Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces is on September 14, 2019, at 12:30amEST.

A Moon of spiritual presence. A Moon where reality and imagination collide. Prayers up, magic out. This is a Moon of conjure. 

But first, we rest.

If we feel sleepy, we need not harbor shame or define ‘why’ we are tired. We should need no reason or excuse to rest. But if we do need reasons, here are three:

“Rest is soul care.”

“Naps provide a healing portal.”

“All of culture is working against us. Modern society tells us that we don’t have enough. We aren’t doing enough. All lies. We have enough of everything, including time. Grind culture has created a pace that has taken away our DREAMSPACE. We can restore it. We will rest.”  - The Nap Ministry

Hit snooze. Toss aside the to-do lists. Press pause on all the things and enter twilight sleep.

Reclaim the dreamspace.

There is something bigger than us. Bigger than all that we know. Like the ocean, like outer space, it is formless and pervasive. We are made of it. It is speaking to us in symbol and through us in deed.

This formlessness is dreaming. It is healing. It is an inexhaustible, subtle energy. It is always available to us. We can catch its waves. New dreams are knocking. We make ourselves ready to receive them.

We are vessels. Our task is to make dreams real and keep them alive. 

Right now, we are full up. Waterlogged. We are whelmed. Stretched.

Our cup runneth over. The containers we find ourselves in are too small. They are not-quite-right. Our soul’s contents are spilling over the bounds, rendering them useless.

We have outgrown these habits. These addictions. These distractions and procrastinations. We have outgrown these deceptions, these institutions, these mechanizations. These tyrannical lifeways commerce designed and marketed to us.

We are reaching beyond known limits. Waking to immeasurable bounds.

We are stretching into more of our capacities. It is time to dream bigger dreams.

So get empty.

Pour yourself out.


Make space for imagination. Meditation. Visualization. Asking questions. Hearing music. Wondering. Going into trance. Bathing. Drinking lots of fluids. Letting yourself and letting it all - go.

For every problem, there is a simple solution. Solution: the condition of being dissolved.

This is a cleansing Moon. Dissolve.

This is a Moon of far-reaching feelings.

Feel them, trust them, and welcome them all. Let the tears fall and feelings flow. Tidal waves of grief and inspiration. Rinse and repeat. Our floods are watering and fertilizing fields for visions yet to unfold.

A Moon of great losses and infinite possibilities.

Honor the losses. Despite these defeats, the sacred is still here, still connecting us beyond the confines of time and space. Some things can never be lost or meddled with. Find those things, and pull them in closer. Our faith must match our fears and disappointments. Kindle hope. Source from source itself.

This is a Moon of vast soul yearnings.

We’ve had dreaming and waking backwards. As if dreaming is the thing we do when we’re asleep. The real dream is the one we wake up to. The one we live into and re-create every day. Does the dream you are living match your ideals? Is there something else you’re longing for?

Something greater than us is making an offering. Channeling wise and divine plans into our veins.

We can offer back. By dedicating ourselves to stewarding those dreams. Every minute, every moment, a practical prayer for the realization of these inspirations. We can live in service to spirit. In service to longing. In service to dreams.

We belong to what we long for. Rumi said what we seek is seeking us. The sought is waiting for us to embrace it, to pursue it, to midwife it into being. To let it in.

Dreams make us awake.

Dreamers, wake!

What lies in the dreamer’s wake?

A path that paves the way for other dreamers to realize their aspirations. When we make dreams real, we do it for all of us.

When we wake further to truth and our own capacities, we can’t go back to sleep again.

How do we know the new dreams? We unhook from amnesia. We refuse the drugs and experiences that anesthetize, desensitize, and paralyze us. We spread wide, opening our acute sensitivities. We nourish ourselves, tend our nervous systems, and follow the feelings.

Our hearts know the way to the world more possible.

The dream is in your heart. It’s in your soul. It’s in your blood.

You know the dream is true (and not just fantasy) because it is shared by all.

Resist the urge to overcomplicate. We cannot plan for everything, but we can be resourceful. We can organize. We can take small steps each day to make the reality of our imaginations possible.

We can crush false barriers with the rising tides of compassion.

