Personal Movement Ritual

Work One-on-One with Me

You have my full attention.

We begin our session with a simple question: How are you?

I listen, tune in, and create a personalized movement ritual tailored exactly to your current needs and desires. I guide you through the ritual in person, and you are able to take it with you.

Movement is medicine. When we offer ourselves 10-15 minutes a day to let our bodies teach us, we open to so much more. Every session includes a unique playlist we design together, as well as a follow-up email detailing the ritual.

I draw from my unique knowledge base of Astrology, Shamanic Practice, Dance, Yoga, Qi Gong, and Qoya to guide you deeper into presence and self-discovery.

I activate a healing framework for you to access your own truth and empowerment. Leave your session with healing and inspiration that lasts!

Sessions typically last 1.5 hours. Typical price is $180.

Contact Me if you are interested in healing together! I am always happy to consider partial trade opportunities.


Below is testimonial prose one client wrote immediately post-session:

I’ve been able to access and feel my self my true self in ways that I haven’t in so long.
My movement ritual - shaking all the trash, junk, slime, dark, dank waste from my fresh, capable body - all that flew and dripped from me left me shimmering
sunlight reflecting off of agitated water
the bright white glow
exactly the way I feel after being submerged in frigid, clear, pure water. tingling, purified, cleansed. exactly -
The creation of my own sacred space and intention - calling on my true self to walk with me, be with me, guide me -
my true self is very pure, soft and strong. a rope holds me up. I am held by my own self. regal
and keeping her close as I move out again into life. she is with me, she is me. I am her. we are together. we stand side by side. as one. one last release. the last mourning witnessed, appreciated, held, acknowledged, and i continue, out into life.
gathering my sacred intention, to take with me.
opening and moving to myself, the great mystery,
the great unknown
and beyond
— Julia Taylor