June 2017 Forecast: Word to the Wise

Two wolves howl into the night sky under the full cycle of the moon. The wolves are demonstrating a call to and from the wild, of life meeting itself, of the answer begging for its question to be asked.
— Stephanie Seker

June Artist Feature:

Stephanie Seker is an artist and Shamanic Minister based in Asheville, NC. Stephanie finds "success" and peace within through Art Making and blending the supernatural with the natural. The majestic and ancient Blue Ridge Mountains inspire Stephanie in her work and personal life. She was drawn to reside in these particular mountains partly through her reverence for and connection with Native American lineages, such as the Cherokee tribe, traveling over the ridges as a child to visit her Great Grandmother living in West Virginia. Stephanie remembers her great grandmother, Stella Mae, with her long gray braids (or plaits as she had called them) living close to the land with to a fertile garden in the yard. For more of Stephanie's artwork, click here.

The Astrological Theme for May was "Finesse."

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May was both a card trick and an act of grace. It was a month that asked us to see our tomfoolery and refine our skilled approach to life. Mistakes and mis-steps led to deeper clarification of our path, our main intention, and what it's all for.

May was a rapid month of quick-burning momentum and magic. Coyote, magician, and fairy medicine made themselves known. This medicine uses folly, trickery, and veil to remind us that things are not as they seem. They course-correct us through discomfort and deceptive re-routings. They ask us: how flexible can we be? Where can we clear away some excess mental attachments? How can we soften more into our hearts and the natural flow that is unfolding before and within us?

The Grand Fire Trine initiated in May will remain in effect through early fall of 2017.

This summer is a fiery portal of alchemy and transformation. Seek! Grow! Expand with swiftness and enthusiasm. Have utter faith!

At the same time, avoid the pitfalls of burnout, rushing, egotism, and forcefulness.

With so much fire in the sky this summer, it is important to maintain a clear, strong, centered container and nourish the Yin. Rest. Soften. Use compassion. Honor your true limits. Remove yourself from excess activity and nourish the nervous system. Connect with your guiding intention. Why do you do what you do? What moves you? What helps you to be still?

The Astrological Theme for June 2017 is "Word to the Wise." 

Words are spells. Whether spoken, written, or thought, they contain potent vibrations that morph the field of consciousness. It benefits us and our collective to use them wisely and to support unity. The symbolic shape of letters and the invisible harmonic essence of connected symbols creates the inner and outer environment in which we spend our lives.

The words we work with every day stem from the history that grew them up. People of privilege (primarily male-bodied people with socio-cultural-economic status) are the parents of most common recorded language. [Check out this book: The Alphabet vs. The Goddess by Leonard Shlain] The supremacist perspective and philosophies embedded in these languages infuses the experience of the masses and often reinforces systems of oppression. June asks us to reclaim language that supports natural truth. Decolonize the mind. How? Tell stories. Perceive the non-verbal. Listen to the truth of various forms of life and nature. Allow your perspective to adjust and evolve. Stimulate modes of communication that can't necessarily be written. Connect with speech and thought with the refinement born from authentic experience.

Take the hint. If you have a feeling about something, trust it. Step beyond the bounds of the linear mind and touch something greater, something more intelligent, something that can continuously guide you through mapless territory.

Throes of information are constantly swirling. Read between the lines. Instead of taking words at face value, listen close with more of your senses. Sharpen into keen perception.

Words contain Worlds.

As things are communicated or explained, tune into your heart. Do your felt-sense-instincts match with the messages being conveyed?

Prioritize your intuition. Information besieges us in the current age. Some of it tells us useful things that help us navigate. Much of it adds to muck, murk, cloudiness, and the inability to stay connected to our center. Clear the clouds and cobwebs of your mind and find a more enduring truth. Intuition is true when it is based in life-giving compassion. Life-giving compassion is not martyrdom. Compassion does not weaken us. It makes us strong. Compassion is a balm that resolves suffering when it stems from honesty. We access honesty when we reside in the center of ourselves.

"How are we listening to and for Words of Wisdom being summoned our way, being beckoned forth from our inner selves and from each other?" - Stephanie Seker

Act and speak from your center: Words to and from the Wise.

