December 2017 Forecast: Root to Rise

"The Portal of Divine Illumination" by  Lainie Love Dalby

"The Portal of Divine Illumination" by Lainie Love Dalby

This is the final month I will offer an in-depth written forecast. The powers that be are asking for my creative energies to be devoted elsewhere. Thanks so much to everyone who has made this monthly project possible for the last 3 years. If you have benefited from my forecasts and feel so moved, please donate to support my life's work. In love!

The Astrological Theme for November 2017 was "Self-Study."

Anyone can view the November Forecast Here.

November was a deepening. An excavation. A fraying at the edges.

Jupiter in Scorpio is doing its work. The news has been rife with exposures on sexual assault and abuses of power. And we, too, are being invited to look more deeply at what is within and throughout and behind.. Can you feel what lies beneath?

I can sense it, but not touch it. I am aware of it, though I can't see it. It is a blackness, a thickness, an unknown.. of the little I can tell, what I know is that it influences everything. That these areas of the unconscious secretly hold the reins behind every motivation and operation. That all things that surface and materialize stem from deeply embedded and historical Roots. And that these roots are nourished and fed by powers, by toxins, by energies seen and unseen.

Consider and journal upon these queries:

What are the scripts running behind your conscious mind?

Are there some lifelong questions you have held? Fundamental beliefs about yourself or life that have become outworn?

What are some fears that you hold, and is there a way to bring them closer to neutrality? Do you still need those fears? What can you replace them with?

Before new beginnings, we endure endings. November and December 2017 are rife with endings. Unravelings. Wrappings-up. What is ending in your life, now?

As a humanity, we have gone too far. After the past 3 years of Saturn in Sagittarius expansion, growth, and migration, we have left the familiar and the comfortable. We have explored and pushed well beyond the bounds of home. We are no longer in safe space - we're now traversing brave space. There is no such thing as going back. The spiral continues ceaselessly evolving. No two winters are the same.

The last 3 years have been a boom.

As Saturn changes signs in December, we harken in the bust, landing firmly in reality.

There are new tasks unfolding before us. If we are here to be in service to What Is, we must adapt to current needs. Our world is unrecognizable from what it used to be. Our purpose and daily lives will change as a result of this.

There is a new vision unfolding before us, and yet we can't quite see what it is yet. Our conditioning is in the way. Our old beliefs and interpretations are blocking us. For the paths extending beyond us are inconceivable - they extend well beyond what we've come to know.

Dedicate December to practicing trust. To unraveling your knowing, and strengthening your ability to perceive.

This month, ask: What is excess? What is essential? And begin trimming down to essence.

In Western culture, I grew up with an idealization that I could be big and save the world.

Now, when I think of what might save the world, one word comes:


Can we just stop? Hit pause? Can we get off the treadmill of human artifice?

Rest and repair.

Be humble and natural.

Listen to the whispers of the trees and the sighs of the birds.

Take note of symbols and wisdoms writhing in living forms all around us.

Gather energies for the next leg of the journey.

Be present for a natural unfoldment of inner work.

What if - when we stopped - we allowed that which no longer serves our world to crumble without attachment? What if we opened ourselves to make way for whatever nature wants?

Perhaps we, too, would become an unknown. Something inconceivable and yet essential. Something and someone we are thoroughly destined to become.

The Astrological Theme for December 2017 is "Root to Rise."

I believe that the body is a portal to our power, especially as women. We must be firmly rooted in our sacred vessels and on our Mama Earth to truly RISE into our full (r)evolutionary potential. It is a deep and firm grounding in our own soul essence & Feminine magic that allows us to SOAR and deliver our deepest gifts to meet the world’s deepest needs.
— Lainie Love Dalby

December Artist/Entrepreneur Feature: 

