August 2017 Forecast: Support

Whether it is in a rock/crystal, a human, an animal, an angel—-support shows up.
— Becca Kannapell of POUND Jewelry

August Artist Feature:

POUND Jewelry was birthed through a combining of creative forces within our family to help one another through some very intense life challenges. We came together as Mother and Daughters/Sisters to open a life-gate that felt blocked. We needed one another in order to push through the barricade. And so we created. As we designed jewelry together, we found that the actual pieces we were working with to create what felt like bad-ass beautiful armor in the shape of necklaces/adornment came as reinforcement in and of themselves. The powerful properties and minerals inside of the actual rocks/stones we use became known to us as we could FEEL them when we wore them. The became "rocks" of support. POUND Jewelry wearers were reporting they FELT stronger, more empowered, more "themselves" when wearing the jewels. Whether it is in a rock/crystal, a human, an animal, an angel---support shows up.  Ask for help. Share your desires. Tell the truth. In this way, we not only support ourselves, we also buttress one another. Our heart-beats become louder and stronger and more profound until maybe even the rest of the world can sense the reverberation and feel held as well. Rock On. <3 

The Astrological Theme for July was "Manifest."

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Oh, the manifest world. It seems so harsh and disappointing sometimes. And yet somehow, it is rooted and guided by the miraculous.

In July, alongside the Capricorn Full Moon, I felt an immense urge to seize control of my life. With the emphasis of transiting Cancer, my emotions were eating me alive. I felt overcome with fear and anxieties. The Mars-Pluto opposition hovering above gave rise to apocalyptic notions. I became privy to my limits. My lack. The areas of life and self I needed to fortify. July was a pressurized container. It brought in weight and intensity. It demanded we do hard things. It made for more maturity.

To cope with and capitalize on the energy, I needed to strengthen myself through the discipline of letting go.

We better ourselves through letting go. The less we attach to and the less we are, the more we can be in alignment with that which is beyond us. Keep releasing until nothing but nature is left.

I stripped myself and my addictions and my comforts and my behaviors down to the most essential factors. I made myself do hard things I didn't want to do. I simplified my diet. I eliminated distractions (caffeine, alcohol, facebook, the news). I endured the discomfort of being without my pacifiers.

Nearly 3 weeks later, and it's been so damn refreshing. The fears and anxieties have greatly subsided. My body and inner systems are healing and finding reset. I am also seeing more how and where I resist gaining achievement through avoiding self-discipline. I have become aware that there is much more work to be done over time.

In times like these, holding firm boundaries is important. It is one thing to distance oneself from reality - it's another thing to take care of our mental and physical health by resisting the non-essential.

In a consumerist culture, we are constantly being prodded and programmed to use more, buy more, gain more, learn more. What if the answer to a lot of the problems persisting in the world was as simple as this:


To those who might say turning off the news is akin to avoiding reality, I inquire: which reality? In my break from the "real world" horrors, I found myself less interested in the neuroticism of human affairs. I naturally gravitated towards the woods for therapy and rejuvenation. I felt a deep desire to listen and connect with what is most important; that which I usually miss or feel separate from in the human world. Slowly yet thoroughly, I felt an anchoring to the essential, and a deep accompanying relief.

According to my clients, July did deliver its theme of Manifest. Projects were announced or completed. Jobs and relationships were ended and begun. Things that weren't in integrity came to a head and asked to be squarely addressed. Opportunities emerged into plain sight.

There is something of a swift tide moving beneath our evolutions, and we are asked to face and endure the tests along the path.

Keep hope, and strengthen your connections as we continue to encounter the real beneath the real beneath the real. We are approaching a destined Eclipse season...

The Astrological Theme for August 2017 is "Support."

August 2017 is an incredibly historic month. We are officially in eclipse season. Eclipse season, which occurs approximately every 6 months, always bring change and further evolution towards our destiny. They are always strongly influential. But many things about this particular cycle feel especially potent.

Eclipses occur when the luminaries (the Sun and Moon, which represent conscious and unconscious components of self) contact each other along the nodes of fate axis. This axis is known as the "dragon's head and dragon's tail." While it's not entirely linear (we can symbolize this axis as the Ourobouros, pictured here:)

there is generally an understanding that the South Node, or the dragon's tail, is a point of release, whereas the north node, or the dragon's head, is the point of accumulation - similar to how it works in our own human bodies (i.e. we eat and we poop). Together, these cycles of birth and death, of acquiring and eliminating, create wholeness, infinity, and eternal life.