Wisdom belongs to all of us. Wisdom isn't yours because you read it in a book, or on a blog, or took a class.

Wisdom is your engagement with the real.

Wisdom is what naturally arises when we walk through life. We are all meant to be an authority on our unique path. Master students and teachers, by nature. Each person is a wisdom keeper, and no two wisdoms are identical. Honor the myriad paths.

How to hone your wisdom? The Medicine of June

  • Intertwine keen logical understanding with intuitive perception. This is how magic is born. [Astro Pro: The Sun travels between Gemini and Cancer this month. This is known as the cusp of magic; the archetypal plane where intellect and intuition interweave.]
  • Trust what you feel, even if you can't quite put a finger on it. Find your pertinent words for it. Some people communicate well verbally. Other's do better with art, music, touch, tears, or psychic communication. Identify: What is the easiest way for you to communicate? What modes of communication cause you to struggle? Capitalize on your gifts and cultivate your vulnerabilities into greater strength.
  • Say less. Verbal and mental energies are a resource. Be sparing and economical with your words. What would happen if you only shared what was essential? You might find that you communicate even more, and that your words hit home in a way that they couldn't have if they were more cluttered or convoluted.
  • Trust yourself, and cultivate your nature. There are many different options and paths for how to live a life: as many as there are living creatures. A fern is a fern. An orchid is an orchid. Each creature needs unique conditions within which to grow and thrive. Create and give yourself the optimum conditions to ensure your flourishing.
  • Set healthy boundaries, and put yourself in charge of their maintenance. Clearly define your needs. Walls can be loving. What are some boundaries you can set in order to ensure your needs get met? These might be boundaries towards yourself, towards others, or both. If someone shows you who they are, believe them. If their presence is harmful to you, protect yourself and step away. A certain amount of learning through challenging personal situations is healthy. But over time, your sense of self can degrade and become disempowered. This is abuse and can take years to rebalance/rehabilitate.
  • Challenge and refine what you think you know. Maybe what you know needs an upgrade. Enter into a space of discovery. Be curious about what else you can learn. Is your perspective being challenged? Perhaps through your process of discovery, you find that what you know is super solid. In that case, refine it even more and let go of excess.
  • Counter and shed outworn beliefs: yours and those of society. Tightly-held philosophies become ritualistic dogma. These thoughtforms lose their vitality and authenticity as they become rigid mental states. What once seemed freeing and connective becomes divisive as time turns. [Astro Pro: Saturn in Sagittarius has been putting beliefs to the test since December 2015. We are in the final throes of restructuring our belief systems as individuals and a collective.] We want to know that we can really truly have faith and believeWe can; but we need to pass the test first. Time to put solid ground underneath the views that have stood up to the test.
  • Make good secrets. When I was in middle school, I used to share a notebook with my best friend. She and I had code names (Radish and *69) and used the journal to pass notes to each other throughout the school day. It really enriched my experience of school. It helped me to develop writing skills and self-reflection. We made symbolic code and secret language. This practice established a sense of intimacy with my friend that was super special and deepened our loyalty to one another. The notebook also got me suspended from school for sharing my truth that I felt one teacher was a b*tch. (Whoops. Truth out of hand...) This month, write some letters. Find a penpal. Start a journal with your partner or colleague or friend. Avoid the pitfall of libel - be respectful and compassionate in what you write about others - but share your words and wisdom on paper. Write your truth from your real, loving center. Pass messages betwixt allies to develop more understanding and better relating. If a journal isn't your thing, tell stories with your body, with your music, with your art - with acts and art that reach beyond the mental grasp.
  • Listen. That is all.

Archetypal Medicine for this month:

As depicted by Stephanie's artwork. The passage below weaves her words on what inspired the image.

Raven. Ravens are keepers of secrets. They are intuitive magic, shapeshifting messenger birds who carry information sent between realms. Ravens are known to be birds of high intelligence. They learn to interface with and understand the language of other animals, including humans. Raven invites us to master our wordsmithing skills, and the ability to communicate with perspectives of myriad paths. Word, sound, power. Tonal vibration can carry us through varying dimensions. Raven also invites us into our mysterious centers and spaces of darkness within. Plunge the inner realms of understanding to help bridge the gap when we feel mentally stuck, argumentative, or divided.

