New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo on August 30, 2019 is at 6:36amEST.

Shhhh. Listen. 

Allow your nerves to settle. Calm your worries. Let your mind be a sieve, sifting out the useless material and retaining what works.

What is happening right now is a call to be more present.

What is happening right now is an invitation to clear the space.

What is happening right now is an opportunity for healing.

This is a Moon of Medicine. It brings us back down to Earth.

The micro is the macro. Drop into your realest state of reverence.

The Earth is not a thing. It is everything. Don’t prey on it, pray on it.

Belly on the ground, hands in the soil, tears of forgiveness and prayers of gratitude spilling from wherever we are open. Humility is required if balance is to be restored.

Humility is a prerequisite for equilibrium.

We are not powerless. We are acutely aware. We are organized.

We withdraw our support from the counterfeit, channeling our power to serve the real. We are humble to the powers of nature that be and preside. Humble before our own innate nature. Folding ourselves into the turning of being. Into the turtle families bathing in the afternoon sun. Into the clumps of grasses that form Earth’s gracious fur.

Lay hands on her body. Feel the hairs raise along your arms - grasses in a spirited breeze. Some great breath.

Her anatomy is our anatomy. Layered organism of multiple components. A synchronic symphony of process and digestion, as complex as it is simple.

What do you hear stirring in the soil? What moves beneath the surface of the waters? What signs spring from the patterns of birds as they swoop before heavy hanging clouds of grey?

What is happening right now is an invitation to speak with the Earth.

New Moons are for setting intentions. Intend to offer yourself to this planet. To whisper your love into her creatures. To sing her to sleep like a newborn rocking at night - like the cicadas in the forest. The sing her awake with wonder at the light of the coming day - like the birds in the wood. To ask her permission, and respect whatever answer arrives. To touch her with care, listening through fingers, and to feel the spirits moving inside all things.

The subtle needs a body. We live on and in an apothecary. A library of conscious, therapeutic collaborators. A temple. This beautiful body full to brimming with spirit, essence, remedy...

These patterns are perfect. Sacredly geometric. Harmonic and impeccable.

This body is self-healing. Regenerating. This body is whole unto itself. Its natural state is pure wellness.

A body - a being - made up of many beings, organs, and interdependent systems of intelligence. Each element serves a function of health for the whole.

Healing can happen. Healing can happen quickly. It is a matter of separate parts coming online; communicating and co-operating effectively.

We are components of Earth, parts of this system. We are here as temple-keepers. Cooks, stewards, craftspeople. Adding our cherished touch to things that could never be improved upon. Attending the honest harvest.

It is time to live differently.

This Moon is for Changing our Ways. To act and live as if we care.

There are ways of being human that diverge from our conditioning of distortion and domination. There are sustainable lifeways that have nearly been eradicated.

This is a Moon of sensing what’s wrong, so we can get equipped to make it right. A Moon of seeing what’s unhealthy, so we can administer the proper protocol for healing. We spot what’s out of order so we can come correct. Problems are opportunities for solutions.

The complex can become simple. There are natural limits that must be respected and revered.

Humans are not here to tamper with, improve upon, criticize or civilize nature.

Prune away your need to interfere.

If left alone, the body will remedy itself. Our course is self-correcting.

Lay down your catastrophic anxieties and use the magic in your midst. Be absorbed in the tiny tasks at hand. Take care of your body. Decongest your mind. Detoxify your space. Prepare your food. Tend whatever is within reach. Shift your habits. Look for the smallest fixes; they will lead to the largest change.

Make your mendings as close as possible, and in intricate detail. Be present to them. Do them well.

Many of us have fallen ill, been maimed, or died in the constructs of oppression. They would have us servants to imperialist rapacity. They would have us feed and enable their gluttonous violence. They would have us as mechanized chattel reduced to the wastefulness of their depraved disorders.

They would strip us of time. Track our faces in a database. Turn soft bodies into cogs and coils, espousing the benefits of ‘productivity.’ Replace our names with inert numbers and cold calculations. Shift the algorithms as soon as we begin to break the code. They would have us forget our own humanity.

Scarcity is artifice. A man-made up wile.

Exploitation can only lead to extinction. Harvest is not the same as extraction. Offerings can never be commodified. We band together as these practices crumble and expire.