Collectively, these eclipses in Leo represent the death and birth of rulership.

In short, we are asked to rule ourselves. The old King (within us as well as outside of us) will no longer suffice. The tables always turn. The nature of creation is that what goes out and becomes conscious and expressed, must always return. Come back in. To source. To formlessness. To that which is egoless and undifferentiated. To the dreaming, our spiritual home.

This month, we will be motivated to be ourselves. To love ourselves. To express ourselves. We must be willing to shine and take pride in our essence. To take our star seat, which is a throne for the inherently honorable. The passions and desires in our hearts will ask for attention and action. They may require us to take risks. Risk is intrinsic to world-changing creation.

It takes strength, will, and courage to divorce ourselves from addiction and external dependence. What if it's not up to anything but you? What if you could look at this life as a game and pleasure playground? Would you live differently than you are right now? What would happen if you followed your heart?

What would happen if everyone stepped into their lives as loving, sovereign creators?

Our lives are a story being told. What story are you choosing to tell?

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Don't just listen. Dance YOU doing YOU.

So why is the theme of the month Support? Because

bringing creations into the world takes a village. 

Admit it. You cannot do this alone. And why would you want to? It's so much more fun with friends. We are not meant to do life or creating alone. We can be inspired by others. We are meant to weave our creative light together to make a world of joy.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel shinier. Let them fortify your confidence and willpower. Celebrate often. Participate. Encourage yourself and each other to go for it and express from the heart.

Why are you here if not to bring more joy into this crazy world? You are allowed to claim your own marvelousness and allow that to manufacture and regenerate until it overflows to warm the hearts and spirits of everyone you meet.

These eclipses teach us to become less dependent and more interdependent.

They ask us to anchor light and treasure it like a sacred flame. Not to let it burn out.

If you miss the village, remake the village.

Ask for support. Give help that is needed. Spend time making stuff. Witness others. Own your story at center stage. Let the legends of others wind through you and inform your direction.

Oh, what will we make next?

Recommended Eclipse Rituals

For the Full Moon August 7

  • Open sacred space. Call in angels and lightbeings to assist you in your ceremony.
  • Identify where you feel cold, rigid-minded, and inflexible. Notice habits rooted in the past, long-held ideas, isolationism, and ways you have chosen to stay small or resist shining your light. Write down those feelings and their WHY. Example: "I notice that I tell myself my work doesn't matter because it isn't generally accepted by society. That makes me feel insignificant and resistant to continuing to express myself. That is probably related to the fact that i rarely ever feel like I fit in."
  • Now write down what makes you unique and special. Write down what gifts you have to offer the world, and what it would feel like to be seen and applauded for those gifts. Take a moment to listen for a message from your heart, and write that down. Really feel into your heart and imagine opening it towards yourself. Ask your heart: What are you willing to create?
  • In a safe space, make a prayer and say out loud: "I acknowledge, thank, and release rigidities within myself. I welcome and embrace my heart's creations and bringing my special light into the world." Add anything else that feels right.
  • Burn your writings as offerings for purification, transformation, and to send your prayers to spirit.
  • Give thanks. Listen for any messages or invite energy from the angels and light beings to surround and move through you. Close the space.

For the New Moon August 21

  • Journey to meet the Lion. You could do this through making art, meditation, wakeful dreaming practice, or journaling.
  • First, open sacred space.
  • Notice how the lion looks and feels. What gender is the lion? What are its qualities and capabilities? Greet the lion and say, "I am here to honor you."
  • Notice how the lion wants to be honored and what its response is to your statement.
  • Focus on the Lion's heart. Feel the energy there. Notice how it feels, and if it radiates.
  • Now feel your own heart. What does your heart feel like? What is at the center of your heart?
  • Hold both hearts in your awareness. Feel into the heart of hearts.
  • Notice a connection being formed between the center of your heart and the center of the heart of the lion. Feel the energy passing between your two hearts.
  • When the connection is complete, bow to the lion and say thank you. Ask if it has any messages or directions for you.
  • Afterwards, journal in a stream of consciousness: I love, I am, I will. Write what you love. Write what you are. Write what you are willing to be and do to bring the creative essence in your heart and the lion's heart forth. Ex: I love music. I am a talented singer. I will allow my voice to be heard loudly, clearly, and by many people.
  • Close the space.

Archetypal Medicine

The Stone People

What could be more supportive than the very rocks that create our foundation? In Indigenous traditions, stones and rocks are seen as memory keepers. This month when in need of support, connect with stones. Lay upon them, sit upon them, or invite them into your meditations. Listen to the stones and rocks. If you aren't sure where you are headed or what you are meant to create, sit with the stones and be still long enough to accumulate a sense of harmony with their stillness and their knowledge.