Wolf. Like Raven, Wolf also supports our ability to tap into and be guided by our intuition. They use it to find their way in unfamiliar or mapless territory. Wolves symbolize interdependence. Sometimes, in order to gain understanding, we need to separate ourselves from beliefs/judgements/views of others and of society in order to find what's really true to us. Like Wolf, we can be both solitary and social without choosing one over the other. How? We must be in integrity with ourselves and spirit. Look at patterns of dependence and independence. Learn to tweak them to suit a healthy balance. Wolf is courageous and sincere, loyal to its trusted clan. Wolf offers the medicine of facing fears, taking risks, and becoming more of a leader through reclaiming the humble wild and the cycles of nature.

Nature is Chock Full of Medicine

May this blog be a place to discover helpful natural remedies that can guide your way through this journey of life on Earth.

Stone Medicine for the Month from POUND Jewelry


Fluorite is an incredible stone for Mental Clarity. This stone assists us with increasing/expanding our memory and recall while enhancing problem solving skills. It can help us make solid decisions based on inner knowing and higher consciousness. Fluorite helps us release some of our "overthinking" or "chattering" mental states and relax into the present moment, accepting and becoming present to what IS. We can use this stone to cleanse our auric fields of excess negativity and free our minds to be clear, forward thinking and precise, even amidst chaotic circumstances.

Fluorite comes in a variety of colors and hues. This particular variation of Fluorite is known as "Rainbow Fluorite" and it is pure magic. With love, the POUND girls.

Flower Medicine for the Month from Santosha Mama Birth and Wellness

Scleranthus (Scleranthus annuus (green)), a personality type remedy for Libras (and probably great for mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), is all about our ability to weigh choices and make clear decisions and to harbor a solid inner resolve. It helps the souls who always finds themselves vacillating between two choices—to go this way or that?  To do this thing or that? 

This remedy helps one establish her own inner balance amidst the tension of polarity in her mind and outer world. It helps one choose and define who one is, move forward confidently with major decisions and commitments, make major changes for one's benefit, and to achieve greater clarity, which creates ease and simplicity in life.  With clarity, decisiveness and inner resolve, vitality is restored.  ---Written by Jaime Fleres-Mizejewski of Santosha Birth & Wellness

In-Depth Transit Forecast

All times listed in EST

June 1 Venus trine Saturn (11:23am)

*Love and Money* Affections and resources have the chance to stabilize and mature. Morning-Star Venus is in warrior-mode and in Aries, she wants what she wants and she's not inclined to play it safe. Desire might be impatient and uncompromising right now, but it is coming from an important place that must be respected. Stick to your guns. Healthy relationships are made when both partner's truest needs and desires get met. Some of those we can meet for ourselves. Some of those our partners/friends can help us acquire. Discern what belongs to you, and stake it out. When we refuse to settle, we can hold out to receive what we truly desire. This transit is in fire signs, so let your passions clarify and fuel your momentum. Meet desire with the honest passion to continue growing and improving. Financial tactics and behaviors may need to upgrade in order to support and be in balance with your sincerest of values. You got this. Align your intention, take next steps, and patiently pursue your relationship and finance goals.

June 2 Mars square Chiron (6:14am)

*The Masculine, Sexuality, Behavior, Pain and Healing* Pain happens. We are walking on the rainbow bridge of healing. What we're feeling now invites us into deeper integration of what could be called the wounded masculine: yang, or upward/outward thrusting tendencies. Aspects of the masculine have become weak or distorted. Have you been busy distracting yourself from unexpressed pain or anger? How does it feel to assert yourself and your position? Do you fear hurting someone with aggression? Do you avoid taking a stand? Are you harboring shame around your sexuality or desire nature? Your desires are valid. You are allowed to be angry. Humans are sexual beings. Knowing what you want and asking for that stems from a healthy sense of self. Cultivate confidence. This may be a day riddled with avoidance or passive-aggression. It could also hold an invitation to inhabit yourself more deeply and defend the behaviors you want to keep in your life. As the masculine within you heals, you can help guide others to own their masculine and restore poetic/authentic balance.