Lainie Love Dalby uses the term ‘Sacred Art’ to refer both to her commissioned Shamanic Healing He(art) works AND to her spiritual teaching in the world. She believes that we are all artists in charge of co-creating our lives as a great masterpiece for the good of all.  As an Embodied Leadership Mentor & Transformational Catalyst, she is on a mission to free human spirits that have been oppressed and devalued to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® & step into their authentic power. She is deeply passionate about ending the violence we perpetrate against each other and our own bodies by reminding us of our inherent Divinity within, and by helping to bring the sacred Feminine back into balance in our own lives and the world. She gathers women in sacred circles to ignite deep healing, creative expression, soul growth and alchemical transformation through her signature immersion experiences, her 7 month Initiation into the Fierce Feminine, Sovereign Sisters Rising, & other sisterhood initiatives so we can RISE & SHINE together.  Like a modern day medicine woman, her ultimate goal is to help us feel more comfortable in our own skin and re-member who we truly are as well as why we’re here at this most powerful time in history. As global ritualist Barbara Biziou has said, "Like a great sculpture, Lainie Love can see what lives inside of you and frees it to live fully."  Start the journey today with her free 13 day #SOULSPARKLE Starter Kit at

Root to Rise

I used to think spiritual transcendence would solve the world's problems. If only I could get to a more elevated meditative state, my inner light could blast open the chambers of every heart and instant global healing might occur.

My meditative states would take me into heights of objectivity.

But the more I attempted to transcend, the more disconnected I became from reality. I detached from my "ego self" and became disassociated. I experienced a division between spiritual and material aspects of life and I was leaning towards existing solely in the spiritual planes. It wasn't healthy or sustainable.

Then I had a different kind of spiritual awakening experience. I was in the jungle-beach of Costa Rica, dancing every day for prolonged periods of time. I got so deep into my body that I had a much different kind of spiritual experience. I dropped into a felt-sense of the ecosystem that surrounded me, and had the embodied remembrance that I was intrinsically a part of this ecosystem. I could physically feel the pulse of the ocean from half a mile away - and leaves on trees blowing in the wind at that distance felt as close and familiar and my own hair ruffling in the breeze.

It was then I recognized that my body and the Earth's body are not separate. That we are, together, one organism.

Root to rise. The body is the frontier of awareness. We are being invited to take passage, and make a Great Return.

As a humanity, and more specifically as a "Western" culture, we have abandoned the lateral, relational field of the body. We have placed precedent importance on the vertical isolationism of the mind.

Hence, the popularity of movements that have now become tropes - the rise of the divine feminine, womb wisdom, and the like. This is our attempt to counter or rebalance the ways our society has gone astray.

I remember doing an exercise Lainie guided. We created "yoni yantras," which were art pieces we made as led by our feminine reproductive systems. I went in with the intention of healing my womb.

My womb laughed at me in what seemed like an incredulous tone. She said very loudly and clearly: "I don't need you to heal me. I'M healing YOU!"

A change of perspective.

Thanks, womb   :)

Major Astrological Features in December 2017 Include:

  • Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries
  • An abundance of Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn energies
  • Ophiuchus: The Serpent Bearer
  • Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces
  • Full Super Moon in Gemini
  • Galactic Center stimulation out the wazoo
  • Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius activated by the Super Moon and reviewing Saturn's recent 3-year journey through Sagittarius right before it changes signs
  • New Moon in Sagittarius conjunct the galactic center
  • Saturn entering Capricorn

December starts with a bang, or a tussle. Something on the political stage will be aggravating individuals and inciting rebellion. Themes of us v. them or self/relationship independent/codependent issues will arise.

We spend the month really reckoning with the individual's relationship to the wider world: intimacy, philosophy, meaning, purpose, responsibilities, and contributions.

Mercury retrograde asks us to vision and revise. The assess the ways we think and see. To revisit and revision the past that we can move forward. Old perspectives and belief systems are challenged necessarily - they are holding us back. We must set some meaningful boundaries within our own minds if we are going to make progress. We must utilize more unconditionality in our love. Quest around inquiries left unanswered. Sometimes just asking the question is what defines the journey ahead. We are seeking a way to increase our trust in self, in life, in the body, in all-that-is... regardless of possible outcome. What would happen if we just trusted our experience?

The Fertile Void: Galactic Center

Milky Way.jpg

In December, the Luminaries, Mercury (Direct AND Retrograde), Venus, and Saturn all hover around and over the Galactic Center at the end of Sagittarius. This part of the sky appears as a cosmic tear; the black hole in the center of the milky way that our solar system revolves around. I think of it as the vulva in the sky. Could this be the vacuous, unknowable and unnameable Source?

Natives born with emphasis in this arena of the sky (I'm one of them) are said to have potent psychic powers. We are poised to receive a massive inpouring of Divine Intelligence as the planets traverse this stretch of sky. So, quite literally, we are in the fertile void. Terrain that cannot be known or logically understood - only physically and psychically experienced. Open to your extra-senses in December.