Curious how this month's astrology, and especially the eclipses, resonate with your particular charts?

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Nature is Chock Full of Medicine

May this blog be a place to discover helpful natural remedies that can guide your way through this journey of life on Earth.

Stone Medicine for the Month from POUND Jewelry

Amethyst is an incredible stone that can be used as an ally in almost any situation. Lately we POUND girls have been using it as a source of supportive and even protective armor in that it keeps external ideas/people/forces from inhibiting our natural inclinations to be ourselves. You can put it by your bed at night to help you sleep if your mind has a hard time calming down, you can use it as talisman to remind you that overindulgence always leads to feeling like other than yourself. Amethyst is a buddy and helps light our internal fire of creative life-force. It supports us in shining our brightest selves out into the world and attracting our tribe directly toward us. Not to mention, it's stunning to wear. With love, the POUND girls

In-Depth Transit Forecast

All times listed in EST

August 3 Uranus stations Retrograde (1:31am)

*Crazy Change* We feel this transit for approximately one week (beginning around July 31). Uranus is the planet of sudden awakening, rebellion, freedom, and change. Things can feel unstable and chaotic at this time. Technology could falter. Accidents or surprises occur. Volatility is in the air and life is unpredictable now. Nourish the nervous system. Follow impulses to connect with others, yet retain your unique gifts. Rebel and reinvent. Open the gates for divine to move through you as a channel. This is a radical and possibly crazy time when our eccentricities and existence outside the status quo can take lead in how our future as a humanity evolves.

August 4 Jupiter square Pluto (2:48pm)

*Increasing wealth* A hunger for power. A thirst for growth. This is one of those combinations that promotes unstoppable expansion. It can carry us forward no matter what. Source can flow through us, a formidable force with the power to overcome any perceived obstacle or restriction. All it takes is trust. Beware the shadow side. Sometimes we can be so believing that our minds become dogmatic. Sometimes in the embracing of our power, we can overlook the dark underpinnings that drive us from the unconscious, primal, or reptilian state of being. The best way to use this transit? Believe in and align with the inherent goodness of life. Allow that to guide how you utilize your connection to source. First of all, what is wealth, actually? Is numbers in a cloud? Or is it personal satisfaction, community, health, and a viable future for our beloved descendants? Is wealth the ability to purchase mass-produced goods and fly around the world? Or is it having a sense of identity connected to the land where you live, providing meaningful service, and supporting all the brothers and sisters around you? There is a direct link between true wealth and morality. It's a simple equation. Wealth is an internal sense of fulfilling abundance, and it is the birthright of all who exist on this generous planet. It makes no difference if you have $15 or $150,000. When you have love in your heart, people to care for and people who care for you, a connection to spirit, and the recognition that all things in this world ARE YOU (rather than belonging to you), you are a fortunate being. This transit can point to greed, excessive pride, and a drive towards success. Ambition is healthy when your cause is ethical. Build off a foundation of gratitude. Be an example of one committed to your ideals. True power is vested in the hands of the many. Bond with that power deep within yourself and your loved ones, and increase it with loving nurturance care. A culture of nurturance and connection will fertilize this loving planet.

August 5 Sun inconjunct Neptune

*Dreams and Being* Are your energies sapped? Today, revisit your direction in life and whether it matches your ideals. What can you physical vitality honestly sustain? We gain energy from honestly pursuing what inspires us. Is your current path sustainable? Does it nourish your spirit? Avoid doing everything yourself. Ask for help. Nature never rushes, and yet everything gets done. You have an eternity to complete your spiritual tasks.

August 7 Full Moon in Aquarius (2:11pm) Partial Lunar Eclipse (2:22pm)

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 7 (2:11pmEST) is a partial lunar eclipse. Eclipses are like reset buttons. The luminaries (Sun and Moon) straddle the lunar nodes of fate. The conscious and unconscious elements of our Self feel a magnetic pull towards destiny. Do you feel the call to create? You are a creator. Sometimes, before embarking on creative journeys we long to take, we ask ourselves, "but who am I to make this? Am I enough?" Creation takes courage. It requires honest self love. Be proud of yourself and your adorations. This confidence will fuel the fire needed for spirit to move through you. Creation comes not from ego. Wield makings that benefit humanity. Ultimately, it is spirit's creation. Your mission is to feel your heart and follow its yearnings. This moon has momentum. Don't just dream it. Be it. Quell frustration, anger, or impatience with clear, direct action. Get physical. Make moves. How to know what action to take? How to know which way to go? Let your heart lead and body follow. The path of the heart is not always linear or logical. But it is honest. Trust it anyway. Harness your special love light within; a unique shade, tint, and hue. Store and cultivate it until it radiates out, making a prismatic rainbow interwoven with the human community. In our uniqueness and our interconnected radiance, we make and sustain a more loving world.