June 3 Venus conjunct Uranus (3:32am) Sun trine Jupiter (12:12pm)

*Love, Money, and the Revolution* In a weird world, to love is a radical act. Now, affections may be erratic or unwieldy. How we love is due for a change. Finances, partnerships, and communities get a technological upgrade. Possibly a breakthrough. The key is discovering authentic interdependence. Transits today are inventive, abrupt, radical, passionate, and futuristic. A healthy relationship is based on two healthy, self-loving individuals. Personal freedom is essential. Capitalize on the unique gifts each person brings. Break free of convention and how you've done it before. Try something new.

*Opportunity, Creativity, Fortune* People, ideas, information, and messages, can open up new pathways today. Our path to growth is illuminated, and balance is the key. Relationships can benefit connecting with a grander mission.

June 4 Mercury inconjunct Saturn (3:24am) Sun square Neptune (12:13pm) Mars enters Cancer (12:16pm)

*Mind and Matter* Carefully assess the scope of your ideas. Parcel them into things you can realistically manage. Ground the vision in practical, patient steps. Plant the orchard. Eventually, it bears fruit.

*Rest and Spiritual Creation* We can feel vulnerable or low-energy today. More sensitive and impressionable than usual. Clear your energy. Cry if needed. Rest, rejuvenate, and dream. Play music. Write poetry. Escape into the spiritual and ideal realms for a bit. Inter-dimensional travel. In healthy altered and elevated states, we can find solution or respite for what ails us. Confusion or deception could be a side-effect today; so listen to your deeper intuition rather than taking things at face value. Identify with spirit or god/dess-self: you as the image of creation and creation as the image of you. Vibe the image of compassion and interconnectedness.

*Motivated by Safety, Protection, and Kinship* Mars in cancer is sensitive, yet directed. It is motivated to nurture security and belonging. Meeting the needs of family, parents, soul kin and loved ones takes focus. Who do you belong to, and who belongs to you? What makes that so? Avoid reactivity. Learn to respond.

June 5 Mercury sextile Chiron (11:41pm)

*Healing via Mind, Thought, and Word* Let your thoughts and words be nourished by and infused with spirit. Great day to dream through the body. Dancing, massage, and gardening can be gateways to God(dess)liness.

June 6 Venus enters Taurus (3:26am) Mercury enters Gemini (6:15pm)

*Worthiness, Values, and the Senses* Now that relationships and finances have gone through recent and abrupt changes (and possible eruptions or separations), things begin to settle and seed into something more comfortable or familiar. Recent affections have perhaps been unpredictable or unstable as they have undergone necessary change and reinvention. The feminine (and the principle of worth and relation) slows down and gets grounded. Not everything can happen immediately. It takes time for new habits in money and love to mature and deeply root. What are you investing in - physically, tangibly, emotionally? Relatings prefer to be more attached now, more companionable, and fed by touch. Love the body. Accept yourself and your loved ones with nourishing food. Lavish the senses. Luxuriate in pleasure.

*Mental Dexterity and Communication Pollination* Mercury LOVES being in Gemini. This is the time to speak, write, learn, and participate in communication of all kinds. A social time of gathering and spreading different types of information in myriad areas. Mentally adaptable, spritely, and evolving. Great time to take up or invent a new language or study.

June 9 Sun inconjunct Pluto (7:56am) Full Moon in Sagittarius (9:09am) Jupiter stations Direct in Libra (10:02am) Venus sextile Mars (11:41am)

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9, 2017 (9:09amEST) is a convergence. Separate identities and differentiated states of being move towards unity. Unique ebbs and currents meet. There is love in this marriage. Rather than retain their original shape and pattern, each individual stream bends to incorporate the movements of the other. They remold and reflect each other. They allow themselves to be influenced by their love, and by beloved. What began as one stream, bound by the limits of familiar embankments, emerges as a limitless ocean of potential. Of interconnected self. How? Through co-creation. Through right-relationship and balance restored. Old tales are washed away by being. New legends await. Life becomes a book with blank pages. Words are replaced by feelings, sensations, and symbols. Constriction is balanced by the freedom to unfold as spirit requests. Gathered experiences rich with meaning litter the path like scattered rose petals. Seek and follow the signs of delight. Sharpen all senses. Expand your perceptions and dance through life's labyrinths toward the shared destination of the soul.

