July 2017 Forecast: Manifest

"[The organic feminine figure in this painting] reminds me of the beauty in manifesting your dreams while staying true to your roots." - Hannah Seaman

July Artist Feature:

Hannah Seaman is a fine artist, craftswoman, and graphic designer. Her painting above initially emerged as a premonition earth mother/medusa energy she connected with in January 2016. She did not realize her artistic expression was a premonition until she met the figure in an oracle card she pulled in April 2016 on a surprise trip her partner gifted her. The trip was an experience that helped her to grow. Pictured above is the process of manifestation: a premonitory doodle, an oracle card, and the final completed painting. Hannah resides at her birthplace of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where she practices mindful living and cares for the mini-farm she tends with her boyfriend Jesse. She and Jesse met through their love of using wild-harvested wood for designing functional art and landscape. She tends a garden and cares for her health by cooking close-to-source. Her unique handmade jewelry and artwork can be found for purchase through her company, n'GRAINED.

The Astrological Theme for June was "Word to the Wise."

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It has been said, that in the beginning there was a word, and the word was God.

Many yoga classes in the West begin and end with a spoken sound: Om. Om, a three-part intonation (A-U-M/NG), is a primordial sound. In essence, this "word" is within and beneath and beyond all things. It existed before division, before separation, before manifestation.

The very first chapter of the Tao Te Ching speaks to the primordial word. "Tao" can be conceived of as Divine, which in Taoism is the absolute universal principle of natural order.

The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named is not the eternal name
The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth
The named is the mother of myriad things

Thus, constantly free of desire
One observes its wonders
Constantly filled with desire
One observes its manifestations

These two emerge together but differ in name
The unity is said to be the mystery
Mystery of mysteries, the door to all wonders

- Lao Tzu 

The word Om itself is not God, but it arises from and returns to an original undifferentiated vibrational essence.

June's forecast stated: Words are Spells. Whether spoken, written, or thought, they contain potent vibrations that morph the field of consciousness.

Names and words lay the groundwork for being and becoming. They can heal and they can kill. As words arise and return, they pave the way for denser frequencies to do their sine wave dance into and out of creation. Words and thoughts ripple and influence an endless sea of vibration.

The named and the ineffable remain united in their inherent difference and shared source. The creation bond shrouded in mystery. June asked us to reclaim language that supports natural truth. Unity through interrelatedness. Sometimes it isn't about the words themselves, but they space in-between. Sometimes what's left unsaid speaks the loudest. Listen to hear all of it. Listen to and for what is. Go deeper inside, to the pulse within the heart of mystery; and the subtle vibrations it produces.

I read a novel in June. It was the first novel I've read cover to cover in a long time, as I am typically spending reading time with astrology charts, my facebook feed, emails, nonfiction books, and op-ed articles.

This book, Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, captivated me for so many reasons. The descriptive language is poignant, accessible, poetic, and human. But beyond the words on the page, I was influenced by the spirit of the book. Here is an example of an author creating art of life and life of art. Her raw materials are the living intellect of what is. She weaves socio-cultural observation and personal experience into something with clean, clear weight. It fills me simultaneously with aspiration, longing, and satisfaction. So much so that I want to embrace, Anything. Myself. Life. The author and her characters. I want to take them into my mouth and belly and feel the truth of what is shared and what can never be fully known.

I will be honest.

So many of the words I read these days are facebook commentary and news articles brimming with promised terror. They leave me dejected and spiraling in cryptic mass of belief crises. I used to have faith in the power of dance and song and art and self-expression. Social media has turned that into an inner tide of sadness for the desperation so many have to be seen as a superficially generated version of self, and to profit off that. The constant torrent of personal branding and information-overload alongside news of major famine and cholera outbreaks overseas places me into a landscape of powerless confusion.

In our current world, what is worth our time and energy? This month, my rational answer to that query arose as: developing natural living and survival skills, helping alleviate hunger/pain/suffering, and making art.

More and more, the words and images I see are washing themselves away to reveal a sort of languishing. The tower of babel continues to dismantle itself and with it, its threads and tethers within our own psyches become visible in a different way and exposed as frayed. We are all a part of this marvelous mess and the marvelous mess is Us. Ancestors and parents lay foundation with 'good work and good intention.' In time, those foundations show wear and expose their faults. The next turn of the wheel brings descendants who learn from mistakes and course-correct, their faults and gifts to be honed and exposed in time.