Ophiuchus: The Serpent Bearer

December has the potential to offer great Divine Healing by turning poison into medicine. Seek the Root. Notice what is nourishing it. It is possible to heal toxic instreams and replace them with streams direct from Source - from Mystery - from Unconditional love. The healings that occur this month have the potential to dramatically shift our course.

Ophiuchus is a constellation located between 8 and 26 degrees Sagittarius. Natives with birthdays (or planets other than the Sun) between those degrees have a special relationship with the Ophiuchus myth.

Public Domain Image: Caduceus

Public Domain Image: Caduceus

Greeks determined Ophiuchus was a God of Medicine. Even today, the Caduceus symbol, pictured here, is still wielded by Western Medicine.

In yogic and kamitic philosophies of healing through spiritual cultivation, it is thought that the medicine staff is representative of the human spinal column. The snakes are the ida and pingala nadis, or the lunar and solar energy channels that link to the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The location of each serpentine intersection could represent a chakra or vortex of congruent energies. The life force energy, originating in the meeting of the two tails of the snake at the base of the spine (the Root), Rises up. The winged orb at the top of the spine/medicine staff may be what many think of as the crown chakra. I am reminded of the coveted golden snitch in Harry Potter, representative of enlightenment or attainment of Divine Wisdom allowing for flight.

The serpents surrounding an axis have also been related with DNA. I have noticed with my clients that ancestry and epigenetics are of special interest in the Ophiuchus region of Sky. Alchemy and rebirth are present here.

The lore is that Ophiuchus became so skilled at healing that he could not only provide cure, but also employed resurrection (Ian Ridpath, Star Tales).

Think of December 2017 as a mystical, alchemical, visionary time preparing us to get down and dirty with the Real Work in 2018. By Winter Solstice, we may feel like we are beginning a return home after lengthy travels. When I travel long and far, I start to crave rhythm and purpose and anchor. Something to position myself around and begin to parse out: what was it all for? And if I can never know, what am I going to DO with it?

Quest into the roots of what lies beneath. Prune away accumulated excess. Invite the essential. Transmute poison into medicine. Regenerate life force energies.

What came before us that still influences us now? What does the Earth want for you, for us, and for life itself?

For now we rest into the questions and allow receptivity for wisdom that follows. Come January, we'll be facing the facts. Present to reality. And answering inquiry with committed, definitive action.

The deeper we go, the higher - and wider - we can fly.

Root to Rise.

Nature is Chock Full of Medicine

May this blog be a place to discover helpful natural remedies that can guide your way through this journey of life on Earth.

Stone Medicine for the Month from POUND Jewelry

Tiger’s Eye is a vigilant stone, bringing clarity to one’s inner vision and a stronger, more cohesive understanding of the cause and effect of any given situation. This stone supports necessary change in all aspects of one’s life:: strengthening our fierce will-power towards our intentions in order to manifest at the highest level possible. It inspires us to use our voices that stem from our Root Chakra. The voice that stems from the deepest part of ourselves which at times feels dark and hidden. Tigers Eye assists us in articulating our reasoning and ideas in a fierce but loving way. This stone is reminiscent of the feline animalistic instincts we all have. To listen to our bodies when we need to rest and slow down so that when the moment is right, we are ready to pounce. We will be strong, revitalized and in the zone to GO FOR IT. You can use Tigers Eye for protection and for vitality as well. An incredible talisman to remind us it is ok to rest. It is ok to go inward. And when it is time, we will rise up and get the job done.

In-Depth Transit Forecast

All times listed in EST

December 1 Venus enters Sagittarius (4:13am) Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries (5:04am)

*Love of Freedom* Venus in Sagittarius wants to know. Is attracted to seeking. To journeying. To exploring and discovering meaning and symbol. This is a social time of enjoyment and engagement in the outer world. The love of faith and ritual resides here. Be ceremonious and celebratory in your engagements. Venus is in Sagittarius until December 25.

*Unpredictable Actions* Is something boiling or bubbling over? Beware of moving objects and angry emotions now. Allow repressed angers or passions to burst forth as they will! Risk-taking, impulsiveness, and brash behavior is indicated. A prime time for rebellion, revolution, and reinvention. Try something new and refresh your relationship to self and other.