For every New and Full Moon, find a complementary Movement Ritual on the Qoya Blog.

*Conscious-Unconscious* When the illuminated and shadow parts of ourselves meet, it can feel like discomfort. Part of us is curiously scattered, whereas another part is strongly focused and dedicated to fulfilling singular purpose. Simplify and use patience. Sometimes growth is imperceptible; unfolding silently in the recesses of our being.

*Learning through Balance* Jupiter, the planet of growth and knowledge, has been retrograde in Libra since February 6. Experiential learning is coming to us in relationships, in society and justice, and in awareness of the scales of balance. Find fortune through equilibrium. When we co-operate and experience peace within, we can know harmony with others and beyond.

*Sex, Love, and Desire* Great day for relating in general. Aspects are social. Relate to yourself as well as other humans. Nurture your kin and your affections.

June 13 Mercury trine Jupiter (11:45am) Mercury square Neptune (11:29pm)

*Positive News* Opportunities and benevolent fortune flow through the information channels today. Pay attention to who you meet and what they say to you. Offers can come down the pike. General good faith, optimism, and a sense of brotherhood abounds. Speak and write with affirmative qualities. Call it in.

*Mental Clouds* Take a break from uber-linear thinking. The mind is intuitive today. Great day for prayer, music, poetry, dreaming, and imaginations. Not great for linear, straightforward mental process or travels. Let yourself detour and float. Great day to connect with fantasy. Beware of untruths, deceptions, victim-consciousness, and confusion. Avoid signing contracts. Practice surrender and emotional flow. Absorb what is meant for you and leave the rest.

June 15 Sun opposite Saturn (6:18am)

*Purposeful Expression* There are two parts to creation: one part form and one part freedom. A musician learns the technique of their instrument before inspired vibrations can flow. One technique is developed, the form becomes formless, as the transmission of divine art itself takes precedent. Structures are made to be improved upon and eventually surpassed into the birth of the next structure that can temporarily hold the all-ness of self. This may be a stressful or rigorous time. When we dedicate ourselves and move through the stress, we produce the matter of self-mastery. Hard tests and tasks mature us. They make us real. Show up. Use the gift of discipline. Ground your identity. Find the proper container for your creative essence. We are learning so that we may become teachers. Today, we might be aware of failures or areas of self that are lacking. We may be encumbered by self-limiting beliefs. Connect with your inner authority. You came here to be the owner and operator of your life. Be yourself, and be true. Harm none and be thyself; nothing more, and nothing less.

June 16 Mercury inconjunct Pluto (1:35am) Neptune stations Retrograde (7:09am)

*#Don't Judge* Are you being too strict or putting too much pressure on yourself? Is there an obsessive or compulsive quality to your perceptions? Relax your mind to feel what really resides underneath. You may discover something more eternal and essential.

*Illusion and Surrender* This is a cloudy and possibly emotional week great for rest and rejuvenation. Carve out extra compassion time in your schedule for self-care and attending to the emotional needs of loved ones. Sleep. Dream. Grieve. Cleanse. Bathe. Elevate. Loss colors life. Lay something to rest. Cultivate compassion.

June 18 Sun sextile Uranus (2:47pm) Mercury opposite Saturn (3:07pm)

*Progress* Creative and collective energies are flowing. Reinvent the self. Embrace the new. Take a risk. Try something untried or unusual. Capitalize on your unique gifts. 

*Careful Decisions* Mental stress and communication/travel blockages can ensue now. Conversations can be difficult or serious. Fear and negative thinking can limit us. Overcome the obstacles and strengthen your preferred mental architecture. Release limiting beliefs. Replace them with thoughts of your choice. Concentrate. Make wise, practical choices and anchor ideas and thoughts into reality. Sometimes learning feels hard. Speak what is important. Has anything essential been left unsaid or censored? You have permission to express your thoughts. Speak or write for yourself, and say it like it matters. Because it does.

June 19 Venus inconjunct Jupiter (7:49am) Sun square Chiron (6:26pm)

*Indulgences* Pleasures physical, intellectual, and relational, color the landscape today. Avoid overextension, but luxuriate in lavish social and earthly indulgences. Get a massage. Have a tea party or a picnic outside. Set limits on your requirements so that you can take a day to feel wonderful and charmed by existence.