Reading "Americanah" inspired me to write.

When I finished the book, an old spiritual came on the radio. I am reminded of people throughout time who sang to survive. Song and dance and giving voice to truth kept their spirits alive. Gave comfort, refuge, and belonging. Allowed a lineage to continue.

What power lies in our writings? In our songs? In our dance and theater and music? Is it possible that these creations hold the essence of All that Is? To claim our whole real story, and to be in and with and allow for the feelings. Art is a contribution of the willingness to be alive and inhabit our Life. Be that through making jewelry and furniture, weaving, painting, cooking, gardening, what have you. It's worth it. Because there is something intrinsically neutral and passionate and magic in the fabric of creation. The interPLAY of Om and that which can never be named. The marriage that makes life itself.

One other word-related thing happened for me in June that feels worth mentioning.

The article I published almost exactly one year ago in response to Philando Castile's publicized tragedy is now being translated and circulated in French, thanks to this bilingual reader and teacher.

Word, Sound, Power.


because all lives matter.

The Astrological Theme for July 2017 is "Manifest."

"Manifest" is defined as "clear or obvious to the eye or mind." Also, "to display or show a quality or feeling by one's acts or appearance. To demonstrate."

How do things become manifest?

There are plenty of how-to guides on manifestation. Many of them assume that if we stay positive and ignore the negative, we become magnets for abundance. There is also the thought that 'the universe' is at our service ready and waiting to give us whatever we want.

My feeling on these principles: ignorance/avoidance is not conducive to manifestation. The more clearly we observe and experience WHAT IS, the more power we have to create. 'The universe' and Nature does not exist to serve humans by giving them what they want. If our desire stems from truth (a place of stillness and connectedness with undifferentiated source energy), nature will meet it. We can learn to co-create in harmony with nature by dismantling the conditioning that has mistakenly asserted humans "power over" nature. Ultimately, nature is the greatest force and the ability to manifest comes from becoming more natural. 

Are there really fool-proof steps to manifestation? Is there such a formula for success that can be easily broken down into steps for the human mind to fully understand and employ?

A colleague recently asked me how my business became successful. A few major things came to mind for me. They are not listed in a particular order.

  1. Nature.
    1. This work was already in my bones, and has been since childhood. It evolved from a commitment to being, embracing, and growing myself and my natural propensities.
    2. I prayed for guides and teachers to help me find my way, and recognized them when they appeared. Once recognized, I devoted myself to learning from them.
    3. There was a passion and an intrinsic alignment that I felt. That my work and my spirit were connected. I had a sense of being spiritually supported, that nothing felt forced or contrived along the way.
  2. Fortune.
    1. People sensed my passion, my heart-felt commitment to the work, and something ineffable inside it. Drawn to that, they began requesting readings.
    2. I experienced lots of good luck and serendipity. There are many things I can attribute this to, but I'd prefer to leave it to the Great Mystery and not attempt to understand or explain.
  3. Parental and community modeling/sharing.
    1. My Dad is a solo-entrepreneur. Being in his presence as I came up definitely had an influence. He modeled for me life philosophies, behaviors, and patterns that I draw from continuously as I run my own business.
    2. Upon entering adulthood, i surrounded myself with allies who had similar interests and were business-minded. We networked, learned from, and supported one another.
  4. I benefit from privilege.
    1. I am a single white, cis-gendered straight-identifying, able-bodied and normative cognitive functioning female from an upper-middle class background. I benefit from my youth and attractive appearance.
    2. I had freedoms in time, energy, resources, and my psychic space that allowed me to be less-encumbered in developing my work.
  5. I did the work.
    1. Being an entrepreneur is a hustle. In my experience, it required constant funneling of energy and attention into the work and lifestyle I needed to cultivate in order to set the foundation and begin to grow.
    2. I have an anxious type-A personality, which lends towards staying busy and continuously perfecting talents.
    3. I showed up consistently with dedication and accountability.

Considering the outline above (not considered a users-guide to manifestation, but rather a description of experience), it becomes apparent that making things manifest involves both inner and outer elements of being: the potential and qualities that resides within a person as well as the external conditions. We need an apt balance of both - and one can influence the other.

Let's observe how things grow in the natural world. An acorn contains seeds of potential. It roots into the Earth, takes in water and light to gather nutrients, and slowly grows and extends into the fullness of its expression. From the ground up.