For every New and Full Moon, find a complementary Movement Ritual on the Qoya Blog.

August 9 Sun inconjunct Pluto (4:10pm)

*Work and Play* To be, or not to be? That is the question. Relax. Nothing is under control. Surrender. Release even the idea that you or anyone you know has control. We are all making it up as we go. The rules last for a while, and then they change. Knowing this should fortify your personal power rather than take away from it. We can teeter today between adultish wisdom and childlike pleasure. A force greater than us yet intrinsic to us encompasses the whole of our darkness and our light. Not to favor one over the other. Our brightness and our shadow together makes a masterful elixir. 

August 10 Mercury sextile Venus (5:03am) Mars inconjunct Neptune (9:31am) Sun sextile Jupiter (5:24pm)

*Helping Friends* Yesterday and today were a bit sensitive and soppy. We've been saying good bye to something. We express love now through acts of service, nurturing, and tangible care. Clean up. Attend to details. Feed someone. Help others and look for a solution where everybody wins. If there is conflict or competition, problem-solve. It starts with truly listening as if those who are challenging you are kin. Everyone's well-being can become nourished if we help each other.

*Rejuvenate* Energy can feel depleted today, so take time to rest and imagine. Are there energy leaks in your life or holes in your boundaries? Are you overextending yourself in some way? Many of us frequently move beyond the confines of our healthy center. Meditate on those leaks. Use music, compassion, dreams, and artistic endeavors to cleanse yourself, rejuvenate, and balm those vulnerabilities. Re-balance the ideal and the real.

*Synchronicities* Open. Friendly. Legendary. Have faith and optimism now. A great time for opportunities through expressing yourself in social settings. Come alive!

August 12 Venus trine Neptune (1:17am) Mercury stations Retrograde (9:00pm)

*Sweet Sensitivity* Dreamy, imaginative, drifting. Our perceptions are attuned to the most subtle of influences. They can affect us emotionally. Vulnerabilities reveal and cleanse. Romance and rose-colored glasses can take us to sweet heights and depths now. Be gentle, and hold all with love.

*Hold that Thought* Travel out of whack? Thoughts skewed? Messages cross-wired? Mercury, God of messages, siblings, learning, communications, and short-distance travel, is stationed in the sky above and turning retrograde. This time, the Mercury Rx journey goes through Leo and Virgo, and it's all about reprogramming our abilities to use our radiant, confident egos in service to the Earth. This is the devotional place in the sky where our hearts meet our hands and the path of our pleasure becomes skilled work and contributions to others. For so long, Western culture has thrived off the kind of pride that devolves into hubris and ignores reciprocal relating with nature. We are now evolving to embrace a humble sovereignty. This has the potential to become our bread and butter. Great time to fix things, go over mistakes and processes and bring things to completion. Mercury is Retrograde until September 5 and clears its shadow September 20. Best to avoid major contracts and decisions until after the retrograde clears, if possible.

August 13 Sun trine Saturn (5:06pm)

*Steady Progress* How we express ourselves and the direction we are headed is supported, now. Recognition and praise. Steady yourself. Focus on ethic, determination, and drive. See things through to the end. Work for longterm interests. Cultivate wisdom and share knowledge with vibrancy. This is a grounded transit. The deeper our roots, the higher our branches can reach. Root to nature. Root to truth. From there, create.

August 15 Venus opposite Pluto (7:17am)

*Shadows in Love* Love transforms. It can be intense and passionate. When we don't feel ownership of our own power, it is easy to feel threatened. Relationship, money, and family drama can run amok now. Power struggles, covert manipulations, or obsession can ensue. Note the potency of your biological urges. What is coming up around survival? Pursue inquiry around relationships, sex, money, and Love at the most basic level. What are your primary habits and patterns? Some of your foundations and structures may need to shift to support empowerment. There is a longing to feel safe. Attend to that need. Be deeply honest about the changes that need to be made, and take concrete action. You will always belong within the home inside yourself.

