October 2017 Forecast: Inner Realms

Image and words by  T. Thompson  IG: @T.squares

Image and words by T. Thompson IG: @T.squares

October Artist Feature:

T. Thompson, film photographer, artist, mystic. Transformative imagery interrogates the current plane while creating anew against the old. Imagery allows us to traverse realms. Journey without borders. Travel to histories and futures that are yet to be realized. Imagery tells a story to our psyche. These narratives are living threads twined in DNA.  Journeying into these realms can provide raw data and insight on what has otherwise been concealed, forgotten and unconfronted. Here in these realms a power awaits. A power to liberate, transmute and realign karma. These inner realms are where we meet our gods. Our deities. We are stripped naked of ego and falsehood that keep us encased on a linear plane. Here is where we shed the former to know and experience our divine nature.

Where we are meeting our gods.

The Astrological Theme for September 2017 was "Kindred Spirits."

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When we dance with the unknown, we grow to contain more infinity.

This past month is hard to place.   What happened?

The ways we knew ourselves and our lives changed.

Some were devastated by loss and extreme weather. Others got married and embraced a new version of identity. Others forged a new path in their work or made decisions to move home.

I asked my community what word they would use to describe September 2017 in their life. They said:

  • stressful
  • incredible
  • dynamic
  • dark
  • multi-dimensional
  • transition
  • full-spectrum
  • revolutionary love
  • evolving
  • wild ride
  • expansive
  • metamorphose
  • high highs, low lows

My descriptor for September is "at the edges." Much fortune and opportunity unfolded this month. It also pushed me to my edges, and called me to move to the places beyond them to where I've never gone before. It took me to what I previously thought of as my limits. And now my limits are changed.

Sometimes life offers us things that we genuinely don't know if we can handle or not. It is often inviting us into depth and complexity and... infinity.

In times like September, what do we turn to? What resources do we have to draw from? The astrological theme was "kindred spirits."   We have each other. We can turn to our kin. Our relations. The spirits of our ancestors that entwine around each strand of our own DNA. We can listen with our own innate power and connection to source. We can sense the support of the land we reside on and the plants and animals that permeate our environments. We have the innately co-experienced and constantly evolving connectedness with all "other" things and beings.

So many of us could look at the list above about September and say, "Me too."

It is truth in us that makes us kindred.

We've all been there. That somewhere of success or failure. That point of desperation and ecstasy that colors the world new shades of prismatic attention.

Let's be ourselves wherever we are, see each other and say, "that was once me, too. And sometimes still is." Or, "I haven't made it there yet, but I'm on my way."

And always, to yourself, to kin and life: "I love you. I see you. I thank you. I'm with you."

The Astrological Theme for October 2017 is "Inner Realms."

I love T. Thompson's image for this month. Most of her film photography portraits (which you can find on her instagram @T.squares) capture the movement and undefinable emotional symbolism of human experience.

Practicing astrology for the past 8 years has shown me some things. A funny thing is, we walk around pretending we're people. We see each other's bodies and faces and job titles and social roles and such.

But when clients sit across from me in session and I feel them and their charts, their depth is almost indescribable. Words are a clunky and inadequate way to measure an inner reality. Each person contains worlds within worlds. Here we are, together encountering myriad fears, doubts, anxieties, unbelievable gifts, immeasurable lightness, intrinsic intelligence, intersecting timelines.

We often pause together to shed holy tears of astonishment.

The terrain of the inner landscape can be as distinct as it is infinite.

Traversing inner realms can literally take us anywhere and everywhere. And it's astonishing how the inside-out spaces and textures can vary so much from what resides outside.

Many of us spend a lot of time in distraction and aversion to the inner planes of being. Their wilds are mysteries society leaves mostly unpacked. We can make space for this. We can take time to encounter the inner planes of being. For here is...

Where we are meeting our gods. - T. Thompson

Consider. It may be intentional that so many distractions abound, cloying to keep you from your inner realms. It is a radical and stupendous act to separate from the external world enough to access your internal silence. The layers beneath the layers, at your very core.

This is the placement of true power: where we meet our gods.

Much needs to die. We need not fear death.

