Rising Woman: Full Moon in Sagittarius


Full Moon in Sagittarius Astrology Report May 29, 2018 (1:19pmPST)

This is a learning time. A season of pollination, messages, and oh-so-many-options.

Things could go many ways beneath this Moon. Where will the chips fall?

It could be a crossroads. A choice point. And the choices you make? They are likely to stick. These decisions are investments. Assets. Stakes being claimed. The commitments you make now could be life-changing – if not immediately, they will certainly change your course over the next several years, likely in ways barely yet perceivable. We embark in permanent new directions.

The last full moon on April 29 was revelatory. It was a purgative; bringing shadows up to the surface for transformation. They were not shadows solely possessed by any one individual – they were tepid fruits of the collective unconscious. Still, we were invited to own what was ours. To take responsibility for what we’re meant to maintain, and say a gentle goodbye to the rest.

All things manifest cast shadow. The solution to wholeness lies in embracing the all of what we are; no element left out.

Truths that were always there, but perhaps we refused to see them before, are becoming revealed. We are seeing things about ourselves, others, and the wider world that we cannot unsee. Things that perhaps until now, we have willfully chosen to ignore or become numb to. But in a rapidly changing world, ignorance is no longer an option. Numbness is a nothing but a perpetual prison.

Our freedom comes through realization, welcoming truth, and embracing whatever arises in result. Seeking to find the next truth – the next, and the next.

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