December 2 Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (7:42pm)

*Mysterious Portals* A deep and mystical passage. Intimacy and compassion are especially highlighted. Connect. Grow through shamanic journeying, shadow work, and meeting ancestral ghosts. Bathe yourself in unseen depths and be guided further into spiritual planes of being. Honor creative and compassionate endeavors. An empathic forgiveness is in our midst.

December 3 Mercury stations Retrograde in Sagittarius ON THE GALACTIC CENTER (2:34am) Full Moon in Gemini (10:47am) - Super Moon

*Revisioning Potential* The final Mercury Retrograde of 2018 is upon us! It is helping us process and wrap up Saturn's journey through Sagittarius, which began December 24, 2014. Two articles I wrote on the transit can be found HERE and HERE. What happened in these last 3 years? We've been moving through landscapes of inquiry and existential crisis. Examining and revising our systems of belief. Figuring on our relations with the wider world. Considering going bigger and expanding our messages. Cogitating on location. We've been getting clearer on global and relational issues. Mercury Rx in Sagittarius brings us important mental journeys and considerations with which to wrap up the last 3 years of learning. What forms of excess are we entertaining? Have we become scattered or spread thin? Saturn asks Mercury: do we really have time for that? What is realistic in terms of our pursuits? Where are we under-or-over-optimistic? Where do we need to set boundaries, whittle down, and honor our expertise? Where can we genuinely improve? How can we make the most of our contributions? It's time to prune and streamline our energies and attentions. Between now and the winter solstice, make yourself receptive and allowing for the massive influx of intuitive and cosmic energies/messages pouring forth from the Galactic Center. This cycle prepares us to perceive something beyond what we previously "knew" was possible. It also asks us to consolidate our attentions so we can focus on what's really important and, come 2018, make something real and purposeful happen. Mercury retrograde concludes December 22, 2017 and exits its shadow on January 7, 2018.

The Full Moon in Gemini on December 3, 2017 (10:47am) is a spiritual experience and Super Moon. The Sun, the Moon, and Neptune are all in relationship at 11 degrees of their respective mutable signs. This is the final full moon of 2018. Are you deep in thought? Feeling pulled or split? Questioning reality? Considerations of consequence are indicated. Perhaps we feel lost in a maze of potential choices. The old ways don't work any longer, yet the new vision is not completely clear. Or perhaps we know where we are headed, but we are working to overcome real obstacles in order to get there. Hiking can be hard, particularly when the ground beneath our feet is actively shifting. An old world is dismantling itself, making space for a new and unfamiliar Earth. We are wandering in a wilderness of absolute potential. Worry not, we were made to be here now. We are receiving important symbols, messages, and insights straight from a black hole in the center of our galaxy. Make way! Relax your mind. It may take time to fully integrate the thoughtforms arriving now. Get embodied. Identify the obstacles to trusting yourself, your body, and life itself. Let them go and anchor in a new kind of faith. Are you tuning out or tuning in? Despite the mental stress, avoid escaping. Turn your lens onto more productive ways of thinking and seeing. Tune in and discover boundless extrasensory perceptions. We are multidimensional beings ever capable of adaptation. Feel the future and embody it now.

For every New and Full Moon, find a complementary Movement Ritual on the Qoya Blog.

December 5 Chiron in Pisces Stations Direct (3:29am)

*Sensitivities* Whenever Chiron stations, we feel it for days on either side. The parts of ourselves and our world that feel vulnerable or dis-integrated get poked Excellent time to do world-bridging and pursue alternate healing modalities. This is the final time Chiron in Pisces will square Saturn in Sagittarius, so the wounds and orphanhood of globalization will carry special resonance now. Can we lay down another layer of victimhood-martyrdom? Can we reclaim another portion of our being that's been influenced by colonialism? Can we move from righteousness to compassion? Let's look towards healing the wounded patriarch/authority and setting appropriate bounds in the spirit of Real Love.