The clients I have seen in the last couple weeks are on edge. Limitations and ancestral histories and shadows are burgeoning to be reckoned with. Disappointments have taken place. High stakes are arising.

Within myself, I've been sensing things within that make me squirm. As new opportunities for greatness are revealed, I am seeing where I am attached to my own weakness.

These things emerge so they can purge. We must summon our inner forces to be able to reckon with them, undo the trauma or whatever magnetic holds them in our field, and make a choice to enter the unknown.

Trust the darkness.

This month we enter a season of death.

Death is not just something that happens to the body - we experience death as a part of life constantly. Death of a relationship. Death of a part of our self or our identity. Death of a habit or behavior. Death of a belief. Death of a culture. Death is the end that makes way for something new. It is an important and necessary aspect of growth. But letting things die is HARD. - Cassie Barrett of Death Activism

In some spiritual and shamanic traditions, it is encouraged to "practice death" as much as possible. The power of the holy threshold between life and death is acknowledged. It is the domain of the Great Mystery.

Not-Knowing is essential to evolution.

If something great feels at stake right now, acknowledge it and let it go. That doesn't mean give up. That doesn't mean self-destruct. It means retrieve all tentacles of energy back into your own sphere. Empty yourself out and fill with that which is divine (the ultimate not-you).

Become the silence. In this way, give yourself as much care and support as you possibly can - so much that you remove your dependency on whatever is at stake.

Through letting go, we merge with the infinite as it desires us.

We make ourselves available to channel the formlessness, the spacelessness, the senselessness, the unknowable, into the tangible realms. Thus, divine can be of greater influence. In other words, let go and let god.

This month, practice conscious release.

If something is bothering you during the death process, whisper it into a stone and throw it into a river. Bury it. Write it on paper and burn it. Scream it at the top of your lungs. Banish it and at once, love it and tell it that no harm will come to it. Put things in their rightful place. Call all parts of yourself here, now.

Every ounce of the invisible you is needed for the journey ahead.

May your power be restored. May your soul and humanity be entirely reclaimed. May life meet you and you meet yourself in the deepest and most thorough of ways.

Let the veils fall

and confront wordless essence -

we all came from this blackness

and its orgasmic spark of light.

L'Chayim. To Life, and blessings on your journey.

Archetypal Medicine for this Month

Photo by danhuse

Photo by danhuse


Jaguar medicine is about power, protection, and seeing in the dark. A courageous and stealthy beast, jaguar moves through the unknown using patience and speed, in addition to relying on its inner eye and psychic skill. Trust instinct and intuition, even if things on the surface look different from what you know inside. Call on jaguar to help protect your psychic space and assist in reclaiming your power. Jaguar presides in the realm of transformation. Some spiritual work can only be done solo. Make space for yourself this month, and journey to receive medicine visions to guide your way.

Photo by Julien Laurent

Photo by Julien Laurent


Highly intelligent sight-holders, crow has a special relationship with 'the other side.' They have sharp and keen perceptions both in this world and beyond the veil. Call on crow for swift clarity.

It is said that crows are keepers of Sacred Law and Higher Order. Our cultural and moral judgements - how do they compare with divine balance? Crow harkens change to come and bring the medicine of darkness. They also share messages from other words. Listen closely.

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Nature is Chock Full of Medicine

May this blog be a place to discover helpful natural remedies that can guide your way through this journey of life on Earth.

Stone Medicine for the Month from POUND Jewelry

Herkimer Pound.JPG


What happens when we look inside ourselves and we desire to magnify and expand what we know we are capable of? Our inner selves are one of the most colorful places on Earth. We have layer upon layer of fantasy and dream-like wander and radical stories all bundled up inside to the deepest part of our cells. So do crystals! They are a matrix of intelligent Earth-born magnificence and we can work with them to create what we wish to create. Herkimers are like the "diamonds" of the Clear Quartz Crystal King/Queendom. They are highly receptive to our own specific energies and intentions. They can assist in making those energies and intentions BIGGER. Spend time exploring your innermost world and all of the color there while dedicating time to connect with your crystal intention setting and see what transpires! Rock On. 

