Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember. We remember our essence as Wise, Wild, and Free.
— Qoya Creatrix, Rochelle Schieck

Qoya combines yoga, dance, sensual movement, and shamanic inquiry with complementary music for an embodied experience that takes you deep within yourself and connects you with community. Within the structure of a class, you also explore free dance, and infuse all movements with your unique self-expression. These classes are available to anyone, though some are specifically geared towards women. The reason you go is your joy! Qoya successfully offers a pleasurable way to know your truth, release inhibitions, connect, and grow!

A Sample Qoya Class Includes

  • Setting an intention
  • Circling through the body
  • Opening the heart
  • Surrendering to the hips
  • Yoga Sequence
  • Shadow Dance
  • Shaking
  • Choreographed dance
  • Dancing freely
  • Sharing with a partner
  • Final stretches and rest



You can't do this wrong. The way you know you are doing it right is that it feels good.

To learn more about Qoya, please visit www.loveqoya.com. Here you can find free videos, class information, and information about retreats with founder Rochelle.

I teach Qoya Inspired classes. Navigate to Classes and Workshops to dance with me!

What Women are Saying about Qoya with Virginia Rosenberg:

Your ‘Qoya Means Queen’ class was nothing short of AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!! Already signed up for the series!!! Without a doubt an AMAZING and much needed class for women. I really felt the sisterhood and warmth. Virginia Rosenberg you are a wonderful teacher. As a newbie to yoga I didn’t feel awkward at all...which I was really apprehensive about before the class. THANK YOU!!
— Wendi Williams, Owner at Butterbugs Baking
That was such perfect medicine, thank you all so much for the radiant love and openness.. And Virginia, you rock, keep on stoking the fire...
— Lisa Kolk, Medicine Woman
Deep gratitude for sharing this practice with each of you today. Virginia, your humility & authenticity was incredibly refreshing and your vibrant spirit was potent medicine.
— Kerry Parks, Healing Artist
Wow! Thank you, self and sisters showing up. Truly inspired and inspiring! Thank you Virginia for leading us so beautifully.
— Steph Seker, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator
THAT was BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING! What a wonderful offering, Virginia. And thanks to all the sisters who showed up so beautifully! Jai MA! I expect the series to sell out in the next day or so, so please go ahead and register if you’d like to come for more. See you next week...
— Cat Matlock, Owner at West Asheville Yoga Studio