The process of manifestation seems to have to do with following one's intrinsic path and becoming less-encumbered along the way. Becoming, perhaps, more like nature.

There is a component of Mystery that we must always make room for. Part of making things manifest includes surrender. Remaining unattached. Be it not the will of thy small self. Be it the will of something greater. Thus, manifestation is an act of Service. The acorn does not become an oak tree in order to get what it wants. It becomes an oak tree because it is destined to, and fulfilling its nature is part of a mysterious grand design.

Whatever we try to manifest, we are privy that it may be born only to die and become replaced with something else. Some branches we extend may get struck by lightning or rot and need to die away in order to preserve what's at the core of our life.

That we are still willing to take the risk to make things manifest, despite the chance of total loss or unpredicted transformation, is important. This courage is part of our service to the greater whole. After all, there is the recognition that our creations never belonged to us. We were simply a conduit for bringing them about.

This month's featured artist, Hannah Seaman, happened to be the conduit for an image of a wild feminine character. Little did she know that as she doodled, the future was dreaming itself through her. Did she focus on the positive and demand the universe to fulfill her desires? I don't know. By her account, she simply relaxed into her morning with a cup of tea and felt her hand pick up the pencil to draw. The figure that came through was decorated with things that inspired her: leaves, feathers, and vines. She felt that the drawing had a spirit and a power of it's own. When she met the same figure in an oracle card by accident months later, the card was called "New Roots."

To make clear, to demonstrate, to manifest? It happens from the ground up.

What we Make Depends on Who we Are/Who we Be.

Becoming less-encumbered means relinquishing falsehood and uncovering the real.

May our creations be vital and imbued with the spirit of that which is eternal.

Magic Questions for July:

  • How have you manifested?
  • What is real within you?
  • What is eternal?
  • How do you connect with that which is eternal?
  • What is success to you?
  • What are some successes you've attained in your life and to what do you attribute them?
  • What are you currently manifesting? (Remember, Manifest means to "make clear" and "demonstrate.")
  • What motivates you?
  • What is one goal you would like to live into?
  • Want wants to be made through you?

Archetypal Medicine

July begins in sensitivity. Cancer season (June 21-July 21) is feeling, moody, and emotional. Cancer is the archetype of the Mother.

“These are three essential aspects of the mother: her cherishing and nourishing goodness, her orgiastic emotionality, and her Stygian depths.” —Carl Jung, Four Archetypes

The Mother is the creatrix of all. She is the rising and falling river and the reflective moon. A memory keeper. A preserver of life and lineage. Her womb is a storehouse of past, present, and future.

Notice the movements of the moon to gain more insight into what types of feelingscapes will be present. The moon changes signs every 2.5 days. This year, Mercury and Mars are also in Cancer. Cancer is driven towards security, nurturance, and protection.

What makes you feel safe? The Earth is our home. How can we cultivate a deeper sense of belonging?

The beginning of July features a building intensity and heightening of sensitivity. As the month progresses, the energy becomes stronger and more bold. Whatever pops in early July is an invitation to step more into ourselves. We have the power to make the most of our lives and leave the mark of Love.

Nature is Chock Full of Medicine

May this blog be a place to discover helpful natural remedies that can guide your way through this journey of life on Earth.

Stone Medicine for the Month from POUND Jewelry

Known as the "Stone of Manifestation" and "Success," Citrine holds within it an incredible sun-filled-light-energy that helps light the fire within us and empower us to the core. Citrine is one of the only minerals in the mineral kingdom (the other is Kyanite) that neither attracts nor retains negative energy, thus, it never needs to be cleansed. It is dense, alive, and awakening. Citrine helps us re-awaken our creative genius and brings it to life with zest and with courage. It assists in encouraging us to go after that which we desire most in our lives with persistence and dedicated focus. We decided to put this stone on gun-metal fist and chain to honor it's bad-ass nature and it's fire-y beauty. Rock On this Month, and Always! With love, the POUND girls.