In-Depth Transit Forecast

All times listed in EST

October 1 Mars trine Pluto (7:36pm)

*Powerful Action* Energy is reviving. Checking off the to-do list can propel us forward in a good way, now. Organize and set order to make strides that last. Set things right. Cleanse the body. Fresh start health regimens. Set goals and make moves.

October 3 Venus trine Pluto (3:09pm)

*Loving Deeply* We can recommit with love, affection, worthiness, and money at this time. Lately love and money may have felt lost or confused for a stint. Disappointment may have colored our lives. Shake it off and rededicate yourself to experiencing love and available resources as reflections of your whole worth. Your essence is perfection.

October 4 Sun inconjunct Neptune (11:09pm)

*Re-Orienting our Energies* We may see how we fool ourselves today. Or where we are vulnerable, leaky, and letting our boundaries down too soon or too much. When do you feel most vital and what limits can you set to ensure your vibrancy? Slow down. Avoid the trap of trying to do it all. Nature never hurries, and yet everything is done.

October 5 Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo (12:53pm) Full Moon in Aries (2:40pm)

*War and Peace* Attraction, desire, sexuality, and drive can run high today. Attractiveness is heightened, so notice whom you meet. We are especially motivated by perfection, process, and the development of skill. Training and practice are indicated. Excellent time to learn a craft or study with a mentor. Set goals, make lists, and get work done. Clean things up. Throw things out. Focus on precision, but don't nitpick or criticize. Instead, simply critique and make improvements. If the nervous system or digestion is disturbed, take time for body-mind connecting practices. Enjoy stillness and employ gratitude. Mind the details. Find systems to support your desires, and try not to worry. Trust the process. Be humbled and helpful.

The Full Moon in Aries on October 5 (2:40pmEST) is a tunnel of transition. Some things aren't healed in light. Let shadow shape you. The dark womb is a place of growth and nourishment, a necessary chamber of becoming. Each full moon contains a magic of opposites. The womb and the tomb. Darkness and light. Conscious and unconscious. Self and other. War and peace. The new life birthing now asks us to sharpen our skills of adaptation. To be dexterous, perceptive, and responding. The emerging world asks that we do our work. We must be willing. We must be loving. We must hone and dedicate our practice. Place tools in our toolbox. Fill the world with our sense of self, in harmony with and in service to loving all else that exists. "Work is love made visible." - Kahlil Gibran

We make love visible. Dedicate yourself, then be released from labor. Cry our tears and wash our face. Our work and our life is born of our spiritual essence. It emerges from depths and brings with it the gems of twilight. Dark crystals of pristine purity. Diamonds in the rough. Admire each facet of this astounding jewel, your own light, taking seat in the velveteen darkness. Across the Earth, reflecting the sky, your soul light sings and cries and laughs an echo of fate.

For every New and Full Moon, find a complementary Movement Ritual on the Qoya Blog.

October 6 Mercury inconjunct Neptune (1:44pm)

*Simplify* We weaken ourselves when we spread ourselves too thin. We disperse our energy and leave parts of ourselves expose. Move towards dreams and inspirations, but draw proper boundaries and create a container. Be real with yourself. Your health and wholeness are important.

October 8 Venus square Saturn (8:54am) Sun combust Mercury (4:54pm)

*Tough Love* Obstacles and hardships are real. Lack, fear, and scarcity are some of the difficulties we face and overcome. Relationships, finances, and appearance are tested. How is your self worth? Anchor your love through something tangible and practical. Make a commitment to yourself and love itself. Look back at the timeline of what you have achieved and recognize yourself for those accomplishments. Be patient. Chances are, you are learning the practical steps to fulfilling a bigger vision and mission. Let love and pleasure and the senses be your discipline.

*Thought and Communication* The heat and light of consciousness is shining on the mental plane. Words spoken today are an expression of the creative self. over self-identification is possible. Special focus on politics, law, culture, and relationships. Use thought and speech carefully and potently now. Journaling, writing, and affirmations are recommended. Find time to step away from the left-brain and cleanse yourself of information throughout the week. Look for stories, tricks, and choices.

