my current project. My body is my truest home. I clear any energies from my tissues and my homeplace that aren’t meant for me to hold. In doing so, I connect more with my own clarity and make space to live on purpose. This Moon illuminates my work in the world, my public contribution. I define success on my own terms.

Gemini: I cast spells of freedom.

They call it ‘spelling’ for a reason. Because words are magic. They break chains, unveil veils, and vibrate conditions into being. I love my words, and I am loved by words. I use my mind as creatively as possible. Learning is a privilege - and often, it is simply a choice. I make the choice to always continue learning and finding alternate routes on my journey. I am looking for the links. Seeking the ways I get dead-ended by my own unconscious and limits to awareness. I know duality is a trick and I look beyond it at what resides in the center. May my perceptions be linked to the center of all things. May my perspectives be free of judgement, opinion, and mental attachment. May my heart and throat be awesomely connected. 

Cancer: I invite true intimacy.

What does it mean to be intimate? What is the most intimate experience I’ve ever had, and with whom did I have this experience? My ability to be intimate with myself and others is predicated on historical context. When did I think it was intimacy, when it was actually bonding based on insecurity? What will healthy attachment feel like? When was the last time I felt deeply and blessedly bonded to my own self? I take the pressure off myself to be perfect - in love, affection, and money. I am curious about noticing the patterns that dance between me, love, and money. How do they intertwine? If I could re-write my own story, what would I declare about give and receive? It is in my pleasure to give… It is in my pleasure to receive… May it be so.

Leo: I love myself, and in that, I am significantly loved.

I have a lot of light to offer. I am a naturally radiant and magnetic being, and I don’t keep that to myself. I spend a lot of time shining and matching costume to the colors I feel inside. I am generous with my warm spirit. Right now, even and especially if no one is watching, I turn that hearty glow onto myself. I am I own captive audience. I applaud all the specialness I am. When I give myself the attention I desire, I make space to feel right in my relationships. Let this Moon be a time to feel myself and get right with others. Let it be time to clear the air and connect with honesty. Let it be time to see the real divinity I contain.

Virgo: I relax my grip.

Relax. Nothing is under control. I am uncovering the inner scripts that keep me distant from the things I most long for. I release the perpetual unconscious narrative that I need to manage, help, or fix anything. I am tired of the burdens, and so I lay them down. I am just one humxn, and not responsible for everything. I am nobody’s savior. I can only help myself. I downshift from doing to being, and notice what it feels like to sit in the initial discomfort that stirs. I place myself in the presence of silence. Of mystery. Of intuition. Why is it uncomfortable to confront the unknown? I offer up my anxieties. I step away from the distractions I usually turn to. I relinquish my tendency to control. I make space to be surprised by life. To be held, to be healed, tobe made more complete by something thoroughly intangible.

Libra: I am creative and connected.

My people are finding me and I am finding my people. Through following the calls in my heart and listening to the blood flooding my veins. Through heeding the tug of my passions and desires. I make myself available for connection. We are weaving webs born from desire. Pulling threads and feeling where the echo vibrates most. This Moon is a passionate, romantic, and artistic time. It’s one meant entirely for sharing. I cannot do this life alone, or even in an insular partnership. I lean into the wider sphere that holds me. I fold into the future self calling me closer.

Scorpio: I am seen.

This Moon has me at a peak. I’ve been ascending, and now it’s time to make sure my base is solid enough to support the climb. How is the homefront doing? Is it nesty? At the end of the day, I need a cozy safe space to return to. This Moon illuminates the making of that safe place in my personal life and inner realms. I turn my lazer focus on anchoring self-care and tending to my needs. There are innumerable ways I’m experiencing growth right now. A tree growing without firm roots can tip and fall. I make use this time to plant myself on solid ground.

Sagittarius: I welcome synchronicity.

I feel myself learning, growing, and changing at rapid evolutionary pace. The shifts occurring now have the potential to alter my course forever. Part of me has been waiting in the wings… no longer! Ready or not, here I come! I am getting on down the road. Nothing can stop me when I believe in myself. Trust in my potential will have me flying high in the face of any risk. I’ve been given a unique path to walk, and I choose to live it to the fullest. With enthusiasm. I exchange too-small belief systems for thoughts that serve my intention to live with more spirit. I offer my hands to partners and friends. I open my ears to messages. This Moon is rife with miracles, and I intend to perceive them and let them open me!

Capricorn: I face my depths.

What excess am I ready to eliminate? How deep am I willing to go? How close can I really get to myself? This is a time of inner work and investigation. The love that I offer myself now takes the form of exploring my shadows. The love that I offer myself now is ancestral healing. The love I offer myself now is in cultivating stability through overcoming ancestral debts and limitations. It is the courage of identifying where I feel most blocked and sitting with those places. Grieving what needs to be grieved. Feeling what must be felt: the frustrations, the sensations of being frozen, shut-out, or dead-ended. I reach deep inside myself and dig for treasure. I will come up with the capacity to develop the resources that weren’t handed to me easily. I know it lies within.

Aquarius: I am the circle.

The Sun is shining on my connections. The Moon is reflecting on my face - my sense of self, my identity. Who am I at the heart of relationship? When I move beyond holding others at arms length. When I fully reside in the expression of my truth and invite people in - who do I become?  A kaleidoscope? An infinity symbol? A snowflake with delicate spokes? I can know myself through knowing others. I am both the hub and the wheel. I become more myself through holding space for others. Through gathering people together. I don’t always have to be the outsider - I can call the people to me. The “mis-fits” can fit quite nicely together. That is putting it lightly. When we link arms, we are the essence of power.

Pisces: I delve into divining.

Throughout time, people have consulted oracles. People have gone through tremendous rites and initiation to access the other realms. Some trained through music. Some trained through water. Some trained through dreaming. Some trained through gateway plants. Swimming. Poetry. Breath. There are so many ways to access in-sight. This is a most intuitive Moon for me. I hit pause on all the motion in my work, professional sphere, and daily duties. It’s time to take a swim. To follow the flow of inspiration. To rest into the knowledge that the best way I can be of service right now - is to unravel. Turning off my thinking mind, I gaze to the sky. The drops of magic that flow in between the lines… these are the gems that will guide me and heal all of us.