*Self-Healing* A tender, sensitive day. Ego vulnerabilities are showing. Humans are like fallen angels; our flaws are what make us whole. An excellent day to reserve for alternative healing practices, integration, journaling, imagining, and reclaiming missing pieces of self. Step out of linear time into multidimensions. Bring fragments and puzzle pieces back via the rainbow bridge. Visit with a mentor or guide; or act as one for others. You are a living key to destiny.

June 20 Venus sextile Neptune (4:25am) Mercury sextile Uranus (5:30am) Mercury square Chiron (5:01pm)

*Romantic Love* Relationships and affections can take on an otherworldly hue. Let it flow. Be in the presence of love imbued with spirit. Excellent imaginings. Fun fantasy.

*Innovative Perceptions* New views! Mental spark! Communication can take us to informative understandings about ourselves and humanity. Let these insights ignite you and drive you into fresh learning and unfolding developments.

*Painful Messages* Conversations can hurt us and heal us. They can reveal our sensitivities and vulnerabilities. Words are a bridge to other worlds occurring simultaneously. Today, conversation and messages can help us claim missing pieces and parts of ourselves. Summon benevolent spirit to infuse all conversations and insight with unconditional love. Use your voice. Find language and mantra with which to heal yourself. Accept the whole that can't be articulated; can only be absorbed.

June 21 Sun enters Cancer: Summer Solstice (12:24am) Mercury enters Cancer (5:57am) Sun conjunct/combust Mercury (10:14am)

*Feelings and Needs* What gives you all the feels? What makes you feel safe, protected, fed, and a sense of belonging? What nurtures you the most? These emotional roots are called 'needs,' and this month, their importance is highlighted. Nurture yourself and all that you want to propagate in this world to make it feel more like home.

*Honoring Accumulated Light* The solstice is a time to praise the Sun. This means honoring the sun in the sky as well as the unique yet pervasively universal light of consciousness that exists within each radiant Self. Celebrate creator. You are. We are. Creation is. Life-giving.

*Spotlight on the Mind* The Cusp of Magic is being stimulated today! Find the balance point between logical and intuitive. Allow for an infusion of emotions and thoughts. The mind and words are especially strong in their influence on consciousness today. Use well! Listen and speak in equilibrium. The messenger is in court with the king/queen/sovereign. Align the Self with mental clarity and power.

June 23 New Moon in Cancer (10:31pm)

The New Moon in Cancer on June 23, 2017 (10:31pmEST) is an origin point. Feel what you feel. All of it. Leave nothing out. Dip yourself into emotional sensation like you would dip your body into a flowing river on a hot summer's day. At first, the sensation might feel cold or shocking. Breathe deep. As your body adapts to sensation, it merges with the imprint of all within the water. The river is crisp and clear, yet contains volumes of history. Herstory. All the years of flowing. Years of fullness. Years of drought. Years of murky muddiness. Years of pristine clarity. Years of ebbing stagnation. Years of overwhelming momentum. And this river, by simply being, has been a home to so many. Infinite creatures. It has housed fish and frogs and birds. It has fed bears and wolves and insects. It has sustained human communities. It has baptized countless souls. The river is home. Feel its waters. Be one with its environment. The river within you leads to Home. It is the nest of eternal safety. It is both a cloistered temple and an exposure to the elements. It is both a sense of self and a relationship with kin. It is your memories and habituations. It is your caring commitment to mothering your self. Feel what you feel. Submerge. Emerge. Here, you are safe. You are accepted. In your blood, you will always belong. We are all related.

For every New and Full Moon, find a complementary Movement Ritual on the Qoya Blog.

June 24 Venus trine Pluto (4:59am)

*Powerful Love* Intimacy is penetrating. It takes us to the deeper layers of being. We choose to share the parts of ourselves we cannot see. Perhaps, in this sharing, we can know ourselves and the great mystery a mite more. Love is transformative. It is compelling. Under love's gaze, and in love's hands, we can become better versions of ourselves. We can claim the hidden powers of our ancestors.