October 9 Mercury square Pluto (8:26am) Sun square Pluto (8:11pm)

*Mental Intensity* There is certainly the potential for some shady stuff to go on now with politics and business. Paranoid thoughts and anxieties can be on the fore. Connect with your power source and find balance. The conversations had around now could have a special potency, and that may not be comfortable. They may be like a power struggle or invoke feelings of survivalism. Nourish your nervous system. Be honest. Be real. Remain in integrity. Use words wisely, with grace.

*Conscious-Unconscious* The Self is both dark and light. Two halves make a whole. Alchemy is performed as the two halves co-relate, polarize, blend and merge to become transformed. Power, sex, hidden things, and survival issues lead to rebirth. Exploring the psyche, research, deep meditation, and uncovering the roots of conflict apt activities now. Shadow material is illuminated and illuminating. Shed skin.

October 10 Jupiter enters Scorpio (9:20am) Venus opposite Chiron (5:03pm)

*Allowing Death* Jupiter changes signs about every 13 months and its full cycle takes 12 years. Last time Jupiter was in Scorpio was October 2005-November 2006. Jupiter rules growth, expansion, opportunity, abundance, path of learning. It points to where our lessons are as a culture, and as individuals relating with the world and the world relating with us. Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign of intimacy and essence. Depth. Intensity. Destruction. A threshold. Rebirth. The full range of basic emotion is here in Scorpio. Every primal and sexual instinct. Trauma. Inheritance. DNA. The unconscious, the preverbal, the silent. Scorpio is the sign of death and the Great Mystery. It eliminates the non-essential. It is alchemy and ancestral power that re-births consciousness. Remember, always, our forebearers. We grow through letting go. Through fully taking in and digesting and eliminating. Through sensing the unseen. Through merging with the essence of life itself, in all its forms and formlessness. We grow through discovering our power. The power that carries and heals us in crisis and ecstasy. We were made for these times. Jupiter remains in Scorpio until November 8, 2018.

*Love and Pain* The sufferings we experience in life are a channel to healing. Right now pain in love, relationships, appearance, and resources/finances is highlighted. Healthcare is in the spotlight. Some new form of worthiness wants integration. Some ways we can water down our worthiness are martyrdom, self-sacrifice, workaholism, perfectionism, and victimhood. Cleanse yourself with unconditional love. Everything is perfect and ever-improving - including you. An affirmation: "I am perfect as I am. I love and accept myself and all things unconditionally. Thank you for this gift."

October 11 Mars square Saturn (9:37am) Venus inconjunct Uranus (5:04pm)

*Resistance is Fertile*

"The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way." - Marcus Aurelius

Blocks and obstacles are meant to teach us and make us stronger. If you aren't getting what you want, consider that something even better might be waiting for you. But before you achieve what you desire, you must pass a test. Take note of where you are lacking and make improvements. Continuously refine your will. Be patient and build integrity. Tread carefully, and stand strong. Use your defenses. Bolster your reserves. We do hard things. On the other side of struggle is lasting reward. Emphasize your inner fortitude and possible achievements. You were made for this. Patience, hard-work, and endurance will always pay off in the long run. Be as strong as you are.

*Accessing Freedom* Sometimes our routines and relationships can place us or keep us in bondage. What are you really in service to? Are you working and helping as a genuine expression of your passion and identity? Or is there a sense of duty or obligation that is feeling tired? Alternately, are you being over-focused on yourself or is there more you could offer in devotion to others? Today offers an opportunity to make changes that support our freedom. Bring your strong, passionate self and be of use.

October 12 Mercury sextile Saturn (11:02pm)

*Grounded Thoughts* Your mind is clear and steady, now. We can trust the messages and perceptions we encounter today. Level-headed news, words, and messages. Perceptions are reliable. Good judgement is available. Your wits are about you. Serious discussions must take place if we are to secure freedom. Put your mind to work. Look towards the practical vision.

October 14 Venus enters Libra (6:11am) Mercury inconjunct Chiron (9:48am)

*Beloved Balance* Venus loves being in Libra because she gets to be fancy. Love and affection take a beautiful tone. Balance and harmony are key. Leisure, pleasure, art, culture, and lover relationships are extra special. Make your appearance and presence in the world artful and graceful. Host gatherings and parties. Attend to issues of social justice and fairness. Bring charm to all you meet. Venus remains in Libra through November 7, 2017.

