Simple Life

How was your Eclipse season?

March 20th through April 18th offered an astrological portal of change. Thresholds of death and new life merged and collided on many levels. Life asks: who are you now?
This Eclipse portal showed me many things. I spent the duration of the cycle in Costa Rica working as an astrologer for Qoya Retreats.

On the outside, my month was


doing readings

bathing in the ocean

drying in the sun



On the inside, my month was

shedding many layers of “shoulds” like old clothing

remembering I am a creature and force of nature

accepting my destiny as a human on Earth

questioning everything.


I’ve been home for well over a week, and I only just unpacked my bags.

There is a commonly used phrase in Costa Rica: Pura Vida.

Pure Life.

As the beach and the jungle crept into my being, I lost the desire to participate in any form of rat race. Many mental structures dissolved and I found myself settled. Content. Relaxed.

Why am I here, if not to dance and sing and pray to the ocean? Why am I here if not to enjoy multicolored prismatic sunsets dancing off sand and sea for what feels like eternity as the pastels play unto my skin?

Landing home brought many questions of reconciliation. What is truly important in life? Can I bridge these discoveries with my current lifestyle? What needs to change?

Astrologically, these times are ripe for assessing where stagnation may exist in your being. It can be so easy to maintain holding patterns due to “ease” and “comfort.” But sometimes these patterns hold us back, producing mental states and physical illnesses that we accept as part of our life story. Our bodies make symptoms so we can pay attention to what is most true for us and adjust accordingly.

Feel exactly where you are right now.
Relax into it.

It is simply a matter of listening, allowing for change when change is due, and opening yourself to be in natural alignment with life.

In life, we build structures and foundations in order to tear them down and begin again. Cycles and seasons are inevitable.

Sometimes we keep ourselves stuck in the mental plane; assessing and questioning and wrapping ourselves up in knotted wondering. Wherever you are, I invite you to DO SOMETHING.

Anything. Make a list of things you love to do, things you want to invite into your life and DO at least one thing to make it possible.

If nothing else, turn on some music and DANCE.
Dancing is free in every sense of the word.

There is fun to be had. There are feelings to be felt. Life is waiting to be sopped up by you hungrily. Life is all around you - bring it in! Bring it home to yourself.

Wherever you are in life, you can always dance. You can always sing. You can always delight in the magic of stories.

Here is simple life; Pura Vida. Presence yourself in the music, the movements, and the silence that always exists, permeating all of being and nonbeing.