Find the magic in this moment. Breathe, and connect to source. Feel your heart, and conjure. Use your magic to make things better, and better, and better. For yourself. For all of us.

Rest up. Dream catch. Prayers up. Magic out.

Salt Moon. Bigger-than-this Moon. Mirage Moon. Moon of the Real and the Ideal. I See Lies Moon. Moon of the Permeable Tides. Genie Bottle Moon. Moon of Conjure. Moon of Backwards Fishes. Moon of Smooth Opportunities. Make a Wish Moon. Binaural Moon. Moon of Curving Cravings. Moon of Fathomless Forgiveness. Moon of Crossing Over. We Be Napping Moon. Flask and Cask Moon. Seed Funnel Moon. Moon of Ships at Harbor. Moon of Fluids and Fields.

Embody this Moon through movement and journaling as guided in this Embodied Astrology ritual for Pisces.

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Read Full Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: I welcome the divine into my daily life.

It is easy to muscle through, feeling like I’m doing this all on my own. But rather than force and forge my way ahead, this Moon has me yielding. Softening. Surrendering. I am letting go. Undoing the knots in my human-self. Unwinding into this spiritual journey of growth and expansion. Finding closure. Calling in visions. Sinking into useless time and letting myself be lifted. Gxd is all around me. I’m not out here on my own; spirit infuses everything I do and be and see. There is a new purpose being erected in me. I know I’m born for it. I dive into faith and trust that it will unfold in perfect time. I let my habits and my daily life be defined by my inner visions, and the angels that guide me now.

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Taurus: I am intrinsically connected.

Despite these individualistic lifestyles we live today, we are mammals. Our systems are wired to co-regulate. This Moon offers big feels around community and collaboration. The loss of it - and the dream of authentic connection. I have been working on my joy. Sounds paradoxical. But these times are made for busily creating - or healing into happiness. I’m not here to keep my light all to myself. Who are my ideal people? My kindreds? I call them to me in perfect timing. I’m on a quest to understand my deepest recesses. The more I grow in understanding, the more I trust that the process I am in will lead me where I need to be. Surrounded by the future companions who most match my heart.

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Gemini: I honor myself and my achievements.

Work-life, personal-life balance. Is there such a thing? I’m aiming for it. So much has come through for me in the last six months. It’s time to glance back, notice, celebrate. Look at all the ways I’ve changed. Re-organize and re-energize. On this Moon, I am clearing up and getting things in order with my home, family, and foundation. Shapeshifting in my career to better fit my ideals and imaginations. Dream seeds are scattering. We’ll see where they land and take root. For now, I let go and let Gxd. I ask who else I’m meant to partner with in this balancing act. I trust the invisible to help me through this, and every, transformation. Forever.

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Cancer: I follow my visions.

Soul-Searching Moon. This Moon floods me with questions, and the curiosity to find their answers. I’m filled with “where’s” and “why’s” and “what’s the truth?” This Moon is a pilgrimage into the mythic. I take a trip into the archetypal. Zooming out. Drawing connections. I journey through the symbolic, seeking synthesis, making meaning. Locating myself on the map, and intuitively sensing where to go next. Where am I pulled? This is a learning Moon, taking me into new heights of growth. New landscapes of health. New quests of service. I feel into the daily routine of my dreams - what would feel soul-satisfying? And who am I taking with me on this journey towards soul-satisfaction?

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Leo: I dream of going deeper.

Going deeper is a gamble. Risk is inherent to evolution. I am evolving, and so I am also risking. Diving further into my passionate expressions. Researching the dark, juicy, ugly, sweet places inside myself and those I love. Knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. Feeling into what - and how - sharing wants to happen. This Moon is about give and take. It illuminates attachments on the material and psychological-emotional levels. What do I thoroughly love? What do I want to reveal? What do I wish to keep? Where am I speculating, upping the ante, and taking the plunge? I check my accounts and timelines, landing these visions inside the correct containers made to keep me well. The heart has a rhythmic, regular beat. I feel my heart and seek the right rhythm to keep the fire glowing strong and true.

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Virgo: I open to opportunities for connection.