Every way we go against nature will be accompanied by a side effect; an unintended consequence.

Who could we be if we weren’t being exploited? What would the land be like without extraction?

This perfect Earth belongs to itself. We belong to ourselves. We belong to our bodies.

As long as there are bodies, there will be souls taking up residence in them.

What is happening right now is an opportunity to be embodied. And as such, to be ensouled.

We live on a glowing rock rich with abundance; an everything place in an expanse of nowhere decorated with spinning and sparkling lights.

The Earth simply is, and she offers so much. It matters. Its matter is Sacred, conscious, and alive. Her offerings are free.

This Moon is clear light. A moon of setting things right. To put things in their proper place.

Use this moon to become more skilled. To gather tools in your basket. To choose what you serve and who you work for.

What ways do you plan to devote yourself?

This planet is made of medicine. We, too, are medicine.

How do we heal? We let things be. We be the medicine we need.

New Moons are for setting intentions. Let your intention be to live your medicine Now.

Medicine Moon. Furry Moon. Lifeways Moon. Moon of Consent. Pin prick Moon. Moon of Meddling. Spirit Broom Moon. Second Brain Moon. Moon of the small acts. Moon of Noticing. Moon of burrow and peck. Moon of dust and sweep. Moon of a cooler breath. Clearing out Moon. Moon of Intestinal Intelligence. Moon of Absorption. Tincture Moon. Moon of Rhythm and Pat. Propolis Moon. Bottling and Canning Moon. Moon of distillation. Anatomically Correct Moon. Plants-Infused Moon. Warm Broth Moon. Moon of the Minute within our Reach. Moon of Making things Well. Moon of the genuine offering.

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Read New Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: I tend to my body.

I settle for a second. Calming my urge to bound forward with reckless abandon or over-load myself with busy tasks. I understand that everything in life is a process of digestion, and I am now being invited to integrate before moving ahead. This month I take time to organize, and set up systems to contain my energy so I can see things through to fruition. Schedules are a blessing, because structure creates freedom. I tune into my body, taking symptoms as signals and responding with loving, direct care. I limit inflammatory influences. I detoxify. I sweat it out. I cool it down. Health is wealth. Health is everything. I commit to cultivating health now because I know big projects ahead will need me at my best.

Taurus: I savor the taste of life.

I am like a flower bursting open. A dancer shaking her hips. A drummer palming the taut skin in rhythm. I am a face thrown back in laughter, seeds dropping, breaking open the sky. My essence is creative. This Moon is a new beginning in my joy. I clear out stagnation by bringing in more life. I remember that pleasure is productive. That simple beauty and caring touches are food for my soul. I smile at the things in me that are most resistant to change - knowing that their stagnation is bound to give way to something inspiring. I trust my natural time.

Gemini: I make space for the life I want to live.

I cleanse my nest. This Moon is ripe for re-organizing the homefront. Embracing the life-changing magic of tidying up. Minimizing. Whittling down. Letting the smoke of fragrant herbs fumigate my surroundings. Simplifying my environment until it becomes a sanctuary. The more I clear things out, the more I get clear. The more I make space, the more I can hear my inner voice and know which steps to take. What do I need my home to be? What conditions would best serve my family? What lifestyle will be most supportive, and allow me to fly? I ponder these questions and listen to my gut’s instructions.

Cancer: I weave a web of connection.

Time for a mental and social tune-up. I pay close attention to my thought patterns and carefully choose the ones I want to affirm. Sometimes the best support is knowing I won’t be alone. I am wired to connect with others. This Moon is an opportunity to find friends and anchor into local community. I let my curiosity lead me beyond my comfort zone. I make myself accessible. I make invitations. I speak them with care. When we go in together, my moods and insecurities can find a place to rest. I can nurture life on common ground.

Leo: I invest in my own clarity.

What is happening with my resources? This Moon is the beginning of getting things in order. Coming clean with my finances. Putting systems in place to support future goals. Making plans for how to best use my skills and gifts moving forward - and get paid. The systems and structures I implement now can support my material security for the next six months. I minimize the possessions and baggage weighing me down. I cleanse myself of outworn attachments. I streamline my efforts and set new habits in place for spending and earning. Because I’m worth it.

Virgo: New Moon, New Me.

