Suckle Inevitability

There are things happening on a level beyond what general astrology can address. The signs, planets, symbols and charts are relatively the same, but consciousness is shifting (at least mine is) at such a rapid pace the manifest world does not always keep up.

The eclipse season we just experienced, which closed April 18th, was a once-in-a-lifetime portal of endings. The turning of the soil. Now, the aftermath reverberates and the sentiment may sound something like: Dude. Life. WTF???

Earthquakes, snowstorms, volcanic eruptions, extinction of rare and ancient species, riots and robberies in city streets, huge amounts of questioning on a massive scale.

Reality seems rather dramatic right now.

Things are changing.
I mean, really changing.

I am grateful for the evident upheaval happening on the planet because it reflects and affirms the upheaval I have been experiencing with increasing magnitude on an invisible, internal scape. I am changing. Fundamentally. My days are filled with prayer and feeling and savoring and restlessness and mire and laughter and that uncomfortable knowing that I need to get out of the way and let something way beyond me and my small awareness be born.

I am grateful that the most and least of what we are
is recycled Earth.

No longer content to ask what I "should do."
The time has come to be
and feel
and let a new context develop

like the sway of our Mother's good hip

step aside, little child.
let down your individuwill
and suckle inevitability