Flower Medicine for the Month from Santosha Mama Birth and Wellness

Blackberry Flower Essence (Rubus armeniacus) While the petals of the Blackberry flower look delicate and fine, make no mistake: this flower carries an energetic signature for action. Blackberry flower essence helps us make a viable connection to our will and supports our competent manifestation in the world. This essence can help us translate our lofty soul-visions and desires (and over-emphasis on intentions) into concrete manifestation in our physical reality.  Use blackberry remedy to organize thoughts, prioritize, and accomplish your goals. ---Written by Jaime Fleres-Mizejewski of Santosha Birth & Wellness

In-Depth Transit Forecast

All times listed in EST

July 1 Chiron stations Retrograde (1:09am)

*Embracing Sensitivity* Chiron, the Wounded Healer asteroid, stations retrograde as the month dawns. Chiron is a centaur: with human head and torso and the lower body of a horse. Suffering is inherent to life. When Chiron stations, we feel the sensitivity of the soul wound: the part of our being that seems never to heal. When we fully embrace suffering, we are able to absorb the interrelation of all crucial elements of being. Healing is not about avoiding or transcending suffering. Au contraire. Chiron teaches us to endure and love the wounds that seem to never heal. In the radical act of loving acceptance, healing becomes the channel we travel towards integration. Our pain is a bridge; a gateway from our human self to Divine Self and back.

July 2 Mercury inconjunct Saturn (7:29am) Mars opposite Pluto (8:02am)

*Managing the Vision* Safety or freedom? The familiar or the foreign? Remaining home or journeying a distance? Secure borders or globalization? Keep the home fire burning and see the bigger picture. Claim your space here on Earth as your lens widens. Can we cultivate more of a sense of safety within ourselves and our environment? What is it going to take to feel like we truly belong here? It may require expanding our container. It's about creating global security. Locally, gestate the visions that will foster a healthy world family. Putting things in order is a sizeable project, but it can be done with solid faith and measurable segmented goals. Refine the uses of time and energy to support the higher mission.

*Rocket Fuel* Mars opposite Pluto is an intense, combative transit. The intensity tends to build a few days prior to its exact opposition. A struggle or a fierce drive is stirring. This energy is easily destructive, but it is better to utilize it for physical activity (dance, martial arts, and drumming especially) or strong, persistent focus and demonstrated actions towards a clearly defined goal. Excellent for alchemy, kinesthetic or ancestral therapies, and using concentration to accomplish shadow work. Build strength by sloughing off physical or psychic layers that keep you weak. Who is ruling the roost? Each of us has the faculty of will. It is a power that has the potential to transform everything. Dominate on purpose or be dominated by relinquishing your ability to decide. Sometimes the key to getting somewhere resides on firmly making a clear choice, and acting on it with determination. Wield power with integrity. Remember that true power belongs to Source; it is more than human. 

July 3 Venus sextile Chiron (7:15pm)

*Healing Love* A good day for planting dreams into the soil. Relationships and beauty take on an otherworldly quality. The love of the Earth and our flesh and the love of our dreams - are they close in color? Let go in order to ripen and merge with these riches.

July 4 Venus enters Gemini (8:11pm) Mercury square Uranus (8:51pm)

*Love of Language* Venus in Gemini appreciates the mind, communication, ideas, and people. An adaptable, evolution-oriented placement. A good time to pollinate, network, and explore what pulls your curiosity. Taste a little bit of everything. Skim off the top. Study, read, and write. Relate on the mental and verbal levels. On the challenging side, Venus in Gemini can tell lies and stories, or be incongruent in an endless fickle dance. This is a short, flirty transit (only lasts until July 31st), so take advantage! Meet and greet.

*Unexpected Interruptions* Nervous tension? Feeling unsettled or touchy? Taking things a bit too personally? Which direction will we end up going? Breathe. Exercise patience. But also, if anything has been stuck, now is the time to acquire insights on how to move. New thoughts and ways to perceive can emerge today. Let them settle before taking action. Let off some steam before saying Go.

July 5 Jupiter inconjunct Neptune (12:19am) Mercury trine Chiron (5:32am) Mercury enters Leo (8:20pm) Sun trine Neptune (8:46pm) Sun square Jupiter (10:44pm)

*Course Corrections* Dreams come and go like fish in a stream. Swimming in the Great Mystery, some fish are caught while others slip away. This transit can feel like a disappointment of a fleeting fish, or an elevation into a higher dream based in sacred reciprocity. Which dream has the true potential to take into reality? Loss or folly can lead to a come-to-Jesus moment. What do you believe in, even now? Adapt and readjust your faith.

*Healing Words* Be in your feeling center. Vulnerability is your strength. The accumulation of softness always overcomes whatever’s hard. There is a bridge of understanding now, between safety and surrender. Family and oneness. Belonging and spiritual communion. Find a home in listening to intuition and connecting through empathy.