August 16 Mars inconjunct Pluto (6:37am)

*Don't Push* Nothing needs to be hurried or forced. Go slow and peer within. We are about to take some meaningful actions. To pause until alignment is just right will be worth it. The appropriate transformations are already underway.

August 17 Venus square Jupiter (2:40am)

*Easy Breezy* A nice emotional release after the last couple of days. Affections and indulgences can run high. Not a work-oriented transit. More for leisure. It is easier to perceive what others think and need today. That can be great for connection and networking, however it can also quickly turn to lack of selfhood. The solution? Don't give a damn what anyone else thinks! It's none of your business. Your path is for you alone. If you find yourself too caught up the perceptions of others, simply write down what others might think and burn it. Let that stuff go. Nobody has time for that.

August 18 Venus inconjunct Saturn (2:55pm)

*Friendship and Responsibilities* Similar to yesterday, the relational aspect needs a reorientation today. To what extent are we responsible to ourselves and where are we responsible to others? How much of our time is going towards nurturing and listening to the outer world and how much is inner? Hold important boundaries for yourself first. Bring it back home. This enables you to care for your relationships in a balanced way.

August 20 Sun inconjunct Chiron (12:21pm) Mars sextile Jupiter (12:42pm)

*Integrating self and Self* Don't be discouraged. Whatever we lose or let go of makes us more of who we really are. You are allowed to be seen. You are encouraged to come out of hiding. Sometimes it's natural to remain in the background. This is one of those times when we are invited to step into the light. The light of spirit. The light of inspiration. The light of our own creativity. Allow source to flow through you in full color.

*Open Pathways* Go live your story. There is no time to waste. If you have been restraining or resisting or holding yourself back in some way, it's time to tap into the undercurrent that is carrying all of us into a brighter future. There is fate in this river. Ride it with strength into your destiny. Your ability to truthfully shine restores balance.

August 21 Sun trine Uranus (2:22am) Total Solar Eclipse (2:26pm) New Moon in Leo (2:30pm)

The New Moon in Leo on August 21, 2017 (2:30pmEST) is also a Total Solar Eclipse (2:26pmEST). In the sky above, both the sun and the moon are currently aligned with the Heart of the Lion. This is the brightest star in the constellation Leo. The star, named Regulus, denotes royalty and was referred to by ancient astrologers as "the little King." New Moons are always a time to set intentions. On this particular New Moon, make intentions of joy, celebration, and personal sovereignty. Open your heart. Connect with your heart of hearts. What would it feel like to simply love, without grasping or attachment? What would it feel like to give of that love generously, straight from the center of your heart, spinning out joy like a star blessing all of creation? Dance that feeling. Live it. Take something serious you have been concerned about and play with it. Tickle its belly. Tell it jokes. See what happens. Life is a game. Call in your highest self and roll the dice within the principles of nature. Extend the wonder of consciousness into every realm of being.

"Do the inner work in an outer world." Elias Lonsdale

The more you are your conscious self, the more we can shift paradigms together. Life is art. Make yours a masterpiece. If for no other reason, do it because it's fun. Rejoice!

For every New and Full Moon, find a complementary Movement Ritual on the Qoya Blog.

August 22 Mars trine Saturn (9:21am) Sun enters Virgo (6:20pm)

*Grounded Action* Move in a good way. A firm root makes our bodies and our efforts much stronger. Source from the ground. Our actions can be inspired and supported if they are authentic to who we are and what we are meant to accomplish. Employ strength and passionate determination. Take steps that will lead you down a path of truth for the long haul. Measure it - and then DO it. Sometimes the only thing that separates us from fulfillment is clear and determined action not yet taken.

*Details and Skills* Sun in Virgo marks the final part of the summer season. This is the time of year when all the play and fun (Leo) we had comes back to order, organization, and refinement. It is a time of busyness and work. In the gardens and fields, it is the harvest time. Sorting, cleaning, and storing for the coming cold occupies our minds and dextrous hands. Clean things out and set things up to support a fruitful and supportive coming season change. Tailor your actions to service. Engage humility. Come down to Earth.

August 24 Venus trine Chiron (2:00am) Venus square Uranus (3:01pm)

*Healing Love* This is an excellent transit for friendships and relationships, worthiness, and resources. We are extra sensitive to a sense of emotional and spiritual harmony. Dissonance must be dissolved through compassionate relating. Relationships and values can be your link to humanity now. Ease suffering with kindness. Also great for seeing where to integrate financially, and aligning your monetary goals with your highest aspirations. Moving towards your dreams can be supported by loved ones. Notice what is truly beautiful today.