*Healing the Mind* Something is escaping us. We may not be thinking or seeing quite clearly. Sometimes illusion can override our perceptions. Time for reconciliation between personal and universal. Where do relational and unconditional love meet and intersect? What needs justice and what needs forgiveness? We are integrating perceptions of beauty. Also, dialogue about health/healthcare can occur.

October 15 Mercury opposite Uranus (3:51am) Mars opposite Chiron (8:27am)

*Crazy Genius* New discoveries, especially in the realm of self and other, war and peace. When to stand up for us and when to declare truce? Our minds are on the hi-wire today. Not great for practicality. Excellent for flash insights. Plans and thought patterns are rapidly changing. Travel and communication will also be subject to unexpected variation. Slow down to listen and soothe, even as you keep yourself inspired. Upgrade your mind. Be the change.

*Wounded Will* This transit brings up the same resonance we experienced when Venus was here October 10. The sufferings we experience in life are a channel to healing. Right now pain in desire, sex, the masculine, and will to act is highlighted. Some new form of willingness wants integration. Some ways we can water down our will are martyrdom, self-sacrifice, workaholism, perfectionism, victimhood, escapism, and avoidance. Can we be with what is, without bypassing reality? A prayer for today, "May my will, desires, and actions be governed by and aligned with all that is holy." Also, "I want what spirit wants for me."

October 17 Mercury enters Scorpio (3:58am) Mars inconjunct Uranus (6:02am)

*Deep Insights* Mercury in Scorpio is deep, dark, and penetrating. Excellent time for research and mental focus. Psychology, therapy, and shamanic healing can help to uproot and eliminate sources of conflict within the psyche. We are extra sensitive to the hidden, the taboo, the secret, and the unseen. Intense conversations. Look into the darkness, and be intimate with what is there. Mercury transits Scorpio through November 5, 2017.

*Sparks of Action* Energy can be sporadic and unpredictable. Time to re-route your behaviors in order to get where you really need to go. Desires are changing. When you realize you want something different, you'll need to change your plan of action in order to get there.

October 18 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio (4:54am) Sun inconjunct Chiron (8:05am)

*Big News* Something raw is being exposed. We are seeing more of the shadow, that which has always been there beneath the surface. Conversations, proclamations, and messages are larger-than-life and intense. Emotions and content that have been bottled up or repressed are erupting. Upset is likely. There could be a sexual, dramatic, ancestral, or destructive flair to what is perceived. Research and get to the bottom of what's being revealed. Look to see what's hidden. Observe between and beyond the veils. What is seen and spoken today will be very informative about our personal and collective journey for the next year. Immunize. Clear your field and psyche with salt and truth-telling.

*Healing Self* Notice which parts of self need to be integrated, as the wounded bits are stimulated now. Sometimes our identity and creations are like puzzle-pieces being retrieved from under the couch to join the whole. What needs justice and what needs forgiveness? Accept the personal and the universal as components of Oneness.

October 19 Sun opposite Uranus (1:35pm) New Moon in Libra (3:12pm) Lunar Samhain

The New Moon in Libra on October 19, 2017 (3:12pmEST) is evolutionary fireworks. Life can be chaotic, dramatic, and shocking. There is beauty in balance. Today's New Moon encourages temperance and my mom's best advice: "Everything in moderation." To be strong and soft, firm and kind, sure and flexible. To be wild and revolutionary - and also peaceable and in harmony with grace. When all parts of one's being co-operate, it ends the war within the self. We see the truth that there is only one of us here. This moon highlights our learning journey. Our culture has become distant from the natural Divine. No person outside of you is privy to your own innate knowing. The answer to every question resides inside. To deepen your wisdom, look to yourself, your instincts, and your relationship with the other worlds. You are your own teacher and student. Reclaim your wildness. Reclaim your wisdom. In doing so, be liberated to hold and share the harmonic of freedom. The jungle is thick with mystery and chaos, yet also resplendent in its serenity. Be like the jungle. Be nothing other than yourself, in totality.

For every New and Full Moon, find a complementary Movement Ritual on the Qoya Blog.

