I dance to enter into the world of my dreams.
— Virginia Rosenberg

I have love and passion for all the Sacred Movement Arts I practice, but on a Soul level, I will always be a Dancer. Dancing is in my blood. Dancing is in my nature.

I love the Freedom that Dancing affords. I Dance to explore my body. I Dance to express myself. I Dance to feel beautiful. I Dance to be sensual. I Dance to celebrate. I Dance to mourn. I Dance to feel alive. I Dance for myself. I Dance for others. 

I Dance into other realms. I Dance into the Beyond.

Dancing gives me a lasting sensation of connectedness and joy. Coordinating with music is one of my dearest pleasures. When I Dance, I cannot help but to feel, and to smile.

I weave dance into everything I do. Everyone can dance - as little or as much as they'd like, in any way they feel comfortable. Navigate to Classes and Workshops to find out more, and let's Dance Together!

Photo by Alli Parvenov.