*Unexpected Arrivals* Fresh influences in relating can come onto the scene. Perhaps a new community with foreign interests. Or exciting friends and lovers. Resources can go through a shift. The comfortable and familiar might need to adjust to accommodate what you want now as an independent person. Embrace the excitement of changing your look, upgrading possessions, or experiencing new folk and endeavors.

August 25 Saturn stations Direct (8:08am)

*Total Trust* We feel this transit for about a week on either side (approx. August 18 to September 1). Saturn is the place in our chart where we may feel blocks, restrictions, or a sense of lack. It rules karma, time, and daddy issues. During this week, we may be especially aware of our limitations. We may also see how we can anchor into a structure or foundation that will carry us to the fulfillment of our purpose. A sense of purpose emerges from facing and overcoming adversity. A sense of realness crystallizes. A diamond is made of coal that has been stressed and pressurized. Now that Saturn is moving forward, it is time to anchor and complete the structures we've been thinking about and have not yet brought to fruition. Responsibilities and intended activities that aren't worth it will need to be pruned so we can focus our energies on that which is essential. We are asked to have faith and live in trust, even when we feel awash in unknown.

This transit is important to note because Saturn will continue moving direct to complete its journey in Sagittarius, where it has traversed since December 2014. Read more about Saturn in Sagittarius here and here. During the past nearing 3 years, we have been on a quest. Living in the question. Beliefs and philosophies and perspectives that paved our minds and influenced are creations have been tested. Those found to be bunk had to be stripped. Those discovered to be authentic can now be fortified and kept as a rock for us moving forward. An immense amount of growth, expansion, and globalization has occurred. We will be completing that journey and beginning to address our excesses when Saturn moves into Capricorn beginning December 19, 2017. In the meantime, have faith. Trust life regardless.

August 26 Venus enters Leo (12:30am) Sun conjunct Mercury Rx (3:42pm)

*Radiant Pleasure* Venus in Leo loves fun! Our relationships, friendships, partnerships, appearance, values, and finances come with a dramatic flair. We are attracted to the bold, the centric, the vibrant, the self-confident, the generous, the noble, the extravagant, the marvelous and artistic. Indulge attentions, affections, and adorations. Place your love center stage. Praise yourself and others! See and be seen.

*Detailed Messages* Mercury the messenger is in court with the King, the Queen, the Sovereign. Speak with discernment. Be refined and exacting with word and thought. Express your role, your job, your service. Because Mercury is retrograde, it is likely that we will encounter problems that need solving. Processes that need re-doing. Don't fix it if it isn't broken, but notice what improvements can be made to the mechanics of life. Details need to be hashed out. Worry not. Avoid over-analysis. This could be one of those days where it is hard for people to see outside their bubble, and we can become overwhelmed by complexities. Get the job done, but avoid taxing the nervous and digestive systems. Body-mind-centering practices can help. When tasks are complete, take a mental break.

August 27 Jupiter sextile Saturn (8:15am)

*Sustained Growth* Policies, perspectives, and social connections have the potential to make long-lasting impact now. The way is open and supported for authentic, balanced, and practical developments. Stay true, stay real, and success will be yours eventually. Not the provocative, short-term excitement success. The type of achievement that will last a lifetime. Consider journaling about how you define your truest form of success.

August 31 Mercury Rx re-enters Leo (11:28am)

*Remembering to Shine* Mercury retrograde now dips into Leo. Out of the land of practical considerations (Virgo), the messenger planet dives back into the realm of learning by and speaking from our hearts. There is a lot of energy here, a lot of drive and motivation. Burn off excess energy with physical movements, direct and passionate actions, and cardiovascular activities. Relieve frustration or anger with dedicated pursuits. Celebrate the joys you've come by so far and where they stemmed from. Get on stage or in the spotlight. Now through September 4 (when Mercury goes direct), continue to consider what you came here to create.

September 1 Mars inconjunct Chiron (2:02am)

*Adjusted Behaviors* What is motivating your actions and desires? Is it selfish, selfless, or a mix of both? What if none was the right answer? Simply notice what drives you. It may be time for an adjustment to come into deeper self-and-oneness integration.

Curious how this month's astrology resonates with your particular charts?

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It's an absolute gift to be able to continue this work. May this forecast be your graceful navigation guide, your invitation to return home, and your empowerment to step more fully into your astounding multidimensional Self.


To Life

As always, THANK YOU for your support.

May we anchor the highest dreams of our collective heart into reality.