*Speak from Center* Mercury in Leo speaks from the heart, the spine, and the central column. Inhabit yourself and your nervous system in full color. While Mercury is in Leo (until July 25), speech and thought arises from pride and self-love. Confidence bolsters your lens. Use your mind creatively. Play. Act. Tell jokes. Put on a show. Let your words radiate light and generosity. Bring forth loving expressions. Be yourself.

*Sensitivity and Belonging* Empathy and spirit are like an invisible bond between living beings. Today, dream and drift. Listen to music and nurture sentient beings. Imagine a world of eternal love and vision your place within that world. What inspires you now? What tugs at your heart strings and generates feelings of compassion? Who touched you today, and who did you touch? Each moment we have the ability to bring heaven on Earth through our choices to reach out to those who need it. Don't dream it, Be It.

*Over-Extended* Check yourself and your relatings. Energies are exaggerated or reaching past our healthy center now, especially in the realms of home/family and relationships. Are we accommodating something in order to "keep the peace" or avoid the discomfort of an argument? This can easily become collusion that preserves an unhealthy status quo. Seek a more authentic balance. As always with Jupiter transits, moderate. Use healthy restraint.

July 7 Mercury sextile Venus (9:18am)

*Fun and Frisky* Great day for lighthearted socializing, storytelling, and expressions of affection. There is a special interest in people and creating. Good chances to melt any conflict that might have arisen in the past few days with an emphasis on sharing from the heart. Get together and enjoy!

July 9 Full Moon in Capricorn (12:06am) Mars inconjunct Saturn (6:09am)

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 9 2017 (12:06amEST) is a catharsis. There is something ancient and karmic about this moon. We inherit the course lain by our ancestors; gifts, mistakes, and all. These histories live in our bodies. If ever a person experienced joy or ecstasy, it lives within our cells. If a trauma or disaster came to pass, its memory takes home in our flesh. Shadows are the mysterious leftovers of life that, when brought out of the realm of repression, become compost enriching the soil. The ashes of predecessors are fuel for the phoenix to rise and regenerate. Strong urges, emotions, and intensities can overwhelm and cause strife. Give them air, and use awareness and restraint. Create container for the alchemy of transformation. That which was hidden and controlling us under the surface becomes revealed. A volcanic evolution. Let what emerges be true. Let it come straight from the molten core; the heart of the Earth. Something held in for too long is released. Relief. An end to the war within. Metamorphosis.

For every New and Full Moon, find a complementary Movement Ritual on the Qoya Blog.

July 10 Sun opposite Pluto (12:35am)

*Death and Rebirth* A cycle of renewal. Darkness can come to light. Conscious awareness and shadow stare at each other from across the room. Unconscious forms of self-sabotage and self-destruction are revealed. Shed skin like a snake. You don’t need to have total control over others or your environment. You don’t need to be perfect or have all the answers. Let go and let God. Employ humility. Heal through deep insight. Research yourself. Penetrate the vulnerable sides of you. Bruised ego leads to evolution, allows us to connect ever more fully and deeply. This is intimacy: the infinite merging with source-stuff. 

July 14 Mercury inconjunct Neptune (2:19am) Sun inconjunct Saturn (2:29pm) Mercury sextile Jupiter (4:46pm)

*Ego and Oneness* Are you seeing clearly? Are you being totally honest with yourself? Ego personality and spiritual oneness could clash in perception. Can we love ourselves in a way that is loving to all? Let your ego and your personality be a golden example of spirit and empathy. Be a shining star. Not a celebrity, but one of the many points of light making itself seen and known in a blanket of black sky.

*Self-Responsibility* Obligation or dedication? What's your personal philosophy behind what you make real? Make a list of your responsibilities. Finish this sentence: "I am devoted to..." Order your responsibilities by value of your main devotions.

*Legends of Peace* Flowing transit for beautiful communications and social connections. Opportunities can come your way. Stay open-minded and enjoy the benefits of positive thoughts.

July 16 Mercury inconjunct Pluto (3:50pm)

*Acute Judgments* Is your perception too narrow or too grandiose? A yen for control and authority can sometimes lead to a lack of vitality and inner stiffness. The stiff reed is easier to break than the flexible reed. Soften self-importance. Relax judgements and cultivate faith, yet retain the ability to see deeper than what's exposed at surface level. Adapt to honest interpretations of what is. Trusting life can soften its experience.