June 25 Mars square Jupiter (2:07am)

*Overextended* Moderate your energies. Is there a dissonance between who you are in your social life/partnerships and who you are at home/with family/in your emotional sphere? Tend to these inaccuracies. At times we are capable of great feats. Superhuman abilities. Other times, we overestimate our abilities and need to pare down. Energy now can be over the top. Best uses of this transit are adventure, sex, physical competition, resilience, and "bouncing back." Stay humble. The accumulation of humility leads to true greatness.

June 26 Mars trine Neptune (2:18am)

*Dream Endeavors* Actions and ideals well-align. Act in favor of what benefits the whole. Let spirit lead: passions and inspirations are coming from a place of intuitive inner connection. Romance and sensitivity guide behaviors today. Listen and lead with compassion. Stride towards the highest and deepest good of all.

June 27 Mercury square Jupiter (2:21pm) Mercury trine Neptune (8:22pm)

*Exaggerations* Grandiosity. The beauty of this transit is that it inclines us to connect with the bigger picture and have faith that its fortune can be attained. On the challenging side, we may promise more than we can deliver or overshoot by disregarding important practical details. It's a balance. Shoot for the moon - and map your route and plan according to the weather. Think of the mental energies today as a Chinese wish-lantern. Light it up and let it rise, but make sure those wishes are environmentally friendly in case of unexpected collapse.

*Idyllic Mindscapes* Seeing the dream. Today is great for communing with spirit and inspiration. Speak compassionate words. Sing healing reverberations. Insights and communications can lead us to utopia. Finish these sentences: I love you because___. What's perfect right now is ___. My ultimate dream on your behalf is ___.

June 28 Mercury conjunct Mars (3:50pm) Venus inconjunct Saturn (9:07pm)

*Active Mind* Cool your jets. Find humor in the situation. Today can be extra impassioned, lit up, and argumentative. Words can be fierce and even aggressive. The best way to use this energy is to stand up for and protect what you want. Be a nurturing warrior and a fierce, loving parent to your environment. The mind is like the mama bear today: keenly perceptive, sensitive, and ready to strike if anything threatens the most important bonds. Be at the ready to defend and provoke; yet avoid over-reacting. Respond rather than react. Look for the emotional bond beneath conflict and struggle.

*Relationship Responsibilities* What's yours and what's the other person's? Sometimes we take on other people's work for them. We may be unaware of this. We may genuinely enjoy it. We may to it to win love. Sometimes, wanting people to need us is a mode of self-protection. It can prevent us from knowing ourselves and experiencing the kind of real love we seek. Take care of yourself, and let yourself be cared for.

June 29 Mercury opposite Pluto (8:36pm)

*Seeing Underneath* Mental battles are at work. Words can be toxic and poisonous; or bring about healing catharsis. The vibration within words used can really stick with us; especially if it pokes at one of our invisible wounds. Use focus. Don't get caught in a trap of projection. Have a neutral 3rd party listen in and reflect. Psychological, shamanic, and occult processes can be fruitful today. Language can transform us at the deepest levels. What is the story that's never been told? It might be a secret buried for generations. It might be the thing you swore you wouldn't tell. It might be something in the caves and recesses of being; something that perhaps doesn't belong to you solely. It might be a guttural cry or an unwelcome expression of rage. It might be taboo. It might feel inhuman or bestial or primal or unforgivable in essence. Something is there. Whatever it is comes up to be eliminated through catharsis. Once exposed, the mind can fundamentally change. We are no longer our secret's captive. We gain the power of making mystery more conscious, evolutions shimmering in our DNA.

July 1 Chiron stations Retrograde (1:09am)

*Healing Journeys* This week, our infallibilities and paths to healing are most highlighted. We all came here to heal. Our expressions of that healing journey are unique and unpredicted; yet the path unequivocally spreads before us, and it's almost as if we may have walked it before. We re-member. Our paths co-mingle and interweave. We act as channels guiding one another through the gates. Riddles, clues, and signposts live around us. Take heed. Interpret through osmosis what chapter of your healing records wakes now and next.

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It's an absolute gift to be able to continue this work. May this forecast be your graceful navigation guide, your invitation to return home, and your empowerment to step more fully into your astounding multidimensional Self.


To Life

As always, THANK YOU for your support.

May we anchor the highest dreams of our collective heart into reality.