December 6 Mercury Rx conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius ON THE GALACTIC CENTER (7:05am) Mercury Rx in Sagittarius sextile Mars in Libra (11:00am) Mars in Libra sextile Saturn in Sagittarius (4:10pm)

*Critical Thinking* Serious questions abound. Errors and blocks in sight and communication can invite re-consideration. We are working on getting clear and crystallizing our visions. Sure, it's great to have hopes, but what is actually going to be involved when it comes to executing our ideas? What is sustainable and desirable for our long-term developments and explorations? What's worth our precious time and energy? What forms of discipline and commitment will ultimately make us more free? Listen to messages from elders. Take in wisdom before making investments. Mental sobriety and even negative thinking can help to slow our processes. Obstacles can lead to deeper considerations about our integrity and authenticity. Have our passions changed in the past 3 years? If so, what else can we cut away so we can give them due focus? Consider this a time of improvements. For help now, engage the mythic. Write narrative. Study culture and the symbolic. Be patient and dedicated to your inquiry. Walk in the woods. Make yourself available to receive the wisdom currently pouring in from Galactic Center.

*Quick Response* While Saturn asks our thoughts to be practically focused, Mars is also offering our minds momentum. So we aren't just spinning our wheels. We are getting somewhere methodologically. Putting in the effort may actually free up your energy.

*Grounded Policies* The moves we decide on and make can help to create more equilibrium in ourselves and the world. What kinds of contracts and policies do you want to keep with life and with your contacts? Draw up a tentative life-contract, to be revised later in the month.

December 9 Mars enters Scorpio (3:58am)

*Digging Deep* Mars in Scorpio loves to dive and dig, penetrate and excavate. It desires intensity and intimate merging. Our inclination between now and January 26th (when Mars enters Sagittarius), is to journey in the depths. The shadow realms. To travel in between and underneath. Excellent time to do deeper therapeutic, psychological, and ancestral work. Excellent time for alchemical pursuits.

December 10 Mercury Rx in Sagittarius trine Uranus Rx in Aries (4:28am) Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (8:47am)

*Revelations* There is such a thing as re-seeing. It's when we look back, or look again, and see something different than what we did before. Our reconsiderations can be opening us to new perceptive realms. Revelations support revolution. Open further to the higher mind and be illuminated.

*Confused Affections* Freeing our love can be beautifully boundless. It can also make us susceptible to delusion and deception. If you have been deceived or disappointed, look to see the elements of your own intuition that you weren't trusting or listening to. Make a commitment to hear those subtle voices more next time. Keep unconditionally loving, but perhaps discernment or matured boundaries will strengthen your compassionate approach.

December 12 Sun conjunct Mercury Rx in Sagittarius (8:49pm)

*Messages* The light is shining on our minds today. How do you know what you know? What does it really matter who is right? Use this time to call in clarity on your perceptions and assumptions. What do you believe in? Where do you place faith? Ask Mercury and the Sun to shed light and give guidance. Healing is natural, and sometimes comes through word, symbol, vision, and illumination.

December 15 Mercury Rx conjunct Venus in Sagittarius (9:09am) Sun in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces (10:46pm)

*Old Friends* Meeting up with old friends and relations is signature of this transit. Pay close attention to the messages they share and notice how they speak to you in a way that makes meaning in your life. Sometimes we are guided by the unlikeliest of characters.

*Self-Heal* The parts of ourselves and our world that feel vulnerable or dis-integrated get poked now. Excellent time to do world-bridging and pursue alternate healing modalities. Can we lay down another layer of victimhood-martyrdom? Can we reclaim another portion of our being that's been influenced by colonialism? Can we move from righteousness to compassion? Let's look towards healing the wounded patriarch/authority and setting appropriate bounds in the spirit of Real Love.

December 16 Sun in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries (6:28am)

*Evolving Self* Discover the unknown parts of your being and stand for them. Allow community and progress to beneficially influence your identity. Utilize your keen perceptions and activate your gifts. Live your genius.

December 18 New Moon in Sagittarius ON THE GALACTIC CENTER (1:30am)

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 18, 2017 (1:30amEST) is a seed from the heart of the galactic center. There is a vision for our lives that is not our own. It is nature, and belongs to a gentle yet inexhaustible force of Divine. The intentions we dance and pray into the world today are essential to the unfolding of our next chapter as a globe. Sagittarius is worldly, symbolic, and mythic. It contains the understanding that we live in a collection of stories. More than just told, our stories are lived. Our stories are the intersections of the ancient and the evolutionary. They are collaborative gems within Indra's net, rarely birthed through isolation. When one part moves, all parts move. This new moon is the holographic, shimmering effect of co-occurring realization and growth. The intentions we dance with today and anchor into our globe have special permanent resonance. Where do our bodies intend to journey for the long haul? What's the next three-year timeline? Without mentally asking that question, dance it. What does it feel like in your bones? When we expand our vision of what is possible for us and for our world, the container of our relational field must also expand to accommodate the capacities needed in order to bring the vision to fruition. Attune to experience, and dance nature's vision through your instrument into the ever-changing patchwork landscape of wonder. Trust the unfolding.