July 17 Venus square Neptune (10:33am) Mars square Uranus (9:37pm)

*Love and Sacrifice* Martyrdom is often mistaken for compassion. True compassion is based on respect versus the need to save. At times, the desire to experience love is a tide so strong that it can confuse or deceive us. Today friendships, relationships, finances, and what we value most is awash in formlessness. At best, this promotes unconditional love. At worst, we are seeing through rose-colored glasses. This is a sensitive transit. It can lift us into higher states of being or lead us to disappointment. Our dreams can be unrealistic. What we desire to receive from others can soften our hearts and/or lead us astray. Remember we are all human and spiritual. The key is blending both well. What actions can you take to promote this balance? Journaling might be a good place to begin.

*Unexpected Actions* Rebellion. If the parents or the homeland misrepresent us, we must invent a new path. Quit playing by the rules. Exercise your inherent genius as you create rules belonging to the future. Resist. Stride towards independence. Behavior can be erratic, unpredicted, or off-the-wall. Be true to you and your like-hearted companions. Together, we blaze new trails.

July 18 Mars trine Chiron (9:22am) Venus trine Jupiter (4:09pm)

*Desire to Heal* Healing motions. Vulnerability is strength. Walk the bridge to deeper understanding. Right now, the way is clear. Move forth. Don't dream it, Do It.

*Growing Love* Opportunities for grace and attraction abound. Play! Let life be fun and flirtatious today, as if you were a bee visiting flowers under the glowing sun. No matter what is happening in the socio-political sphere, we can allow ourselves to be dazzled and seduced by loving leaves and blossoms. Taste the nectar. Relax into enjoyment, and let the story of life's delights move you.

July 19 Mercury trine Saturn (3:16pm)

*Stable Mind* Viewing the legend. "In times like these, it is helpful to remember there have always been times like these." (Author unknown) Speak to an elder today. A good day to establish order in mental tasks and communications. Considerations are practical and realistic, yet still imbued with a spirited nature. We are able to perceive the fated way forward.

July 20 Mars enters Leo (8:19am) Venus inconjunct Pluto (8:16pm) Sun square Uranus (8:25pm)

*Sovereignty* Do it proud. As Mars transits Leo (through September 4, 2017), we are invited to walk with confidence as Creators. Make your mark. Live your Life. Build the legend by your behavior. Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun. When we put our hearts and our sovereignty at the center of every action, like the Sun, things gather and warm at the spiritual fire. Because it gives them more love, it gives them more life. Do you. Radiate. This song is the perfect soundtrack for this transit.

*Compulsions* There is an anxiety when it comes to relationships and finances. To tightly control or to sample options? To use discipline or flirtation? Be affectionate and kind towards yourself. Notice what choices and changes naturally arise from the well of inner kindness.

*Changes* Ego gets an upgrade, rewire, reboot. Adapt. Today could feel touchy, restless, or inflamed. Let off some steam. Try not to take it all too personally. Part of you knows what you want and which direction to go. Another part wants to remain in a familiar environment. Part of you wants radical, immediate, effective action and feels quite rebellious. Another part Sun wants sensitivity, nurturance, and sentimental bonding. Adrenaline and emotion seem to counter one another. Can we have safety and boundaries even amidst rapid progressive change? Be your independent self and hug your loved ones closer. Honor the past, and carry things forth.

July 21 Sun trine Chiron (2:24am) Mercury conjunct North Node (5:49am)

*Healing Pathways* Light illuminates a rainbow bridge. We can continue to heal into a sense of belonging. The more we recognize all things with unconditional love, the realization that we are all essentially One, the more we inherit a sense of emotional security. There are myriad ways to heal. Approach the task not as though it will be complete. Approach healing as a delight to continually explore and reinvent.

*Seeing* The planet of the mind joins with the point of fate today. Words, presentations, and creations are taking us forward. The future asks us to be ourselves and to live our lives as art. Tell your stories. Tell the story of where we are going.

July 22 Sun enters Leo (11:15am)

*Pride and Passion* Peak heat season. Want to know about Sun in Leo? Go to the farmers market this month and look at the produce. Tomatoes! Spicy peppers! Eggplants! Onions! Leo is what is produced from accumulated light. Harness your fire and make something juicy with it. This month is time for play and grandiosity. Bring the fullness of Self to the table. Live it up in full color. Find your light, and shine it with consistency. What color is your light and where does it want to be directed? Wherever we put our light contributes to what we make in the world.