I’ve been working on myself. Seeking ways to self-improve without self-criticizing. I put aside old notions of what I’m good and reach for new skills that feel important to hone. I am gathering to the details of who I am becoming. I do this for myself and for those I love, knowing that I’m a supporter of those who are connected to me. I live a life of devotion and service - it feels gratifying to be where I am needed. The dreams that have been arising this past year have been focused on home, family, and partnership. There has been lots of growth in these areas.  This Moon has my heart welling up with longings to connect and relate in equilibrium. I grieve lost relationships and make space to imagine what relationships could be like in the future.

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Libra: I welcome purification.

The New Moon two weeks ago initiated a month of closure. My old life, with all its rhythms, structure, and habits, is dissolving. My daily lifestyle is shifting and I’m wrapping up those forms to make room for how spirit wants me to live now. This month and this Moon offer a kind of death process. In a couple of days, I will feel re-emergent. For now, I can rest. For now, I can let go. For now, I can sleep and let myself release whatever is ready to drift away. In aligning towards new patterns of wellness, it is common to detox or face ‘illness.’ I see this as a clearing. A baptism of sorts. Tears are here. Feelings are more than allowed, because grief is also praise. I let go of the ways I’ve served and open to the new vision of work and life moving through me. I imagine it until I’m living it and it’s totally real.

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Scorpio: I entrust myself to my own heart.

There is a juicy dream in me. The dream of being loved and received in all my gifts, all my intelligences. The dream of living from my heArt and growing my worth. Of doing what feels good and what sustains me - and ultimately weaving them together. The dream of pure, unfiltered self-expression being what connects me to the world. Of getting right with my whole self and living from that place. On this Moon, I take a break from distracting connections and even hopes for the future. I go inside to tend to my core. Nourishing my courage feels like.. Joining forces with myself first.

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Sagittarius: I dream of home.

Will I go home again? What is home? Is home where I am right now? Home is where I can feel like myself. Home is where I can be who I am. In my truth. Expanded. Belonging to myself and my own Gxds. Right now, home is woven in with the dreamspace. Home is where I pray the best. Home is where the spirits claim me as one of their own. The place where I belong is the place I feel inspired. I am redesigning how I show up in the world so the dream of home can manifest through me. I am growing who I know myself to be; reaching beyond borders into the wild landscape of what Is. That is where I’m growing and going to.

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Capricorn: I am an eternal student.

The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. Learning is an experience of shedding delusion and further opening to the vast expanse of what may be possible. I unhook myself from dogma and rigid beliefs. I lay down my sword of needing-to-be-right. In doing this, I notice that most people are brainwashed in some manner. This Moon carries the option to release confusion. To empty myself of indoctrination. I open my mind and ears. To say what needs to be said. I turn the dial down on noise and listen to the silence. I can feel that I am still healing. Still cultivating closure on who I used to be. The next two months will be ones of retreat. Listening. Learning. Emptying myself out and preparing for rebirth when the New Year comes.

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Aquarius: Imagination is my greatest asset.

I am swimming in talent. I am steeped in spiritual support. I am flooded with abundance. Coins are in my dreams today. This Moon can come with losses of funds; and possibilities to get more creative with my talents to bring in income. If resources have been unclear, this Moon calibrates me to higher visions of what is possible. I imagine living into that future now - what it would feel like in my body to generate more stability through income. I tune into the vibration of that life. I realize that some of my best assets are found in my community, my network, the people I know. I draw on these relationships to support my growth. I am certain that the near future will pay me what I’m worth.

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Pisces: I am the dream.

Who am I? Tabula rasa. A blank slate. Allowing myself to be cleansed. What are my limits? Where are my edges? Where do I end and others begin? I am an artist. A mystic. A dreamer. Immersed in the elusive process of feeling and being. Comfortable in these messy, splashy, spiraling waters. How I see myself is not necessarily how others see me. How I be myself is not necessarily how others want me to be. I slip into my mode of self-care. Wondering which dreams I want to become more like. Which mirages I want to embody. Which identity I want to present to the world. I locate the dream that I, and the world, need the most. That’s the image I portray. It’s the swirl I live into. Artists reflect the medicine of the times.



If you have benefitted from my astrology reports, please help sustain them with a monthly contribution.