This Moon is for repatterning myself. Who am I? How do others see me? I am always allowed to grow, change, try different things on, and make new choices. Perfection is a never-ending process. Genuine self-improvements start with appreciating the present. Beyond feeling the discomfort in seeing what I’d like to change about myself, I notice what’s right. I appreciate myself for who I am right now and who I’ve had the opportunity to be so far. And if I’m seeking a better fit, then I ask myself these questions. What are the most useful ways I can spend my time? What do I want to get really good at, and why? What roles am I devoted to serving? Who is the me I want to be?

Libra: I face completion.

This Moon harkens endings and closure. This month is for tying up loose ends and dealing with unfinished business. It’s for visiting ghosts of my past and realizing where I am on the timeline of the new. For taking steps I need to take to dissolve the past. I allow myself to rest. I allow myself to feel the emotions of these changes, knowing many former lifeways are definitively dissolving. Slipping through my fingers like sands of time. Next month I’ll be rebirthing into new beginnings, so I allow myself to soften and surrender into the endings here now. This is a meditative time. I welcome blessings and miracles as companions for my surrender.

Scorpio: I reach out and connect.

It’s time to join in and collaborate. This Moon brings fresh starts in my connections. It launches me into the genius web of the collective, activating my wider potential and instilling new hope in my future. I say yes to invitations. I say yes to meeting new people. I sign up for memberships, join circles, find allies and accomplices. I make moves on behalf of the causes I believe in. I am making progress in life, but we’ll go leaps and bounds further when moving together. I am heightening my awareness, and I get a much better view when we join minds. People’s power is greater when we gather. We are the change we want to see in the world.

Sagittarius: I honor myself.

I am going somewhere. Of course it’s not about the destination because the magic is in the journey, but this Moon has me inquiring into where this journey is leading me. I look back at the last six months and register the progress I’ve made on that timeline. I recognize myself for the accomplishments I have made. I notice which muscles I’ve been building and which achievements I have met. How does my community see me? What do they recognize me for? This Moon has be beginning a six-month cycle of seeking more meaning in life through accessing my calling. Wherever I am going, I respect what I have done thusfar, and grow further into my vocation.

Capricorn: I spread my wings.

This past year-and-a-half has been a lot of heavy lifting. I’ve been knee-deep in recreating myself. This New Moon brings a breath of fresh air, a glimpse of higher perspective. I am always growing. Sometimes I’m in the trenches unable to see the impact of my inner work. But right now I can connect with that wider view and dang, I have made a lot of progress! It gives me faith in myself that I can continue to learn, grow, and expand. It gives me hope that I always have the option of re-creating my life and the world. I take comfort in this optimistic spirit. May it spread into my future and the futures of those I love.

Aquarius: I transform.

Under this Moon, I’m unable to hold myself at a distance. I am diving right into life - the good, the bad, the ugly, the passionate, and everything in between. I get clean through getting messy. I am exploring the depths of my own DNA. Things I’ve inherited. Past stories my family members and ancestors want me to know and experience before I free us all and we become more starry. This is a Moon of mystery, bringing me the capability of becoming more intimate with myself - and with life itself. I research the heights and the depths of my own being, and in doing so, turn the key to my own power.

Pisces: I love with all of me.

This New Moon brings new relationships, new partners, new friends. Or, if relationships are already existing, it brings an opportunity to start fresh and set new patterns of togetherness. All this year I’ve been making space in my social sphere. Sometimes it has felt hard, but now I notice that I feel a lot lighter and more free. As a result of that work, I feel able to connect and cooperate with people who truly fill me up. This makes my heart even softer. It makes my hands steadier at serving the ones I love. We are learning together. We are getting clear together. I am nourished by these loving bonds. I let that in.

Harvest Guidelines

“Know the ways of the ones who take care of you so that you may take care of them.

Introduce yourself. Be accountable as the one who comes asking for life.

Ask permission before taking. Abide by the answer.

Never take the first plant you see. For it may be the last.

Take only what you need.

Take only that which is given.

Never take more than half.

Leave some for others.

Harvest in a way that minimizes harm.

Use it respectfully.

Never waste what you have taken.


Give thanks for what you have been given.

Give a gift in reciprocity for what you have taken. Sustain the ones that sustain you. And the earth will last forever.”

By Robin Wall Kimmerer