Jupiter in Virgo: A Call to Service

Jupiter Enters Virgo Tuesday August 11 @ 7:11am

Since July 16, 2014, Jupiter has been rolling through Leo. On August 11, 2015 Jupiter shifts into Virgo. This is a collective shift that will be felt by all.

Jupiter takes 11.82 years to fully cycle around the Sun. He spends approximately one year in each sign, creating the basis of Chinese annual astrology signs. By the Chinese calendar, every Rabbit was born with Jupiter in Aries, every Dragon was born with Jupiter in Taurus, every Snake has Jupiter in Gemini, and so on.

Jupiter is the big gassy giant in the sky. He brings expansion, exposure, and synthesis to the areas he stimulates.

For the past year, Jupiter in Leo has been growing our creative self-expression. A focus on fun, romance, play, warmth and generosity increased on a collective level. But Jupiter can also make things too big - in this case, our ego. Jupiter in Leo reminds me of the Guru figure. One can learn a lot from a self-realized person who spreads knowledge by simply being who they are. Unfortunately, there can be a fine line between self-realization and self-absorption; sometimes the guru’s experience overrides others and eclipses reality.

This week, we feel a shift around fortune as fortune falls out of the hands of the leader and into the hands of the servants.

Jupiter in Virgo invites us to be real, grounded, and embrace humility. As Jupiter moved through Leo, we learned who we are as creative individuals. Now we take those gifts and perfect them, growing ourselves so that we can best be of service.

Virgo is not a flashy sign. It is down-to-Earth, focused on process and detail. Usefulness is key. Having big visions and a larger-than-life presence is one thing, but actually doing the nitty gritty work to bring the dream to life is something very different. Leo acts on stage, whereas Virgo is the stage manager. And any stage manager knows ain’t no show gonna happen without their tireless efforts.

Jupiter in Virgo says: it’s not about you. It’s about the harvest. It’s about getting work done. Are you dedicated to your craft? Can you do it with precision? When you devote yourself to developing skills, you become a mentor and a guide for others.

The service, health, and hospitality industries will see growth over the next year. Guides and coaches, we’ll need you. Folks who can come in and organize the closets, do the accounting, solidify business plans, and help cook the dinners will be in demand. The bustling crowd of entrepreneurs who cropped up while Jupiter passed through Leo (those who wanted to work creatively for themselves) need assistance putting everything in order. If you’re looking for more cash flow, find services you can provide in these areas. Offer to organize someone’s files, do petsitting, or weed the garden.

Help comes into the spotlight. How can we help one another in real, tangible, practical ways? What is your natural, soul purpose?

Jupiter in Virgo brings a focus on physical health. In this age of information, our nervous systems are hyperstimulated. Virgo rules the mind-body connection and does best in a climate of simplicity and routine. If you’ve been putting health issues on the back-burner, you now have an opportunity to harness Jupiter’s gifts. Not only will you get a birds-eye view on things going on in your body, you may well come across healers (especially natural healers such as acupuncturists, herbalists, and movement teachers) who can help you bring your body and mind into balance. Find and create a routine around exercise and simple diet you can stick to. Try implementing at least one daily ritual into your life, whether it’s lemon water in the morning or an afternoon walk around the block.

All things natural will gain extra attention. People will demand greater purity in their food and cleaning products. Virgo is also the sign of process and systems. Jupiter here will grow our awareness that nothing ever truly begins or ends, but rather, life is a continuous process of unfoldment and our attention, presence, and energy is what makes the wheels turn.

Ultimately, Jupiter in Virgo is about cultivating Virtue. Purity of heart, mind, spirit, and action. Promote your individual skills and morals that you may contribute to collective greatness. Jupiter in Virgo has a grassroots feel to it. Support your local farmers and give graciously to other people in life who serve you simple yet powerful ways.

Contrary to popular belief, Jupiter isn’t “all good.” With growth and fortune, he also brings excess can overinflate or scatter energies. The shadow side of Jupiter in Virgo includes worry, anxiety, workaholism, getting lost in the details, criticism, over-purification, over-analysis, and obsession with what’s “not working” or what needs to be “fixed.” Nature will be an even greater teacher with Jupiter in Virgo (ruling Saturn in Sagittarius). Take time to listen and forage wisdom from the Earth. Your communion with plants and natural remedies will bring you satisfaction and deepen your awareness. If the negative aspects begin to manifest, tonify your nervous system. See the larger spiritual purpose/vision, and relax. No need to do it all. Get the ball rolling, then give it to God.

Breathe deep and hone your balance of discipline and surrender over the next year. L’Chayim!