For every New and Full Moon, find a complementary Movement Ritual on the Qoya Blog.

December 19 Saturn enters Capricorn (11:48pm)

*Collapse and Rebuild* At last. After 3 long years of Saturn in a Fire sign, we welcome an Earthy influence. We welcome the wisdom of the grandmothers and the ancestors to contain and inform our path ahead. Wherever Saturn transits, we find material limitation and developments. Rigor and improvement. Obstacle and overcoming. Capricorn is the sign of government, business and corporation, authority, structure, control, integrity, advancement, achievement, purpose. We can expect the next three years (Saturn transits Capricorn through December 2020) to bring systemic collapse and restructuring. Sagittarius was visionary, but Capricorn says thinking and visioning isn't enough. We need proper boundaries and real, concrete action to attend to the work at hand. If structures are time-tested and meant to last, they will remain and be fortified. If they are faulty or it's their turn for a karmic reckoning, they will be torn down. Consider this an inner and outer remodeling project, dedicated to putting us on-path and bringing us into alignment. We will need to face real limitations and summon maturity. Goals, ambitions, and career paths will be tested. Some will see even more success. Others will peel away or experience failure. "The Man" and our socio-political/bureaucratic traditions will be tested and revised. The last time Saturn was in Capricorn was February to June 1988 and November 1988-February 1991. Out with the old: during Saturn's transit through Capricorn, the Cold War officially ended. The Soviet Union collapsed. The Berlin wall came down. Apartheid was dismantled. In with the new: It was a crucial time of development for the early internet due to the first major virus and also the conception of the World Wide Web. Satellite TV and the first transatlantic telephone launched. A new British Political party, the Liberal Democrats, formed. George H. W. Bush took Presidential office. Corporations such as Wal-Mart saw significant growth. --- Let your prayers for this period be, "May I be in integrity. I align with and become more responsible for that which is most essential to preserve and carry forth."

December 20 Venus in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces (2:10pm) Venus in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries (6:13pm)

*Painful Love* Relationships need integration. Excellent time to do world-bridging and pursue alternate healing modalities. Wounds of neglect or escape can arise. Can we surrender into unconditional love without sacrificing something we value? Does it feel true to be right or to forgive? Sensitive times can make deeper bonds.

*Reinventing Affection* Try something new with friends and loved ones. Re-invigorate bonds with exploration and invention. Join community and grow a sense of your personal gifts.

December 21 Sun enters Capricorn (11:28am) Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn (4:08pm) Winter Solstice

*Patience for Creation* Lie fallow. Hibernate like you mean it. Be serious about your stillness. The extent to which we rest is the extent to which we will be reborn. The winter solstice is the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Darkness gives birth to light. Creative consciousness will rise. Work and discipline will be necessary in order to bring our goals to fruition. Release excess and strengthen resolve. Put proper boundaries around your creative energies. Set a timeline. Be pragmatic about what you can accomplish, and set to work.

December 22 Mercury stations Direct in Sagittarius (8:51pm)

*Mental Momentum* Mercury's wrap-up retrograde has come to completion. We are now prepared to journey on. There's no more going back. Take what was asked and learned and launch forward. Full steam ahead. Anchor in beliefs. Notice what you trust. Locate your passion. Have faith! We are still working out the final kinks, but in general a new vision has taken shape and is settling in. Mercury exits its shadow on January 7, 2018.

December 25 Venus enters Capricorn (12:25am) Venus conjunct Saturn (12:55pm)

*Love of Achievement* Venus in Capricorn loves accomplishment, recognition, and credibility. Cross T's and dot I's. We may be recognizing our shortcomings in love and money, now. Take this realization as motivation for improvement! Keep climbing, and you'll eventually create something you value.

December 28 Mars in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (12:59am)

*Being Moved* Rather than make moves, BE moved. Let spirit move and inspire you. Wait until the moment is right. This is a beautiful time for listening and allowing actions to unfold organically according to spiritual law.

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