The principle of Tao is to be natural and spontaneous.
— Sifu Frank Paolillo

Qi Gong is also spelled Chi Kung or Chi Gung.

Qi (or Chi) is Life Force Energy. Gong (or Gung) translates to work, or cultivation. Qi Gong means Energy Work, or Life Energy Cultivation.

When new students come to my class, they often say that they have never done Qi Gong before. In my opinion, everyone has done some form of Qi Gong, though perhaps unconsciously. Qi Gong is simply the process of moving energy through conscious intent. Think of a part of your body, your heart, for example. If you sit quietly, relax, and imagine your heart, it will begin to pump stronger. You could use your mind to imagine the heart space opening. You could even send this open heart energy to someone else by bringing them to mind.

Qi Gong is energy medicine.

In martial arts, Qi Gong can be performed in stillness or inside of moving meditation.

Practicing Qi Gong balances, calms, and strengthens the mind, body, and spirit.

I have personally experienced healing through Qi Gong. I had many food sensitivities for many years of my life, resulting in asthma, acne, and digestive problems. After practicing Qi Gong 3 days a week for about 9 months, I experienced dramatic improvement in physical symptoms. I also experienced greater emotional balance and strength, less stress, and a promoted sense of well-being. The energy work was the key. I had been practicing movement my whole life, but combining it with energy cultivation made me feel nurtured and nourished in a brand new way.

I have been studying Taoist Philosophy, Qi Gong, and other Internal Martial Arts since 2011. In guidance from my Sifu, Frank Paolillo (owner of the Tao Institute in Asheville, NC), I weave Qi Gong into all of my offerings. It is a practice in cultivating inner light, soothing the body and soul, and connecting with source/nature.

It is my pleasure to synthesize ancient teachings with fresh formats that support individual expression. Please refer to Classes and Workshops, and join me!