Saturn-Neptune Square: Dissolving the Old Paradigm

My friends, we are living in a time of Quest.

A Quest is a journey based on pursuit. Seeking knowledge. Seeking meaning. Seeking experience. Seeking truth.

Quest is the root of Question.

We are living inside Question.

Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to rigorously question. To assess our beliefs and how we make meaning. He asks us to migrate to foreign lands. To remember ritual and native ways of life. He asks us to live at the mercy of Nature, that we discover our True Nature.

Sagittarius is the gypsy, the pilgrim, the artist explorer. Gathering visions and intuitive sense to guide our way on an unknown path. The Earth herself and all her beings are on a vision quest.

And as the Earth shifts, we live with the knowledge that in a single unplanned moment, everything can change.

What really matters? If an earthquake can strike at any moment, if volcanoes and riots can erupt and int-erupt life as we know it, how do we spend our time? In what do we invest?

Listening. Dis-covering and following inner truth. Surrender. Honoring your deepest knowing. Turning of the mind and tuning into the body. Letting go of design. Using faith. Presence with each and every moment.

Life is building structures so that ultimately, we tear them down. Or they dissolve.

Astrologically speaking, the past couple of years have been focused and directed. 2013 and 2014 saw Cardinal Cross energy. Cardinal energy is forward-moving and goal-oriented. We simultaneously felt blocked in forward motion and felt the great urge to make definitive choices to get us towards the next goal.

This year, 2015, features a very different energy-scape.

We have already been feeling the shift since December 23, 2014 when Saturn moved into Sagittarius.

Saturn entered into loose orb of a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune represents our dreams, spiritual consciousness and ideal visions. Saturn represents the concrete material reality of what is, which is based on the past and what has stood the tests of time.

Saturn square Neptune makes us very aware of our fears and anxieties. It heightens our perception of the ways our dreams and reality do not match up. Our spiritual ideals are not jiving with the current state of the world. Saturn square Neptune generates confusion and the need assess and overcome escapism, detachment, and addiction. It brings up vibrations of discouragement, grief, loss, pessimism, pressure, poverty, and hopelessness. Avoidance becomes problematic: especially avoiding responsibilities. But the responsibilities need to be cleansed and change to suit the preservation of spiritual essence. Here is a time of dissolving structures.

Sensitivity heightens and the need to create and preserve boundaries becomes very strong. Often it is through the loss of boundaries that we discover how important they are. During these times, our changeability becomes important to honor - it also goes against business and linear structure. Rather than stick to concrete schedule and linear sequence, we are challenged to integrate our ability to “go with the flow” into practical material life.

A friend of mine went to see a psychic recently. The psychic told her: “The good news is, we have raised the frequency of Divine Feminine Energy on the planet. The bad news is, we don’t know what to do with that energy.” The feminine is the dark, the wild, the chaotic, the mysterious, the unknown, the soft, the intuitive, the feeling. Things have actually shifted on levels both seen and unseen. But there is not yet a context to contain the new fabric of energy. The Saturn-Neptune Square makes us all very aware of that fact.

This time is rich and fertile. We discover our fears and our weaknesses that we may begin to see how we can better weave our dreams and intuitions into our material world.

The task is great. At times it may seem insurmountable. We may feel alone or overcome. But becoming a victim to discouragement will distract us from the goal. Let us stand in our natural authority. Let us continue to align with the highest spiritual vibration that we can. Let us bring this spiritual vibration into business. Into money. Into food systems. Into government. Into management. Let us bridge the gap between the immediate dream we conceive of in our hearts/minds and the slow, arduous dream that we work with discipline to ground here on Earth.

Feelings of groundlessness, confusion, and chaos guide us to discover what truly matters. The inability to act directly will bring the question: what if we allow ourselves to let go? To live more in the present moment? What if we allow our linear lives to take a bit of a backseat, dipping out of the rat race and into the realm of magic, so that spirit is able to speak to us and through us in the work we give to the public. Let us embrace change as a fertility, as an opportunity to truly marry Spirit and Matter.

Saturn in Sagittarius wants to free us, globalize us, and synthesize our visions. In times of change when we lack external anchor, it becomes so important to anchor within. Anchor to truth. Anchor to nature. Anchor to your body. Hold fast to the moment, and the upliftment of spirit and inspiration. Relax, anchor, and allow.



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