Yoga means 'to yoke,' or to Unite with the Divine.

Yoga incorporates different body postures (or asanas) with intention, breathing techniques, meditation, prayer, spiritual philosophy, and service to others. What one practices on a physical level in the body ripples out to influence emotional, spiritual, and energetic being as well. On all levels, yoga can increase strength, flexibility, and awareness.

Yoga is a discipline with many varying expressions. It can be fast and flowing or slow and meditative. It can be stationary or rhythmic. We can practice yoga with an emphasis on good alignment or just follow how our body wants to express each posture in the now.

Yoga, like all forms of Sacred Movement, is a path toward greater self-knowledge.

Like Qi Gong, Yoga has thousands of years of history supporting its evolution. When one performs a yoga practice, one can tap into that lineage consciousness and feel connected to ages of devotional exercise. I love to combine yoga with Qi Gong, Dance, and Free Movement to honor a wide range of human movement experience.

Currently, I teach at West Asheville Yoga Studio. Please refer to Classes and Workshops for more information, and join me!

Virginia is my favorite yoga teacher in all of Asheville. Every class is a magic trance journey ride into the unknown, and filled with self-discovery, healing, and pleasure. She skillfully integrates chi gong and dance into the yoga practice, and begins each class with an astrological forecast. Join us Fridays at 12:30pm at West Asheville Yoga Studio!
— Lily