Rising Woman: New Moon in Gemini


New Moon in Gemini Astrology Report June 13, 2018 (3:43pmEST)

This New Moon is an opening. A path beckoning you forward, longing for you to notice every step you take upon it.

“Is this really my path?” you may wonder. “Am I on the right path? Is this the journey meant for me?”

You look backward; aiming your gaze from where you came and wishing for a previous vista. Or you strain to see forward; wishing to skip a stretch, that the next step to be in your possession sooner.

Your journey arises from myriad intersecting forces. At times and in ways, you choose your journey. Other times and in other ways, your journey chooses you. The braid of chosen-and-non-chosen forms and reforms us into what we are. Perception. Experience. Flesh. And so much more. An unspeakable totality.

More than taking the path, take in the path. Notice where you are. Notice what is here. Breathe it in. Put your arms around it. Absorb it. Stretch into it. Try it on. Extend to its edges. Let it guide your next step.

You don’t always pick the path. But once on it, It’s up to you to decide how to relate to it. How engaged will you be with its teachings, and how you will respond to them?

It could be a sort of magic – that the ways we choose to see and relate to things; might change the things themselves. And us, too, we are also changed inside the alchemy of relating. Being guided by that alchemy is a gift.

To make a small or confining path wider, widen the pathways within. Expand your breath and blood vessels. Let your spirit fly.

To make an overwhelmingly expansive path more manageable, notice the minutia of physical sensations in and around your body. Keep perceptions close.

Let this New Moon be a breath of fresh air. A change in environment or perspective. Let it be a shuffling of the deck. The blank page of a new chapter yet unwritten.

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