July 23 New Moon in Leo (5:46am)

The New Moon in Leo on July 23, 2017 (5:46amEST) is marvelous. This lunation begins our entrance into a historic eclipse cycle to take place in August. Warm by the light of the sun. Sunlight is an essential nutrient. As we absorb its essence, the seed of a new Self is born. Evolution is activated with verve and immediacy. How fun, to break free and be more of who we really are! How genius, that as we be more of ourselves, the world gains love. Consider this: as the world evolves, her creatures naturally adapt to new conditions. Like grapes heavy with the season, we ripen to contain the light of more life. Hold nothing back. Let the light in even more! Imagine the joy of being tasted at your fullness. Step out with passion and open your eyes to see the sun pour across another blessed day. We are strong. We are vital. We have the courage to walk, to run, to dance in childlike delight. We are invigorated. Bring forth the whole of life itself through the wonderous mask of our own essence.

For every New and Full Moon, find a complementary Movement Ritual on the Qoya Blog.

July 24 Venus opposite Saturn (10:54am) Mercury trine Uranus (12:33pm) Mercury inconjunct Chiron (3:20pm)

*Limited Love* Tough love and learning. Feelings of lack, deprivation, and hardship can characterize today. Maybe affections and finances are more cautious or restricted than you'd like. Relationships, money, and self worth limitations are teaching us which beliefs we need to shed and which beliefs shall become a healthy part of a stronger inner foundation. This transit invites us to mature our love, financial habits, and worthiness. Sometimes we don't know what we truly need until we feel its absence. Use this time to make real commitments. Make pleasure your discipline. Commit to building a deeper relationship with your Self, embracing your beauty, and realizing how much you are inherently worth. If something in your life doesn't reflect what you're worth, draw the line.

*New Insights* Genius! The future is now. Open yourself to new possibilities, new discoveries, and communication/technology connections that support Selfhood. Share ideas and grow. Intuition is strong and accurate. An excellent time for collective awakening. Grab your passionate insights and run toward freedom.

July 25 Mercury enters Virgo (7:41pm)

*Details* Mercury in Virgo (until September 30 because Mercury will retrograde in Virgo) is about detailed perception. Analysis and organization are in order. This is a process-oriented transit. What are the steps and tasks that need to be completed to get us where we are looking to go? How can we be of service? What is of practical use? Whatever is not useful can be discarded or reworked. Separate wheat from chaff. Great time to critique and improve operations. Excellent for getting health in good order. Beware not to obsess about perfection or cleanliness. Done is better than perfect. Purity is our nature and does not need to be planned or tracked. However, it can be supported through precision.

July 26 Sun conjunct Mars (8:57pm)

*Motivated* Energy is high! If excessive, it can lead to expressions of anger or blunt actions. Haste makes waste, so be sure not to let an intense drive become a loose cannon. Excellent day for going after desires and motivations, or initiating progress. Assert yourself and get things moving. Healthful sex and physical activity are recommended. Invite a stimulating dose of competition into the sphere. Creative pursuits for the win! 

July 30 Venus square Chiron (3:45am) Venus sextile Uranus (4:04am)

*Painful Love* Rejection or disappointment can color relationship and finances now. There is a feeling that something is missing. We are always working to integrate more of ourselves. What comes up now can lend insight towards healing. Seek advice from a guide or mentor. You are enough.

*Changing Relating* New relationships and fresh experiences in existing relationships and artistic expressions. Get out on the scene! Gather and see what others are creating. Do something different. It might well lead to a breakthrough in relation and creation.

July 31 Venus enters Cancer (10:54am)

*Love at Home* The love of kin. While Venus is in Cancer (through August 25, 2017), we show our affection through devoting ourselves to those we feel sentiment about. Nurture yourself and your beloveds. Identify what the most important needs are. The Mother-Child archetype is highlighted. How would you treat yourself if you were your own child? How would you treat yourself if you were the kind of mother designed to meet your own needs in a good way? When all else fails in love and money, Listen.

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It's an absolute gift to be able to continue this work. May this forecast be your graceful navigation guide, your invitation to return home, and your empowerment to step more fully into your astounding multidimensional Self.


To Life

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May we anchor the highest dreams of our collective heart into reality.