*Upheaval and Adaptation* Expect the unexpected. The only true constant is change. You can choose to resist it, or allow it. Recommended to align with change. Personal and collective freedom are important. Accept the shifts as facilitating liberation. Showing up as authentically, uniquely you, and bringing your special gifts, is essential to making progress in these times.

October 22 Mars enters Libra (2:29pm)

*Negotiations* Actions and desires are relationship-focused during this cycle. Our energies may be largely dictated by others, now. Don't lose sense of yourself and your personal impulses. Also, try not to avoid conflict. It's okay to struggle for the sake of making actual peace. Co-operate. Experience harmony and make beauty. Be decisive and avoid a tendency to endlessly vacillate. Mars remains in Libra through December 9, 2017.

October 23 Sun enters Scorpio (1:27am)

*Dropping the Veil* Harvest time. A time to look within and transform. Let things go and let things die. Honor the ancestors. Be held in the mysteries of life, death, and all that resides in-between. Focus, and enter those depths.

October 24 Mercury trine Neptune (11:55am)

*Spiritual Insight* Make time and space for meditation and otherworldly endeavors today. Altered states and dreamwork is easily accessible and potent. Tend to your spirit and psyche. Experience the supernatural.

October 26 Sun conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio (2:09pm)

*Shining in the Dark* This transit is a throwback to October 18th, when Mercury joined Jupiter. What news came forth then? Too much of anything, even a "good thing," can lead to toxicity. Magnetism is at a high. Sexuality, power, shared resources, investments, and primal instincts are illuminated. Entanglements can be revealed and soul-retrieval is lubricated. We grow when we can meet the shadow self with an intimate embrace. Destruction and elimination are a natural part of life. It is helpful to learn to let things die. Empower yourself and others.

October 27 Venus square Pluto (11:21pm) Mercury sextile Pluto (11:25pm)

*Secret Love* Anything that is undermining true harmony and balance in relationships can surface now. Deal with it honestly. Co-dependency and control issues can come to the fore. Love, money, and relationships transform, and it's an emotional dilemma. There is a reckoning with power, politics, business, and resources. Pray for sacred reciprocity. May all beings exist in healthy relationship.

*Potent Words* Purify mind and speech. Let the power of your inner knowing propel you towards the necessary alignment and ultimate goal.

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It's an absolute gift to be able to continue this work. May this forecast be your graceful navigation guide, your invitation to return home, and your empowerment to step more fully into your astounding multidimensional Self.


To Life

As always, THANK YOU for your support.

May we anchor the highest dreams of our collective heart into reality.

August 2017 Forecast: Support

August 2017 Forecast: Support

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The Astrological Theme for July was "Manifest."

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Oh, the manifest world. It seems so harsh and disappointing sometimes. And yet somehow, it is rooted and guided by the miraculous.

We better ourselves through letting go. The less we attach to and the less we are, the more we can be in alignment with that which is beyond us. Keep releasing until nothing but nature is left.

In times like these, holding firm boundaries is important. It is one thing to distance oneself from reality - it's another thing to take care of our mental and physical health by resisting the non-essential.

In a consumerist culture, we are constantly being prodded and programmed to use more, buy more, gain more, learn more. What if the answer to a lot of the problems persisting in the world was as simple as this:


According to my clients, July did deliver its theme of Manifest. Projects were announced or completed. Jobs and relationships were ended and begun. Things that weren't in integrity came to a head and asked to be addressed squarely. Opportunities emerged into plain sight.

There is something of a swift tide moving beneath our evolutions, and we are asked to face and endure the tests along the path.

Keep hope, and strengthen your connections as we continue to encounter the real beneath the real beneath the real. We are approaching a destined Eclipse season...

The Astrological Theme for August 2017 is "Support."

August 2017 is an incredibly historic month. We are officially in eclipse season. Eclipse season, which occurs approximately every 6 months, always bring change and further evolution towards our destiny. They are always strongly influential. But many things about this particular cycle feel especially potent.

Collectively, these eclipses in Leo represent the death and birth of rulership.

These eclipses teach us to become less dependent and more interdependent.

Click to read the rest, including day-by-day transit interpretations!